XMPP Summit - 2018-01-15

  1. jcbrand

    Hi folks, (especially Guus ;) )

  2. jcbrand

    I'm currently looking at train and hotel tickets

  3. jcbrand

    and I'm wondering if there is anyone else here who is (like me) on a tight budget and would like to share a room with me at the Thon hotel (if that's allowed/possible).

  4. SouL

    Hmm I could bug you about Conversejs all night... That's a fantastic idea...

  5. SouL has an evil smile on his mouth.

  6. jcbrand

    You won't have this opportunity again soon

  7. Guus

    jc, I'd charge him extra for this opportunity! :D

  8. Guus

    (also, try suggesting this on the summit mailinglist)

  9. jcbrand

    Yeah, I'll do that

  10. jcbrand

    I just booked my train tickets

  11. Guus


  12. Guus

    jcbrand: maybe also leave a note in the comment field of the participant list at https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_22

  13. jcbrand

    ok, done and done. Good tips

  14. Guus

    if someone approaches me with a similar question, I'll hook you up

  15. jcbrand

    Thanks Guus

  16. SouL

    jcbrand, how many days are you staying?

  17. jcbrand

    4 days, arriving Wednesday and then leaving Sunday

  18. SouL

    jcbrand, so you are not going to FOSDEM I'm assuming?

  19. jcbrand

    SouL: Yes I am

  20. jcbrand

    I leave Sunday evening

  21. SouL

    Ah ok, sorry, calendars :D

  22. SouL

    jcbrand, do you know if the hotel would allow that? Or how would you sleep just having one bed? Or the hotel has rooms with two beds or...? Too many questions

  23. jcbrand

    SouL: I would ask for a room with two beds

  24. jcbrand

    SouL: I think they'll allow it. Better for them to sell a double room than no room

  25. SouL

    jcbrand, I never went to an event like this but I was really thinking this year to go (although I'm not prepared I would say). Saying that you are looking someone to share a room triggered an impulse on me haha. I thought I would not think on finally going so they know nothing about this at work. If you are still looking for someone and you let me ask at work if I could be away those days, would it be fine if I join you? :)

  26. SouL

    If you are waiting for someone else's reply no problem, of course, I would not like to force anything.

  27. jcbrand

    SouL: I'm not waiting for anyone else and would be happy to share a room with you. So please ask at work and let me know tomorrow or at the latest Thursday (but that's pushing it a bit)

  28. SouL

    jcbrand, roger!

  29. jcbrand

    great :)