XMPP Summit - 2018-01-20

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  93. Guus

    SouL, you have an account, but I cannot see it's mail address

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  95. Guus

    SouL: I cannot change your password without an email address 😶

  96. Guus

    SouL: the best thing I can come up with is to create a new account for you...

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  107. SouL

    Hi Guus, sorry, I was cooking. The email address used for that account is (or was) soul@blastersklan.com, not sure if that would help. If not, yeah, if it's not a problem I could get a new account. Sorry for giving you some work, it's completely my fault, I was so excited when creating the account for the XSF Membership that it seems I don't know what I typed.

  108. SouL

    If I create a new one I can start using my name as my nickname, something I've been thinking on.

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  112. Guus

    SouL, you should now have mail. I've used your first name as a username.

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  116. SouL

    That was fast, thank you very much Guus, sorry for the inconveinence {

  117. SouL


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  119. SouL

    Guus, should I add myself to https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2018? It's my first time there (also the Summit), is that list for people that is going to present or show something is just a list to know people being around FOSDEM?

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  130. vanitasvitae

    SouL: its just for people around :)

  131. SouL

    vanitasvitae, ah ok cool, I will add myself there too, then.

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  133. Guus

    Please add yourself if you'll be there and if you're remotely interested in being at our stand and perhaps talk to some people on how awesome XMPP is. It's all very casual.

  134. Guus

    SouL: ^

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  143. SouL

    Guus, hmm, I will be there and even super willing to help on anything I could for the XSF and XMPP in general, I cannot represent the XSF or XMPP on any way currently, I guess it's too early unfortunately. Never attended to these kind of events, so I guess I will be just an 'spectator' around and see how everything goes.

  144. SouL

    Thank you for telling me :)

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  161. SouL

    But I can carry whatever is needed! At least I can do that hah

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