XMPP Summit - 2018-01-17

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  28. SouL

    Thank you winfried :D

  29. SouL

    Plane tickets paid now

  30. SouL is crossing fingers

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  38. SouL

    Now.. I should check how to survive to the events, what to do or where to go :D

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  48. winfried

    Fosdem is not an ordinary conference, it is an open and more or less organized chaos. Schedule: There is a nice app for the schedule Keynotes: cherrypick them Developer rooms: this is where it happens, but they can be very crowded. There usually is an opportunity to enter/leave the room between two talks, but for crowded rooms there can be a long row of people waiting to get in. So don't plan too tight and plan to visit blocks of talks at one room. Exhibition / talks in the hallways: nice way to shop at other projects. If there are people you may want to have a chat with: check on forehand if they are coming to fosdem and arrange something. Use the real-time lounge as peaceful base in the chaos. Keysigning: if you want to. Read the instructions carefully and submit your key(s) in time. It is always good for controversy, but also a fast way to enter the 'strong set' of gpg keys in one strike. Catering: mayhem, but getting better each year. Make sure to bring your own drinks and food, or you will die on the spot. Beer event: nice place to meet random people and you must have been there at least once in you life. Fight you way through the crowd in the street towards the bar. Fight your way through the crowd to get your drinks, try not to spill your beer while fighting your way out and then run to a bar where you can breathe (and that bar is probably crowded with fosdem people too).

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  50. SouL


  51. SouL

    Fantastic winfried

  52. SouL

    So it is really crowded! That's a nice thing I guess :D

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  54. SouL

    Thanks for the information winfried :)

  55. SouL

    And what about the Summit? How does it work?

  56. winfried

    Maybe I should copy it to the wiki 😉

  57. winfried

    Ad yourself to the list at the wiki

  58. winfried

    Propose your own topics

  59. winfried

    Use this muc to arrange transportation to / from the venue

  60. winfried

    And enjoy the towel dispensers that nag you with cheerful advertisements at Cisco :-p

  61. winfried

    Probably lunch included

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