XMPP Summit - 2013-10-21

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  21. jabberjocke

    hi any details for remote participation in the summit?

  22. jabberjocke

    it's a bit early at the moment

  23. Steffen Larsen

    they are like 9 hours behind, but I think that there will be a hangout, like last time

  24. Steffen Larsen


  25. Steffen Larsen

    we should do a webRTC

  26. Steffen Larsen


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  46. albert

    And only 9 participants allowed in the hangout.

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  59. Kev

    m&m: You can't?

  60. m&m

    now I can

  61. m&m

    I think

  62. m&m tries something

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  65. m&m


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  68. stpeter set the topic to

    Summit 14, Portland

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  71. stpeter


  72. stpeter set the topic to

    Summit 14, Portland | http://piratepad.net/L89H3Q8rao

  73. lloyd


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  76. winfried

    Hi there!

  77. m&m waves

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  80. winfried is a bit overthrown by the devastating silence here ;-)

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  82. Zash


  83. m&m

    250 Hello

  84. lloyd

    See hangout link above. Hopefully when Lance and Fritzy arrive it'll be moved to a better computer (read: not my laptop)

  85. m&m

    hopefully better A/V equipment shows up soon

  86. m&m

    the current speakers are faint

  87. lloyd

    Sorry, on laptop microphone

  88. m&m

    evidently, and I've got some idea of XMPP latency between you and here (-:

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  91. Dave Cridland

    EHLO dave.cridland.net

  92. Tobias

    <stream:error><not-well-formed xmlns='urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-streams'/></stream:error>

  93. Dave Cridland

    lloyd, Where's the hangout link? I'll join on this and should be able to spin it up on the back camera, point it at Simon and stuffs.

  94. lloyd


  95. winfried

    thanks dave!

  96. m&m

    the audio is slightly better, but the video is gone

  97. winfried

    yeah, it was a short peek

  98. Dave Cridland

    Oh, it drops video when I switch away?

  99. m&m


  100. m&m


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  105. winfried

    think we should stay away from a discussion on trust, but indeed on compatibility

  106. winfried

    (do you trust verisign?)

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  109. winfried

    Hi steffen!

  110. winfried

    See the history for the hangout link

  111. Zash mumbles about google

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  113. Steffen

    Hi Winfried!

  114. Steffen

    long time no see!

  115. winfried


  116. winfried

    too many projects still on the shelves :-P

  117. Steffen

    winfried: all well? Haven't seen you online for some time.. but that might just be the projects. :-)

  118. winfried

    my presence had been a bit erratic, yes

  119. Steffen


  120. winfried

    not cooperating much online right now, so I get a bit sloppy with my IM clients...

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  122. Steffen

    why not using webRTC and XMPP instead of hangout?.. just such a paradox. :-)

  123. winfried

    would love to testdrive it...

  124. fippo

    steffen: because multiuser is hard with webrtc

  125. Tobias

    fippo, still full mesh-only?

  126. Steffen

    ohh I see

  127. Steffen


  128. fippo

    tobias: unless you want to pay a silo for providing MCU services ;-)

  129. Steffen

    fippo: we can do it like skype did it.. auch

  130. Steffen

    ha ha yes

  131. Tobias

    fippo, can't we throw jingle nodes at that problem ^^

  132. Tobias

    just use one of your powerful contacts as MCU

  133. fippo

    that is something we might try soonish

  134. Tobias

    but yeah...with video, each participant takes an even bigger chunk out of your bandwidth

  135. Steffen

    fippo: otherwise it looked cool at the realtimeconf.. was it you that lance was conencting to?

  136. fippo

    steffen: yes, that was me

  137. Steffen

    fippo: just saw the video

  138. fippo

    https://github.com/legastero/jingle-interop-demos -- check those against your favorite xmppserver

  139. winfried

    btw: can I view a video of that presentation somewhere?

