XMPP Summit - 2014-02-03

  1. fippo

    btw, if anyone has public slides from the summit adding them to the wiki page might be useful. it seems quite a number of people found my webrtc slides from last year

  2. Kev


  3. Lance

    Kev: what was the url for those notes you have?

  4. Kev

    Do you mean my multi-client notes?

  5. Lance


  6. Kev

    All I can find is http://doomsong.co.uk/extensions/render/multiple-clients.html but I remember writing considerably more than that at some point.

  7. Kev

    Although it does mention one part that we didn't discuss at the summit, so I'm glad I wrote it.

  8. Kev

    Which is solving the 'client comes online while there are unread messages elsewhere'.

  9. Kev

    So I think we need a standard ad-hoc for 'send me unread messages, other clients' or we need to store the <reset/> in MAM.

  10. Kev

    Although that means doubling the number of markers in MAM unless MAM is smart about it (which seems reasonable as an extension).

  11. Zash

    Someone, remind me to guessplement 333

  12. Kev

    Right, 333 is a way of doing some of this stuff.

  13. Zash

    It's a bit light on details about what the server is supposed to do