XMPP Summit - 2018-01-18

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  67. intosi I shall procure nibbles for the lounge at FOSDEM again. Any requests?
  68. Guus thanks - none specifically.
  69. Guus I've put up a temp page that lists some ideas for 'swag' that we can bring to FOSDEM. I'd like more input on that: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UMtBHfUd9hdnQKDypZ_9uxnkGR2PkcI3uIelx2Ive98/edit#gid=0
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  82. soul Woo, super cool, how does this work, Guus ?
  83. Guus soul: you add ideas. provide comments. someone from scam might or might not implement the ideas. :)
  84. intosi Those post-its look fairly expensive to me. Have you considered comparing various suppliers (I appreciate it if you considered, but simply haven't had the time)
  85. Guus exactly that.
  86. intosi Okay.
  87. intosi I'll see whether I can find the time to shop around.
  88. Guus I've initially wrote down some ideas and did a quick price check with just one supplier, just to get a feel of the amount of money involved
  89. intosi Fair enough.
  90. Guus and I agree, that one is pretty steep.
  91. intosi Found one that'll do 100x75 own-brand sticky notes on yellow paper with one colour for 185 ex., or 187,50 for full colour on white paper.
  92. intosi At 50 pages per block. 25 is cheaper even.
  93. Guus cool - could you replace my comment with the cheapest one then :)
  94. Guus (it's still a lot of money for some swag though - but let's see what budget we have to play with)
  95. intosi Yeah.
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  99. intosi Ah, we missed the window for this one. They need 2-3 weeks.
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  106. SouL Are all those products ordered in Brussels? Because I'm guessing it's too much stuff to carry around.
  107. Guus A van is available, but I'm unsure where it departs from. Intosi?
  108. Guus (at best, we might be able to bring stuff from closeby)
  109. intosi Eindhoven.
  110. intosi * almost
  111. Guus As I'll attend for the full 4 days, I'll probably bring a suitcase, in which I can carry some stuff too.
  112. SouL No XMPP stickers in the 'Swag' list?
  113. Guus top one
  114. SouL Didn't know that they werer called Die-cast, sorry :D
  115. Guus neither did I, I just parrotted whatever StickerMule calls them
  116. Guus or what I think I remember they called them :D)
  117. SouL hehe
  118. SouL Can I ask Guus what is 'Server info folder'? Are they actual folders or...?
  119. SouL Ah, wait, are they like flyers?
  120. Guus yeah, the greenish flyers that Arc created last year
  121. Guus I still have a bunch of those
  122. Guus (shouldn't stop you from creating more / others)
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