  140. fippo

    winfried: http://vimeo.com/77289728

  141. winfried


  142. Steffen

    had some problems with the andyet impl.. (talky.io) in chrome

  143. m&m

    we lost the feed

  144. MattJ

    Dave just noticed

  145. Steffen

    and my browser died...

  146. Steffen


  147. m&m

    he's horrible at A/V Club (-:

  148. m&m

    who hired that loser (-:

  149. Steffen


  150. MattJ

    Was it a hangout? or talky.io?

  151. m&m

    ralphm: no audio

  152. ralphm

    oh, I thought somebody would send audio

  153. ralphm


  154. m&m

    audio is back

  155. winfried


  156. ralphm


  157. winfried


  158. m&m


  159. Dave Cridland

    Sorry, I'll reconnect.

  160. Dave Cridland

    Only me talking, so uninteresting. :-)

  161. m&m


  162. Steffen

    auuch stop that noise

  163. darkrain


  164. winfried

    certainly unintresting ;-)

  165. m&m


  166. m&m

    two active mics + one room - mixer == BAD

  167. jabberjocke

    how to connect to the hangout ?

  168. m&m


  169. Tobias

    ah..posh talk :)

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  171. winfried

    lost audio

  172. Steffen

    me too

  173. ralphm

    m&m muted me

  174. m&m


  175. Steffen

    audio back

  176. Steffen


  177. m&m

    I hit the wrong button

  178. Tobias is only seeing that bearded guy

  179. Steffen

    ha ha

  180. m&m

    then it wouldn't let me unmute /-:

  181. winfried

    we could turn the xmpp server network in some kind of onion routing

  182. winfried

    think about it, much of the infrastructure is already there...

  183. m&m

    and then you could involve clients, if they're willing to suffer through any bandwidth increases

  184. m&m

    which could be interesting

  185. winfried


  186. Zash

    proxy65 over proxy65??

  187. Tobias

    Zash, want to beat WebRTC in crazy protocol layering?

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  189. Zash

    Tobias: Multiple layers of prox65 is not nearly crazy enough to even compete with WebRTC

  190. Dave Cridland

    I see Ralph's figured out captions. :-)

  191. winfried

    pretty neat yes

  192. Steffen

    more of those

  193. Dave Cridland

    Ralph's now quitting XMPP and going into TV news.

  194. ralphm


  195. Steffen

    ha ha.. ralph the producer

  196. m&m

    he is a superior cameraman than the previous loser (-:

  197. Steffen


  198. Dave Cridland

    m&m, That from someone who accidentally muted the feed...

  199. m&m

    I blame the tooling

  200. m&m

    dropping … if the sec or BOSH stuff starts back, could someone ping me? gracias

  201. winfried


  202. Steffen

    wow stpeter got a new non-mac laptop

  203. Steffen

    or is it my eyes

  204. ralphm

    yeah, it is a System 76

  205. Steffen


  206. winfried


  207. Steffen

    can it run OSX? ;-)

  208. Steffen

    it seems like we are not web devs.. ;-)

  209. Zash

    Does it run XTerm?

  210. Steffen

    good idea Simon,. I agree

  211. Steffen

    on the front page and put simple

  212. winfried

    Better describe what you can do with XMPP

  213. ralphm

    http://web.archive.org/web/20090207135716/http://xmpp.org/ is what we had before

  214. Steffen

    or a video.. like amqp has: http://www.amqp.org/video

  215. Steffen


  216. winfried


  217. Steffen


  218. winfried

    but indeed: give an idea about what can be done with it, give examples of applications, its strongs

  219. Tobias

    yup...sounds good

  220. Steffen

    yeah. I've done satellite com, TV presence, second screen.. but not that much chat.. and people does not know that.

