XMPP Summit - 2013-07-29

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  10. Steffen Larsen yusuke: about your dependency graph, do you have the actual data and not just the graph?
  11. Steffen Larsen yusuke: or maybe the script? because I also want to do some statistics, before we make the tagging, versioning etc.
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  15. Tobias Steffen Larsen, there are ready to use python libs for that: https://gitorious.org/xmpp/xmpp/blobs/master/extensions/xepinfo.py
  16. Tobias so you basically give it a path to a mercurial info and the lib will automatically fetch versions and stuff...at least that was the plan
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  24. strohi hello
  25. Steffen Larsen Tobias: super! I did not know that
  26. strohi Steffen Larsen, do you know where to get some nice not too expensive here?
  27. Steffen Larsen strohl: where and what?
  28. strohi interconti(berlin) not poisened stuff ;) something lunchlike
  29. Steffen Larsen ha ha
  30. Steffen Larsen Just got back in copenhagen yesterday.. but there is a lot of beer gardens around tiergarten
  31. Steffen Larsen haven't eaten at the intercontinental hotel
  32. strohi ah ok
  33. strohi maybe i simply try to find a subway, near trainstation zoo should be one
  34. Steffen Larsen yes but also in the tiergarten are like 2-3
  35. Steffen Larsen next to the tiergarten trainstation is also a good one..
  36. strohi but thats about 1km away, too, hmm
  37. Steffen Larsen heh .. otherwise in the tiergarten next to the soo is a big one..
  38. Steffen Larsen this one: http://www.cafe-am-neuen-see.de
  39. strohi there we was yesterday evenign ^^
  40. Steffen Larsen yes!
  41. Steffen Larsen the food is ok.. but a bit fried
  42. Steffen Larsen :-)
  43. strohi hehe
  44. Steffen Larsen well speaking of food.. I'm off to lunch
  45. strohi k thx
  46. strohi hehe
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  49. strohi its raining :|
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  53. Steffen Larsen Tobias: Just a stupid quesiton.. are we not having the latest XEPs and docs in git (gittorious) and not in mercurial?
  54. Steffen Larsen Tobias: havent touched the xmpp.org code/doc since 2009 in svn.. so please forgive me and my stupid question. :-)
  55. Tobias Steffen Larsen, we use git as source control...however mercurial has a nicer python API, so the tools are written in python :)
  56. Tobias and hg has quite good git support via hggit
  57. Steffen Larsen Tobias: ahhh ok.
  58. Steffen Larsen Tobias: no prob. I know both hg (mercurial) and git
  59. Steffen Larsen Tobias: just wanted to look into tagging ,referencing and versioning in the XEPs
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  68. Tobias Steffen Larsen, right..we could auto generate small dependency graphs per XEP and show them at the end of the XEP
  69. Steffen Larsen yes
  70. Steffen Larsen Just looking at it now.. many have <dependencies> tag.. but not all are maintained I think
  71. Tobias they could be manually verified if a XEPs status moves up...i.e. experimental -> draft, draft -> final, ...
  72. Steffen Larsen Tobias: versioning of XEP and xsd is not that easy.. the XEP contains <revision> and <version> but is it deterministic to see which one is the latest? of course for most of the time it is the first, but still..
  73. Steffen Larsen Tobias: yes
  74. Tobias XEP's have revision? you mean svn/hg/git revision?
  75. Steffen Larsen there is revision tag in the XEP it self
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  77. Steffen Larsen or is it based on SCM/git
  78. Steffen Larsen ?
  79. Tobias ahh..i see what you mean
  80. Steffen Larsen :-)
  81. Tobias i'd say version is just the textual representation of a revision
  82. Steffen Larsen yes. changing a comma might not change the flow or the XSD..
  83. Tobias looking at https://gitorious.org/xmpp/xmpp/blobs/master/extensions/xep-0045.xml
  84. Steffen Larsen ok.
  85. Tobias you mean version tag and revision tag, right?
  86. Steffen Larsen ye
  87. Steffen Larsen yes
  88. Steffen Larsen heh MUC.. not the lightest XEP ;-)
  89. Tobias right...but i thought it's old enough to cover all features
  90. Steffen Larsen Tobias: right
  91. Tobias so for getting the actual latest version of a particular revision: https://gitorious.org/xmpp/xmpp/blobs/master/extensions/xeputil.py
  92. Steffen Larsen I just wanted the version of a XEP.. because many XMPP servers say that they e.g. implement MUC, but in what version?.. if they implemented it way back it might not be compatible with our new version
  93. Tobias def contentOfRevision(self, revision) <-- will give you the latest XML that got tagged with exactly that revision
  94. Steffen Larsen ok
  95. Steffen Larsen maybe a service disc. could deliver the version as well besides namespace?.. just to be more trustworthy
  96. Steffen Larsen ohh that might already be included.. hmm
  97. Steffen Larsen reading up on http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0053.html .. does it means that the authors SHOULD update the namespace with a version, if flow or protocol changes?.. and is it done in real life?
  98. Steffen Larsen Tobias: e.g. MUC ns: http://jabber.org/protocol/muc .. should that have been versioned? like http://jabber.org/protocol/muc:1 etc..
  99. Steffen Larsen Sorry for spamming the summit MUC.. i'll PM tobi. :-)
  100. Tobias Steffen Larsen, good question...i'm not that up to date with the current namespacing approach...but yeah...usually we now do foo-bla:#version
  101. Steffen Larsen exactly.. buy they need to be updated not only when chageing status but also during draft etc.
  102. Steffen Larsen Tobias: I've added you to my Roster for further discussion. ;)
  103. Tobias Steffen Larsen, yeah..took some time to find it in my UI :P
  104. Steffen Larsen :-)
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