XMPP Summit - 2014-01-30

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  10. simon.schwantzer Good morning.
  11. ralphm hi
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  17. simon.schwantzer Is there already a broadcasting channel to join?
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  26. winfried We had a bit of a internet problem, everybody should be joining the next minutes
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  28. jabberjocke are we doing notes somewhere
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  31. ralphm If anyone wants to scribe, that'd be most appreciated
  32. Dave Cridland Morning folks.
  33. intosi Moin
  34. simon.schwantzer Good morning.
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  36. bear I am doing something that comes close to being a scribe
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  46. Dave Cridland XSF Dinner Menu Form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?usp=drive_web&formkey=dFJ5Q3N4Q1ZWT3B0aWhBcklnb002eEE6MA#gid=0
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  52. Kev bear: And we are grateful, thank you.
  53. Tobias is there a youtube broadcast or similar?
  54. bear http://stanza.io
  55. hildjj https://github.com/legastero/stanza.io
  56. intosi ta
  57. intosi http://otalk.im/
  58. hildjj Tobias: we're a little under-organized this year, even for us.
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  60. Tobias hildjj, ahh...ok
  61. ralphm I forgot to bring my webcam, too
  62. hildjj http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-daboo-aggregated-service-discovery-03
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  65. valerian Hey
  66. Tobias hi valerian
  67. valerian Hi ;) Thanks for the invitation zeank
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  71. zeank hi :)
  72. valerian Hi :)
  73. valerian Any talk going on about JSJaC plugin system, zeank?
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  76. zeank no, that would be up to us I guess ;)
  77. lloyd.watkin FYI https://xmpp-ftw.jit.su/demo (to get playing quickly)
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  79. valerian okay, let's discuss that after the summit then ;)
  80. zeank yes :)
  81. valerian Oh by the way we released Jappix One there, with full Jingle audio/video support :)
  82. valerian If you guys want to test, it's all running on https://jappix.com/ + downloadable/forkable on https://github.com/jappix/jappix
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  84. valerian It's working great, just that we did not took time to handle restrictive NAT for now, with TURN servers
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  86. zeank (y)
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  88. Dave Cridland Speaking of volunteers, can I borrow a Dutch speaker down by the beanbags? :-)
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  90. remko dave: ?
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  103. Kev https://join.tryacano.com/invited.sf?id=182834436
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  106. jabberjocke please comment edit and change the http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2014 page make the projects intresting
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  119. hildjj sorry to those that haven't been around for a long time. This part of the discussion is always hard to get into for newbies.
  120. hildjj We were talking about http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0313.html before everything got super-meta.
  121. Dave Cridland hildjj, Super-meta would be if I pointed out that the XSF had had a formal vote on what the best pizza was. (We decided "meat").
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  153. bear http://www.dnspython.org/docs/1.10.0/html/dns.dnssec-module.html (posted in xsf muc)
  154. Tobias Kev, that link seems to require camera permissions...wonder if that's due to chromes maybe just returning no media if one denies camera
  155. Simon Anyone here on this list: https://xmpp.net/reports.php#dnssecsrv
  156. Simon ?
  157. paulwitty Tobias: yes, I believe that's the case
  158. Zash Simon: Depends on your definition of "here" :)
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  161. paulwitty Tobias: you can mute your camera once you've joined
  162. Tobias paulwitty, thanks...but it crashes for me all the time
  163. paulwitty Chrome does?
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  167. Tobias the website...it reloads at some point
  168. Tobias stalling at Loading media
  169. paulwitty what browser are you using?
  170. Tobias chrome
  171. Tobias Version 33.0.1750.46 beta
  172. paulwitty hmm, that should be good
  173. paulwitty I'm not in a good position here to be able to do much debugging of it
  174. Tobias bear, do you scribe in a public place?
  175. bear no sadly - I started doing this when the wifi was off
  176. Tobias ah..ok
  177. bear so it's a text file that I just put notes and comments into
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  180. bear ah, the xsf way of discussing these issues is so ... well... yea, :)
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  183. paulwitty I'll take the video/audio link into the Summit down now, to stop it taking up our bandwidth
  184. paulwitty if anyone remote wants it back (to join with WebRTC), let me know and I'll bring it back
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  198. hildjj http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/xmpp/current/msg03084.html
  199. hildjj To join the list:
  200. hildjj https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/xmpp
  201. Zash Is someone going to care if I post "just put a bunch of PEM encoded certificates in a file"
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  203. Tobias Zash, does PEM allow commenting?