  221. Steffen

    use XMPP because of routing, security and federation

  222. Steffen


  223. winfried

    And a great ecosystem containing a lot of building blocks

  224. Steffen


  225. Steffen

    amqp impl.. :http://www.rabbitmq.com/

  226. winfried

    ralphm: we all want the tutorials, whitepapers etc, but none of us takes the time to write them.... I feel the real problem is in there...

  227. Steffen

    and they got good tutorials

  228. jabberjocke


  229. Steffen

    I like the way that the tutorials are organized..

  230. winfried

    yeah, that is nice

  231. ralphm

    winfried: I thought I said exactly that

  232. winfried

    well... living in two worlds right now,might be missing some points...

  233. ralphm

    winfried: I frown upon your dedication to this summit :-D

  234. Steffen

    the tutorials are organised after patterns.. I like that. If we could do that.. but it might be hard, because of our genral purpose protocol

  235. ralphm

    Steffen: right

  236. winfried


  237. ralphm

    Steffen: but to explain something like pubsub (only) it is pretty good

  238. jabberjocke

    We have the wiki I started to do this for IoT on http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Tech_pages/IoT_systems

  239. Steffen

    I've started to use rabbitmq for half a year ago.. and I'm almost an expert now.. It took me several years with XMPP ... :-)

  240. Steffen

    jabberjocke: cool

  241. Steffen

    I've started a white paper about large scale xmpp..

  242. Steffen

    ralphm: yes. So we could dig out some genral patterns.. for routing

  243. Steffen

    ralphm: pub/sub, direct presence, etc.

  244. jabberjocke

    steffen: thats intresting, large in klients or large in nr of domains

  245. Steffen

    jabberjocke: large in clients :-)

  246. Steffen

    jabberjocke: but they do stick a bit together

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  248. jabberjocke

    steffen: the IoT challenge is the management of large number of clients in each domain that need to interact with each other

  249. jabberjocke

    over the domainborders

  250. Steffen

    he he yes

  251. jabberjocke

    and I don't know if thats ever possible with rabbitmq

  252. Steffen

    you can do routing and filters

  253. Steffen

    of course pub/sub, topics etc. but to compare that with XMPP would'nt be fair. :-)

  254. jabberjocke

    it's all about access to the server.

  255. jabberjocke

    xmpp is all from the klients

  256. Steffen


  257. jabberjocke

    we can have another session on this :)

  258. Steffen

    jabberjocke: sure :-)

  259. Steffen

    does anybody know if this video session is being recorded?.. because I won't stay up all night.

  260. Tobias

    g2g...have fun

  261. winfried


  262. Steffen

    cheers Tobias

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  265. jabberjocke

    well have good lunch

  266. winfried

    have a nice meal!

  267. jabberjocke

    9pm in Uppsala

  268. jabberjocke

    another coffe I would say

  269. winfried

    already had dinner here ;-)

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  273. winfried

    I want to see you guys eating :-D

  274. winfried

    looks plenary right now

  275. winfried

    but I feel muted...

  276. jabberjocke

    thanks for the sound

  277. ralphm

    we're really in recess, though

  278. m&m

    Bear's beard looks even more impressive

  279. m&m

    if that is even possible

  280. Zash

    Pix or it never happend

  281. m&m

    audio drop

  282. m&m

    and it's back

  283. m&m

    audio drop

  284. Dave Cridland has left

  285. ralphm

    I blame google

  286. jabberjocke

    please take some photos to update http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/

  287. Zash

    I hear nothing at all!

  288. Zash

    All Googles fault

  289. m&m


  290. m&m

    but not now

  291. jabberjocke


  292. jabberjocke

    not now

  293. darkrain has left

  294. m&m


  295. m&m

    video froze

  296. ralphm

    is this better?

  297. winfried


  298. m&m

    and no audio

  299. ralphm

    I switched audio to the laptop's

  300. ralphm


  301. m&m

    what browser?

