XMPP Summit - 2017-12-14

  1. jonasw

    also, topic is out of date?

  2. Guus


  3. Guus set the topic to

    XMPP Summit 22 Brussels | https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_22

  4. Guus

    ah, I'm actually allowed to change it.

  5. Guus


  6. Guus

    in any case: you're obviously free to arrange for accomodations yourself, but we'll try to get a group discount with one or two hotels, which might be of interest to you

  7. jonasw

    yes, that’s kind of why I’m asking

  8. jonasw

    I have no idea of hotels

  9. jonasw

    but I’m also asking for general planning

  10. jonasw

    neat, 8 to 9 hours of train ride

  11. Guus

    the very general planning is: 2 full days of summit, followed by 2 full days of fosdem (where we have a stand and members are likely to have talks). On one evening, we'll have an XSF dinner.

  12. jonasw

    I don’t think I’ll attend FOSDEM this year, I think

  13. Guus

    Hotel-wise, last year rates were: wednesday: 160 euro, thu 130, fri: 70, sat: 70 (including breakfast, excluding some taxes)

  14. jonasw

    per night per person? :—O

  15. Guus

    not sure if this year we'll have equal rates

  16. Guus

    yup. Brussels is obviously a busy hub, especially on normal weekdays. I guess that reflects in the prices.

  17. jonasw

    holy smokes

  18. Guus

    but, again - you're not obliged to spend all, or any, nights there. If you can arrange for more suitable logding, go for it!

  19. jonasw

    of course, but whew

  20. Guus

    (I do assume that airbnb will be pretty heavily used around FOSDEM, so better get in there early!)