XMPP Summit - 2013-10-22

  1. Simon

    Peter just announced beer-o-clock

  2. winfried

    bed-o-clock here ;-)

  3. Ash

    It's bed-o-clock over this side of the pond

  4. winfried


  5. sergey.dobrov

    I've never drunk beer in bed

  6. winfried

    That is quite cool in matter of fact (won't go into details)

  7. winfried

    thank you

  8. winfried

    have a nice beer!

  9. ralphm


  10. Ash

    See you then everyone! Enjoy your beers!

  11. Ash

    It's 1am here

  12. winfried has left the building

  13. Neustradamus


  14. Dave Cridland

    Morning ralphm

  15. ralphm set the topic to

    Summit 14, Portland | http://piratepad.net/L89H3Q8rao | https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/a32d9c8156bb3900829d01ac3d80b6d8b361d910

  16. winfried


  17. ralphm


  18. m&m

    what technical difficulties are we working through?

  19. ralphm

    Not sure

  20. ralphm

    Peter says he's done

  21. sergey.dobrov

    Morning guys

  22. Dave Cridland

    m&m, The main technical difficulty is that we're all a bit slow this morning.

  23. m&m

    and who said "I miss you" earlier?

  24. sergey.dobrov

    but were fast enough last evening :)

  25. Franklin, Wayne


  26. m&m

    Dave Cridland: I thought the solution to that problem is caffeine

  27. winfried

    Can you plz type the agenda for today here? Still having dinner....

  28. Dave Cridland


  29. ralphm

    winfried: undecided

  30. Dave Cridland


  31. ralphm

    Agenda item 1: Think up an agenda

  32. Dave Cridland

    We have a bunch of stuff on the flipchart, but it's not clear that we're actually going to follow that as an agenda.

  33. sergey.dobrov

    the world's first recursive agenda

  34. ralphm

    Summit 15: January 30/31, FOSDEM February 1/2

  35. m&m

    got it

  36. ralphm

    I just made this up, so I am sure we'll stick to these dates

  37. ralphm

    (like we did with this summit)

  38. m&m

    I vaguely recall general consensus to have the summit *BEFORE* FOSDEM

  39. m&m

    since after is too draining

  40. m&m

    if I recall the discussions

  41. ralphm

    m&m: indeed, so we're set

  42. stpeter

    XMPP Summit #15 - January 30 + 31

  43. Dave Cridland

    The list is:

  44. Dave Cridland

    - components / trust

  45. Dave Cridland

    - service delegation

  46. Dave Cridland

    - XMPP-inna-browser

  47. Dave Cridland

    - delegating pubsub publishing

  48. Dave Cridland

    - source control / contrib

  49. Dave Cridland

    - pubsub problems

  50. Dave Cridland

    - mobile / SIFT / etc

  51. ralphm

    What Dave says, except that most of it likely will not be actual discussion items

  52. ralphm

    current topic: XMPP in the browser

  53. winfried

    thanks for keeping me posted

  54. stpeter

    Summt #16 in Toronto right before IETF - July 19 & 20, 2014?

  55. m&m


  56. m&m

    lost audio and active video

  57. Dave Cridland

    I can still see you. guess it's bandwidth.

  58. m&m

    and Ralph drops

  59. Dave Cridland

    Right. Nudged.

  60. m&m

    Since we're already using proprietary services, maybe we could spin up a webex session

  61. ralphm

    My 24 hours were up

  62. ralphm


  63. ralphm

    (from the hotel)

  64. stpeter

    or hold a Summit right before IETF 91 in Honolulu ;-)

  65. m&m


  66. darkrain


  67. m&m waits for Dave Cridland to be given a pirate hat

  68. sergey.dobrov

    dog and cake were much prettier

  69. Dave Cridland

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k93zr4gd9eje9bv/GRn-0e0D-t were my slides from RealTimeConf last year. (Assuming I got that link right)

  70. m&m

    there are active conversations near my cubicle

  71. winfried

    you can mute yourself...

  72. m&m

    just did

  73. m&m

    didn't realize I wasn't muted

  74. Tobias

    can't join yet..still busy with university stuff

  75. m&m

    I might have to drop for the day soon, too )-:

  76. MattJ


  77. MattJ


  78. MattJ


  79. MattJ


  80. Simon


  81. fritzy@netflint.net

    Hello, my voice is my password.

  82. darkrain

    Please verify you?

  83. stpeter


  84. Zash

    What is this I don't even

  85. m&m

    gotta join the audio

  86. m&m

    I've got various docs to work on today, so I think I'll be dropping for the session

  87. stpeter

    m&m: ok! have fun

  88. MattJ

    Zash, https://talky.io/xmpp

  89. MattJ

    But we're about to break

  90. waqas

    What's a good name? xhtml-im.js? xhtmlim-sanitizer.js?