  302. winfried

    the audio sometimes seemed to clip

  303. winfried

    but now it totally gone

  304. winfried

    better like this

  305. winfried

    (at least for me)

  306. m&m


  307. ralphm


  308. Steffen

    jabberjocke: I still have some pics that I need to upload

  309. winfried

    lost audio

  310. Lance has joined

  311. Steffen

    jabberjocke: some from portland a couple of years ago and from europe last year

  312. ralphm

    it mutes me when I type

  313. Ashley Ward has joined

  314. m&m


  315. m&m

    keyboard detection

  316. jabberjocke

    the wordpress wouldn't upload them

  317. jabberjocke

    issue with directory access rights

  318. ralphm

    hey Ashley Ward

  319. Ashley Ward


  320. winfried


  321. Ashley Ward

    What's the current subject? Jingle/WebRTC?

  322. ralphm


  323. Ashley Ward


  324. darkrain has joined

  325. ralphm

    but yeah, jingle seems to be a topic

  326. m&m


  327. m&m


  328. jabberjocke


  329. Ashley Ward

    Node should suit an xmpp server pretty well

  330. jabberjocke

    started viewing syslogs insteas

  331. m&m

    ralphm: when you get a chance, I would greatly appreciate you turning off that Google Effects background

  332. Ashley Ward

    Is that your little girl, winfried?

  333. winfried

    Yes she is my oldest one

  334. winfried

    (10 years)

  335. Ashley Ward

    No doubt amused by the geeks!

  336. winfried

    have a 6years old too

  337. winfried


  338. Ashley Ward


  339. winfried

    but she is quite geeky too

  340. winfried

    did some testing with her and she managed to freak out a chatapplication a web builder had been working on for 2 years within 5 minutes

  341. winfried


  342. Ashley Ward

    Excellent - training her well. My 20 month old loves computers too.

  343. winfried

    yeah... still have the first text she wrote on the keyboard

  344. Ashley Ward

    Same here!

  345. Steffen

    ha ha cool

  346. Steffen

    printf("Hello World") ?

  347. winfried


  348. Ashley Ward

    10 PRINT "Emilia is great. ";

  349. Ashley Ward

    20 GOTO 10

  350. Steffen

    ha ha

  351. Steffen

    my first basic on c64

  352. Steffen

    well.. prob. not the Emilia part. ;-)

  353. Ashley Ward


  354. jabberjocke

    I did that on a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC_80

  355. Steffen

    and on a spectrum.. those were the days

  356. jabberjocke

    no colors

  357. Steffen

    mono.. luv it

  358. Ashley Ward

    I started on a Commodore 16.

  359. winfried

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRS-80 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philips_P2000

  360. Steffen

    ohh yes. that black box

  361. winfried

    Spent lots of hours on a model III

  362. Steffen

    yes. I've started on VIC20 and later c64

  363. winfried

    oh, yeah the vic20

  364. Steffen

    made demos and stuff.. when it was more barebone and fun. :-)

  365. Steffen

    great computer

  366. jabberjocke

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Instruments_TI-99/4A had sprites

  367. Steffen


  368. Steffen

    never tried that one

  369. winfried


  370. jabberjocke

    my first saved for ages

  371. Steffen

    how about doing an XMPP server on c64.. could be fun

  372. ralphm

    I had an Philips MSX 1 and later an MSX 2

  373. winfried

    ah yeah MSX!

  374. jabberjocke

    could we get ralphm to turn that background off now

  375. Steffen


  376. Ashley Ward


  377. winfried


  378. Ashley Ward

    Has a TCP/IP stack and everything

  379. Steffen


  380. jabberjocke


  381. winfried

    can somebody take notes on the piratepad?

