XMPP Summit - 2014-02-03

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  27. fippo btw, if anyone has public slides from the summit adding them to the wiki page might be useful. it seems quite a number of people found my webrtc slides from last year
  28. Kev +1
  29. Lance Kev: what was the url for those notes you have?
  30. Kev Do you mean my multi-client notes?
  31. Lance yes
  32. Kev All I can find is http://doomsong.co.uk/extensions/render/multiple-clients.html but I remember writing considerably more than that at some point.
  33. Kev Although it does mention one part that we didn't discuss at the summit, so I'm glad I wrote it.
  34. Kev Which is solving the 'client comes online while there are unread messages elsewhere'.
  35. Kev So I think we need a standard ad-hoc for 'send me unread messages, other clients' or we need to store the <reset/> in MAM.
  36. Kev Although that means doubling the number of markers in MAM unless MAM is smart about it (which seems reasonable as an extension).
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  49. Zash Someone, remind me to guessplement 333
  50. Kev Right, 333 is a way of doing some of this stuff.
  51. Zash It's a bit light on details about what the server is supposed to do
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