XMPP Summit - 2017-01-18

  1. ralphm

    Dear summiteers. I just sent an e-mail to the summit@xmpp.org mailinglist. Please read and act on it ASAP.

  2. ralphm

    (about hotel)

  3. winfried

    thanks ralphm!

  4. ralphm

    Only 6 people have filled in the form, so far :-(

  5. intosi hands LART to ralphm

  6. Kev

    I've filled out the form, booked my train to the office, booked my hotel for Tuesday night, train back Saturday, and Eurostar is also booked for Wed and Sat. Superorganised.

  7. intosi


  8. intosi


  9. intosi

    Of those, I only filled in the form. Figured the rest wouldn't make too much sense ;)

  10. ralphm

    Kev: goed bezig!

  11. Kev

    I'm as surprised as the next person.

  12. ralphm

    I'm sure that Arc, Dave Cridland, guus.der.kinderen, Tobias, jc, lloydwatkin and SamWhited will read the e-mail and fill in the form Real Soon Now™.

  13. intosi

    Can't imagine them not doing that.

  14. ralphm

    Too bad that Zash and Flow are not in here.

  15. SamWhited

    ralphm: it came in too late for me, sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  16. ralphm

    SamWhited: so little trust

  17. Tobias

    SamWhited, nothing to be sorry about

  18. SamWhited

    Actually, if the hotel is in our corporate sysetm I can probably rebook; I'll check later.

  19. SamWhited

    Some of them the company pays up front (but I can cancel that with no fee or anything), and some of them you have to pay for and get reimbursed. If it's one of those I can still switch to it.

  20. ralphm

    Yeah, I know

  21. jc

    ralphm: I've read the email and did some research concerning accommodation

  22. jc

    ralphm: Where is this hotel located?

  23. jc

    I think I'll be organizing my own accommodation since I have a friend accompanying me to FOSDEM

  24. ralphm

    jc: in the EU district

  25. ralphm

    jc: that's fine of course

  26. jc

    Yeah, so downtown?

  27. intosi

    A brisk walk away.

  28. jc

    in any case, that's why I didn't respond to the google form thingy

  29. jc

    but I will be attending the summit (I booked transportation today)

  30. ralphm

    I guess I could have added a, will not book here option

  31. intosi


  32. guus.der.kinderen

    I will answer mail tonight at earliest

  33. flo

    yeay, more MUCs

  34. Kev

    Need to get our money's worth before we get rid of them all in favour of MIXs ;)

  35. Tobias

    there's plenty of time for that

  36. Kev

    I thought we were going to have a hackathon at the summit, and by March all MUCs would be gone, everywhere? :)

  37. intosi

    Flag Day?

  38. intosi

    Using MUC Off spray?

  39. ralphm

    Hey all, please fill in the form!

  40. arc

    will do

  41. Tobias

    ralphm, already did

  42. Guus

    me too