  382. winfried

    helps me a lot

  383. Zash


  384. Steffen


  385. Steffen

    the sound is not that good

  386. ralphm

    Hmm :-(

  387. Simon has joined

  388. m&m

    For the uninitiated: http://piratepad.net/L89H3Q8rao

  389. bear has joined

  390. Zash

    Re this > - authentication downgrades (SCRAM to PLAIN) what if you put the list of available SASL mechs into a TXT field? (with DNSSEC)

  391. ralphm set the topic to

    Summit 14, Portland | http://piratepad.net/L89H3Q8rao | https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/f1eca0311bb12a659a2abbc58ee581d8e37eaa3d

  392. Dave Cridland has joined

  393. Dave Cridland

    Zash, You could, but really you'll get that post-TLS anyway.

  394. Dave Cridland

    Zash, The problem is a subverted server that forces you to PLAIN to harvest passwords. The solution is that clients shouldn't switch *back* to a weaker auth without user intervention.

  395. Zash


  396. Dave Cridland

    Of course, that assumes a linear ordering of SASL mechs. :-)

  397. m&m


  398. m&m

    that doesn't help (-:

  399. Ashley Ward

    I can read about 50% of it

  400. Dave Cridland

    Now it looks like the Blair Witch Project.

  401. Ashley Ward


  402. ralphm

    I blame stpeter's handwriting

  403. m&m

    you need an HD camera, and we all need be connected with HD to have a shot

  404. Zash


  405. ralphm

    I think this is an HD camera

  406. Ashley Ward

    I can actually read it okay

  407. Dave Cridland

    There are parts I can't read from here anyway.

  408. winfried

    my laptop screen is too small

  409. Ashley Ward

    You're there aren't you Dave?

  410. Dave Cridland


  411. Ashley Ward

    Do we need to invest in some special XSF glasses for you?

  412. m&m

    maybe that'll be his first act on the next Board

  413. Ashley Ward


  414. m&m

    "Get Dave Glasses" (-:

  415. Ashley Ward

    I mean, I'm 4,900 miles away and I can just about read it.

  416. winfried

    where did you buy your glasses...

  417. ralphm


  418. Steffen

    blair witch prject 2

  419. Steffen


  420. bear

    the work on carbons is just cleanup - making the errors make sense

  421. bear

    making the text a little bit more understandable

  422. bear

    if there is anything else he will take requests

  423. bear

    he saw that kim had posted something about wanting to switch over to this flag thing put together

  424. bear

    rather not delay carbons or get another dependency

  425. jabberjocke

    Could "attachments" be enabled on the pirate pad?

  426. Steffen


  427. Steffen

    see the clip icon

  428. jabberjocke

    can't upload

  429. lloyd


  430. bear

    (ash) I started drafting a xep around a kind of informal xep they had for buddycloud but it still needs a lot of work to finish

  431. bear

    (ash) it's sitting in his personal github cloud and needs a lot of work to finish

  432. bear

    20 min break

  433. winfried

    I will!

  434. Ashley Ward

    Wife's just got back from Yoga, so 20 minute break is well timed :)

  435. jabberjocke

    yea right it's -3C outside and pitchdark

  436. Lance


  437. darkrain has left

  438. Simon has left

  439. Lance


  440. ralphm has left

  441. ralphm has joined

  442. m&m

    I got the camera/mic request for both, but all I see is myself

  443. m&m

    I think it's my local network

  444. Zash


  445. Zash

    what have you done?

  446. m&m

    it could be worse

  447. Zash

    I can't close the gowebrtc tabs

  448. Zash


  449. intosi has joined

  450. fippo

    we're having an interesting network in here

  451. m&m

    can you combine the devil horns and angel halo?

  452. Zash


  453. winfried


  454. Zash


  455. Steffen

    ha ha ha

  456. Steffen

    beware of black hats

  457. Steffen


  458. Zash


  459. Ashley Ward

    Edwin's stroking his cat like a Bond villain...

  460. intosi

    I have yet to perfect my evil laughter

  461. m&m

    great marketing

  462. intosi

    If only there was an open protocol that we could extend to have great conference capabilities with video and such...

  463. Ashley Ward

    I really fancy a coca-cola now...