  91. waqas

    xep-0071.js? :)

  92. waqas pokes Lance, darkrain

  93. Lance

    is this xhtml-im specific? or generally useable?

  94. Lance

    i'd for for xhtml-im.js

  95. Lance

    i'd go for for xhtml-im.js

  96. waqas

    xhtml-im specific. It's a sanitizer with a builtin dictionary for the allowed tags, attributes and css from the XHTML-IM spec

  97. waqas


  98. darkrain

    Yeah, I'd agree (I don't mind xhtmlim-sanitizer.js, either)

  99. MattJ

    Zash, can you hear the conversation ok?

  100. Zash

    MattJ, there are people here talking so it's not easy

  101. MattJ


  102. darkrain

    Yell at them!

  103. Zash

    I had a headset yesterday but not with me

  104. waqas


  105. waqas

    darkrain, Lance ^

  106. Lance


  107. waqas

    Code review, etc appreciated. While the santization part is well-tested, I haven't tested the define/export support for nodejs/AMD.

  108. waqas

    Also, this used to be typescript (to catch any type issues), I wasn't sure whether to commit the original source, or continue it in js from now.

  109. waqas

    And I never noticed how indent was 8 spaces...

  110. Lance

    i'll play with it and make prs if needed for the packaging bit

  111. waqas

    k, thnaks

  112. Lance

    i'd say continue in js

  113. sergey.dobrov

    btw, are there any unit testing frameworks for js that are supporting AMD and code coverage?

  114. winfried

    got to go, will be back later

  115. MattJ

    See you winfried

  116. winfried


  117. stpeter


  118. Simon

    spec: https://github.com/buddycloud/buddycloud-pusher

  119. Tobias

    who's speaking?

  120. Lance


  121. Tobias


  122. Ash

    Was that you knocking over the water Ralph?

  123. Lance

    it was

  124. ralphm


  125. ralphm

    on the keyboard

  126. Ash


  127. ralphm

    the machine appears to be fine, though

  128. Ash

    So if we suddenly lose the feed then we know why, eh? ;)

  129. Ash

    Nipping away for a bit. Back soon :)

  130. Ash

    What's for lunch over there?

  131. sergey.dobrov

    sandwiches, cookies, chips

  132. sergey.dobrov

    aaand APPLE!

  133. Ash

    Hmm. I'm getting really peckish.

  134. sergey.dobrov

    we have ate apple for lunch, haha

  135. sergey.dobrov

    no more iphones

  136. Zash

    Oh lawd

  137. Florob

    So... three laptops left?

  138. jabberjocke


  139. jabberjocke

    evening sandwich here

  140. Ash

    Mmm. Fruit Salad sweets! Yum!

  141. jabberjocke

    I would be interested in feedback on the IoT xep's have anybody tried them?

  142. jabberjocke


  143. jabberjocke


  144. lloyd

    xmpp-ftw will run on an arduino (have started work on this). Not proper XMPP but it is a low memory interface.

  145. Lance

    lloyd +1

  146. ralphm


  147. bear

    redmonk is organizing an IOT conference in the UK Dec 3rd

  148. jabberjocke


  149. Zash

    IPv6 \o/

  150. Ash

    I think I'll duck out too, unless there's anything productive I can help with from here.

  151. jabberjocke

    yes same here. Thanks for the time

  152. ralphm

    Ash: nah

  153. ralphm

    Thanks for participating remotely!

  154. Simon

    bye ash

  155. jabberjocke

    worked fine next time through xmpp and Jingle I hope

  156. Ash

    Cool. Sorry I missed most of today's sessions! Have a great rest of the day everyone!

  157. Lance

    Dave Cridland: quick first draft: http://legastero.github.io/customxeps/extensions/push.html

  158. Lance

    alternatively, we could define a well-known pubsub-on-a-jid node to send this stuff out on

  159. Lance

    and require the legacy push service to subscribe to it, triggering an approval request for the user to ok it

  160. ralphm

    intosi: sorry, but we're done for the day

  161. ralphm


  162. intosi

    ralphm: thanks for letting me know.

  163. fippo


  164. ralphm set the topic to

    Summit 14, Portland | http://piratepad.net/L89H3Q8rao | We're done for the day, the hangout has been shutdown

  165. bear


  166. winfried

    Have a nice day!

  167. jabberjocke

    started a FOSDEM proposal https://penta.fosdem.org/submission/FOSDEM14/event/1760 

  168. jabberjocke

    sorry not public yet :(

  169. bear


  170. darkrain


  171. waqas


  172. waqas

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  173. waqas