XMPP Summit - 2018-01-09

  1. Guus

    I just received my confirmation of reservation from the Thon hotel.

  2. intosi

    Had mine yesterday, about half an hour after calling them.

  3. intosi

    They seem to move a tad quicker with these than last year, when it took two days for mine to show up ;)

  4. Guus

    Ah, I sent mine via email

  5. Guus

    the good old "een beller is sneller" still applies, it seems. :)

  6. intosi

    One of those times where paranoia pays off ;)

  7. SamWhited

    Just got my confirmation, that was suprisingly quick… except they left off one night randomly in the middle.

  8. SamWhited

    I'm debating if it's worth calling them back or just booking another hotel on that night.

  9. Guus

    Sam, they probably didn't

  10. Guus

    I thought the same

  11. SamWhited

    yah, the arrival date and departure date are right, there's just one nights rate missing. Maybe it was the same so they left it off

  12. Guus

    they are grouping consequtive (<-- spark lacks a spellchecker) nights that have the same costs.

  13. SamWhited

    actually, the arrival date does not match the first night rate, so this is still weird

  14. SamWhited

    oh no, that's not the arrival date, that's up at the top… I apparently just can't read this form.

  15. Guus

    01/02/18 - 01/02/18 130.00 EUR 02/02/18 - 03/02/18 70.00 EUR 04/02/18 - 04/02/18 130.00 EUR

  16. Guus

    that's mine

  17. Guus

    the second line covers _two_ nights.

  18. Guus

    wildly confusing

  19. SamWhited

    oooh, yah, that's what was throwing me off

  20. Guus

    also, this is non-US date notation: day/month/year

  21. Guus

    I had the exact same experience this morning. Coffee fixed it. :)

  22. SamWhited

    I always use year-month-day so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  23. SamWhited

    Coffee is a good idea, it's almost 1000 and I've only had one cup

  24. vanitasvitae

    Just got a lovely reply mail: -------------------------------- [Insert your auto response here] -------------------------------- :D

  25. SamWhited

    Woo, flight booked too! I didn't think it was going to actually happen again this year; glad it all got sorted.

  26. vanitasvitae

    SamWhited: nice :)

  27. Guus

    SamWhited: awesome!

  28. SamWhited

    I am very excited for the BBQ place…