  464. Dave Cridland

    And now for close-ups of Bear and PSA's backsides.

  465. Ashley Ward

    No comment

  466. m&m

    bear's back

  467. jabberjocke

    anyone knows what zoom.us <http://zoom.us> is doing

  468. Simon has joined

  469. waqas

    http://waqas.im/summit/reveal.js-master/ <http://waqas.im/summit/reveal.js-master/#/>

  470. bear


  471. Dave Cridland

    OK, everyone ready with the slides?

  472. bear


  473. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Rich Web Applications

  474. m&m

    for future note: slide numbers are worthwhile

  475. darkrain has joined

  476. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Malicious Content

  477. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Javascript

  478. m&m

    mute click

  479. Steffen

    if there are slides. is it possible to them

  480. Dave Cridland

    Steffan: URI above.

  481. Steffen

    ahh got it.. thanks dave

  482. Dave Cridland

    Slide: CSS

  483. Steffen

    I am on and off.. so I miss some stuff

  484. Dave Cridland

    Slide: This requires rich content?

  485. Dave Cridland

    Slide: So what's the fix?

  486. Steffen

    why do we not make it XMPP "compatible".. and then share it by a room.. then waqas could click and we other could just view. :-)

  487. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Templates!

  488. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Templates: How they work

  489. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Templates: Be aware

  490. Dave Cridland

    Slide: (same title)

  491. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Sandboxing

  492. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Sandboxing : Support

  493. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Sandboxing: Internet Explorer

  494. Zash has joined

  495. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Sandboxing

  496. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Rich Content

  497. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Attacking XHTML-IM

  498. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "" : URLS

  499. Dave Cridland

    Slide: (same title)

  500. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Attacking XMHTML-IM: Tags and attributes

  501. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Attacking XHTML-IM: CSS

  502. Dave Cridland

    Slide: CSS Sanitization: Values

  503. Dave Cridland

    Slide: XHTML-IM.JS

  504. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Don't Trust The Data

  505. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Lessons...

  506. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Lessons... (again)

  507. waqas has left

  508. Dave Cridland

    Slide: And we're done!

  509. m&m

    source for xhtml-im.js? (and license?)

  510. Zash has joined

  511. Dave Cridland

    Get that?

  512. waqas has joined

  513. intosi


  514. m&m

    I did not get the license

  515. intosi

    Not the license lbit

  516. Dave Cridland


  517. intosi

    Ah, gr8

  518. stpeter

    MIT license

  519. m&m


  520. Dave Cridland

    And will be on github

  521. Dave Cridland

    And now everyone's talking at once.

  522. intosi

    We noticed ;)

  523. m&m

    you need a speaking stick

  524. intosi

    I'm about to get my cat and practice the evil laughter.

  525. Ashley Ward

    This is actually a pretty useful presentation for web dev in general

  526. intosi


  527. lloyd

    Yeah, lots of the issues apply outside of xmpp/bosh usage

  528. Ashley Ward

    And the number of devs that get it wrong is incredible.

  529. lloyd


  530. waqas has left

  531. winfried

    I did ;-)

  532. Ashley Ward

    XHTML-IM security?

  533. winfried

    BOSH/Websockets/XMPP creates another attack vector, vulnerable to this

  534. Ashley Ward

    Might be worth renaming the presentation as there may be people who think "I don't use BOSH, that's not for me", and yet it may well be useful for them.

