XMPP Summit - 2018-01-16

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  12. SouL

    Guys, someone that is going by plane could tell me which Airport do I have to choose? I'm just trying to consider (or rather, search) options.

  13. SouL

    It is just because the page I'm using to buy tickets (skyscanner) offers two airports, The International and the S. Charleroi one

  14. SouL

    I should check what's near I guess haha

  15. SouL

    omg the prices

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  19. Tobias

    BRU is closest

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  21. SouL

    Thanks, Tobias :)

  22. Tobias

    Maybe Ryanair is an option for you

  23. SouL

    It seems those are the cheapest ones, Tobias, indeed. But it seems the one that flies back takes off at 06:55 from Brussels Charleroi... Hmm, it's going to be challenging.

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  57. SouL

    Should I put myself on the Wiki as well?

  58. SouL

    If anything goes wrong, I should be taking the room with jcbrand

  59. SouL

    So since he is already on the list, I don't know.

  60. Guus

    Soul, please add yourself to the list, if only so that others can see who's planning to be there!

  61. SouL

    Ok, I will try to do it when I get home. Let's make it so it looks like a big crowd :D

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  95. SouL

    Is it fine guys if I ask questions regarding FOSDEM in this MUC?

  96. Guus


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  100. SouL

    People leaving the 4th, at what time do they live, do you know? I guess one would like to live the latest as possible that day, or there's not much to do after around 17:00 or so?

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  106. SouL

    I'm thinking on taking this flight https://i.imgur.com/MBTm0xj.png But since I don't know how much time it will take from wherever to the airport and such not sure if I'm going to miss a lot of stuff

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  118. winfried

    SouL that fligth will be fine, most activities (except cleaning up) cease at 17:00 to 18:00. Calculate 1,5 hour to get to the airport (leaving Fosdem can be a mahem, in good conditions 45 min to 1 hour is enough), so you will be fine.

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  129. vanitasvitae

    yeah, getting a bus with enough space is a pain

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