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  205. hildjj Zash: feel free. The question at the moment is whether that doc is the *starting* point.
  206. Zash If it's a plain text file with PEM certs in, and declare that anything between them are to be ignored.
  207. hildjj apparently, there's at least one person that wants comments.
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  209. hildjj Warning: as chair, i'm likely to ask you to produce an ID if you're serious. :)
  210. MattJ ID... identification or Internet Draft?
  211. hildjj Internet Draft
  212. hildjj It's really quite easy if you start here: http://www.ipv.sx/draftr/
  213. hildjj Write Markdown, which then generates text and XML.
  214. MattJ Fancy
  215. MattJ What after that? As someone who has never submitted an ID, is there an overview of the process for first-timers?
  216. hildjj hang on. looking.
  217. hildjj while i'm looking, the next step is you submit the .txt and .xml here: https://datatracker.ietf.org/submit/
  218. hildjj which does an email auth dance
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  220. lloyd.watkin Is there a URL for the proposed whiteboarding XEP?
  221. Tobias MattJ, be careful in what you're getting into :)
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  223. MattJ hildjj, thanks :)
  224. Tobias lloyd.watkin, somewhere around github.com/remko?
  225. remko lloyd.watkin: https://github.com/remko/xeps/blob/master/whiteboarding.md
  226. Ash Regarding whiteboarding, does anyone know how this project is doing it? http://coccinella.im/
  227. hildjj "Planning to write an Internet Draft?" http://www.tschofenig.priv.at/wp/?p=125
  228. lloyd.watkin thanks
  229. MattJ Thanks hildjj :)
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  235. Steffen Larsen cool! shake and bake XMPP
  236. zeank how's that compatible with cats?
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  238. hildjj http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0132.html
  239. hildjj zeank: Internet of Cats
  240. zeank :-P
  241. zeank I just wonder how shaking is suitable for initiating a friendship request
  242. Link Mauve My cats don’t like it.
  243. intosi Depends on the type of friendship you're after.
  244. zeank lol
  245. Link Mauve It can include claws.
  246. hildjj you shake the cat and a lightbulb at the same time. Now, whenever the cat enters the room, the lights change to something complementary to its mood, and your stereo plays the cat's theme song.
  247. zeank (y)
  248. Ash Speaking of which, there was an action from last year I think to split XEP-0060
  249. Steffen Larsen Ash: ha ha.. yes
  250. Ash Maybe worth picking up again tomorrow
  251. Ash I know XEP-0060 fairly well, so would be happy to help with that
  252. ralphm Ash: this is my action point
  253. ralphm it just needs to be done
  254. ralphm :-)
  255. hildjj ralph, if ash is willing to take a first crack at it, maybe you could edit from there?
  256. hildjj forward progress > perfection
  257. ralphm Ash: would be great to do something about this soonish
  258. Ash Yeah. Do we have the notes from the discussion last year?
  259. ralphm I think so, but let's chat for a few minutes
  260. Ash :)
  261. intosi I'd be interested in at least listening in.
  262. Link Mauve I’m in too.
  263. ralphm sounds awesome
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  267. hildjj IoB.
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  269. paulwitty shall we arrange to meet at the hotel at some time to get food & beer?
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  282. jabberjocke yes that would be good!
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  297. Ge0rG is there a short-track-procedure for becoming a member when attending the summit?
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  330. winfried winks
  331. paulwitty time to go to the bar?#
  332. zeank :-P
  333. zeank I'm still naked! *waiiiiit* :D
  334. winfried NO DONT WAIT!
  335. winfried :-D
  336. zeank :-|
  337. ralphm I'll be down in 2 min.
  338. zeank woah
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  357. hildjj where did people end up?
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