  535. m&m


  536. winfried


  537. winfried applauds

  538. sergey.dobrov has joined

  539. winfried

    Would it be an idea to do a fast roundup on XMPP on the web developments

  540. Zash has left

  541. stpeter

    Lance is chatting about stanza.io and xmpp-ftw

  542. bear

    xmpp over websockets draft has been adopted by the working grouop

  543. bear

    there are two open issues left

  544. bear

    one is if there is an error and you need to send the client over to a uri

  545. Zash has joined

  546. bear

    the other issue is because in the browser we don't have a streaming parser should we have different flags to identify when the stream start/ends - lance feels that it's just fine as it is because the code that wraps it is a very thin item

  547. bear

    the additions to the last bosh rfc have not been applied yet and that should be picked up by the next council

  548. Lance


  549. Lance


  550. bear

    xmpp-ftw doesn't require you to give it a web socket, it will accept any socket or transport connection

  551. sergey.dobrov

    hey guys, I have a similar topic talk, btw :)

  552. lloyd

    https://xmpp-ftw.jit.su is probably the best place to look

  553. bear

    the work being done for HTTP2 should be able to upgrade clean if we target websocket

  554. Zash has left

  555. lloyd

    If anyone would like "live" demos I'm sure we could do these too during the summit

  556. Ashley Ward

    We've lost the summit!

  557. bear

    they are trying to find his talk

  558. jabberjocke

    work fine

  559. ralphm


  560. Steffen

    well guys, I am off to bed. Have fun and see you later tomorrow

  561. MattJ

    'night Steffen

  562. stpeter

    bye Steffen

  563. intosi


  564. Steffen

    night night

  565. m&m


  566. bear

    many many clicks on this one

  567. Steffen has left

  568. Dave Cridland

    Slide: whoami --verbose

  569. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Why another library?

  570. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Problems

  571. Zash has joined

  572. Dave Cridland

    Slide: What can we do?

  573. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Simple Example

  574. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Possible Mapping

  575. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Twilix Message

  576. Dave Cridland

    Slide: (same title)

  577. Dave Cridland

    (There's a lot of unfolding ofthe slide I'm not indicating, by the way)

  578. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Twilix Message

  579. Dave Cridland

    Slide: JSLiX Analogue

  580. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Data Validation

  581. Dave Cridland

    Slide: XML Fields

  582. winfried

    BTW: I can't see Sergeys head... he is quite a mystery like this ;-)

  583. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Queries

  584. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Dispatcher

  585. Dave Cridland

    Camera better? Doing it blind.

  586. intosi


  587. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Dispatcher again. (no title though)

  588. intosi

    A slight adjustment to the left perhaps.

  589. intosi


  590. winfried

    perfect, thanks!

  591. Dave Cridland


  592. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Dispatcher, no title.

  593. Dave Cridland

    We should definitely do a XEP for slide coordination.

  594. Dave Cridland

    Can you guys see the slide on-screen, by the way?

  595. intosi

    <click xmlns="blah"/>

  596. fippo

    dave: i think there is an old H. standard fo rthis...

  597. intosi

    See, but not read.

  598. winfried


  599. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Dispatcher. "Despite the fact XMPP [...]"

  600. intosi

    Well, with a bit of imagination, you can probably understand what it says.

  601. Dave Cridland

    Enough to identify? As in, is what I'm doing still useful?

  602. intosi

    It's very useful.

  603. intosi

    It's definitely enough to identify.

  604. Dave Cridland

    Damn, I was hoping to get out of the typing. :-)

  605. intosi

    And if you have the PDF, you can then make out what the blurry text was supposed to be even without going back to the PDF.

  606. intosi

    Get a better camera.

  607. m&m


  608. intosi

    We need Retina cameras ;)

  609. m&m

    that was suggested earlier

  610. lloyd

    Retina cameras == eyes?

  611. Dave Cridland

    It's RalphM's camera. Seems quite good, but I suspect the bandwidth has lowered the quality.

  612. intosi

    With actual retinas inside them.

  613. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "Or in the case of handler"

  614. m&m

    we need HD-4K

  615. Ashley Ward

    I don't think the conference centre has retina bandwidth

  616. bear

    yea, he is using a nice logitech external camera

  617. Dave Cridland

    I'm using a telepresence solution powered by KLM.

  618. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Table thing.

  619. m&m


  620. intosi

    The Dutch airline?

  621. Ashley Ward


  622. Zash

    The table is sliding?

  623. Dave Cridland

    Ah. Slide: "Is it used anywhere now"

  624. Dave Cridland

    Sorry. Distracted.

  625. Zash

    What slides now?

  626. intosi

    same slide still

  627. bear

    last part of "Current State" slide

  628. intosi

    'Is it used anywhere now?'

  629. intosi

    SVP Implementation exmpl

  630. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "Comparing Examples", "Software Bersion Protocol Implementation example"

  631. Dave Cridland

    Erm. "Version".

  632. Zash

    Ah, still Sergey

  633. Dave Cridland

    Slide: (same title) "Then we'll need a method"

  634. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "Now let's define the method to query" ...

  635. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "as we can see the method"...

  636. Dave Cridland

    Slide: "Finally we should define handlers"

  637. Dave Cridland

    Slide: Counter-example PyXMPP2

  638. Dave Cridland

    Slides are going thing and fast, sorry.

  639. Dave Cridland

    JSLiX vs XMPP-FTW currently.

  640. Dave Cridland has left

  641. Dave Cridland has joined

  642. Dave Cridland

    jTalk crashed, sorry

  643. Dave Cridland

    Now on "Just an idea", from JSON-XMPP section

  644. intosi

    what slide are we on?

  645. Dave Cridland

    And we're done.

  646. sergey.dobrov


  647. m&m

    I'm going to drop for the day, try to catch all of you tomorrow

  648. winfried

    whats next? I couldn't follow it...

  649. lloyd

    we're discussing

  650. lloyd

    Justin is suggesting talking about service delegation

  651. lloyd

    Quick break

  652. winfried

    musical break

  653. m&m has left

  654. Zash

    sleep break

  655. Zash has left

  656. intosi

    Remind me not to let Ralph steer the rocket ship that will evacuate us from earth when we have to leave.

  657. ralphm


  658. intosi

    Yes…. Much better.

  659. intosi

    Can you turn the camera around,plz?

  660. intosi


  661. intosi


  662. ralphm

    hi Wilson

  663. intosi


  664. Dave Cridland

    In all this, I have this mental picture of Matthew Wild - Secret Agent - moving through the mean streets in disguise.

  665. Ash has joined

  666. Ashley Ward has left

  667. ralphm

    Yesterday, he was lost in the woods

  668. sergey.dobrov

    I have met him near the zoo yesterday, maybe he was doing some offering sacrifices?

  669. intosi

    I can't believe it's not XMPP!

  670. winfried


  671. Dave Cridland

    I'm thinking that jTalk is pretty battery intensive - I'm actually out of battery.

  672. Dave Cridland has left

  673. sergey.dobrov

    it also was pretty buggy when I was using it so I've returned to Xabber

  674. Tobias has joined

  675. Tobias

    right..jtalk crashes on anything MUC related

  676. ralphm

    for some reason I get random disconnects with Xabber

  677. ralphm

    because of invalid XML

  678. ralphm

    still not sure where from

  679. sergey.dobrov

    hm, I remember the times when clients were disconnecting because of XML namespace prefixes

  680. intosi

    Weird. Invalid XML, or invalid UTF-8?

  681. ralphm

    not sure

  682. ralphm

    still haven't found it

  683. sergey.dobrov

    but xabber works pretty fine for me except of lacking functionality

  684. Tobias has left

  685. Ash


  686. bear

    exciting stuff - truly

  687. intosi

    Give Ralph some hats.

  688. bear


  689. intosi

    Interesting as the discussion is (no sarcasm intended), I'm afraid I have to leave for bed soon. Keeping my eyes open is becoming harder ;)

  690. bear

    have a good sleep

  691. intosi


  692. winfried

    good night!

  693. Lance

    XMPP Standards Foundation and XMPP Services Foundation :p

  694. bear


  695. winfried


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  700. Simon


  701. Simon

    current page structure

  702. bear