XMPP Summit - 2018-01-29

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  32. alameyo

    should I be added to the list? I never had access to this wiki

  33. intosi

    alameyo: I could add you if you like.

  34. intosi

    Assuming you mean to the list of summit participants :)

  35. alameyo


  36. alameyo

    Paweł Ścibiorski

  37. alameyo

    1 - 5 feb

  38. intosi

    I seem to have lost my abilities to add users, but I've added you to the summit participant list.

  39. alameyo

    ok thanks

  40. SouL

    Guus, ok thank you. I will send it as soon as I can today. I apologise if it is too late, sorry.

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  43. Guus

    I'm trying to remember what route we took from Cisco to the hotel last year

  44. Guus

    we took the train from Diegem, to... Brussel-Schuman?

  45. Guus

    we didn't have any stopovers, iirc

  46. Guus

    ah, yes. There's a direct train between the two

  47. intosi

    Guus: yes, that would work.

  48. intosi

    The alternative is via either Centraal or Noord. You want to avoid the latter :)

  49. intosi

    Also: good busy!

  50. Kev

    I *think* I've always gone via Centraal.

  51. Guus

    the direct line seems to run once an hour

  52. Guus

    How did that payment system work again? I seem to recall that there were some kind of tickets that allowed you free travel within Brussels for a day. Did that include that train?

  53. Kev

    There were multi-hop things for the metro and the tram, I don't believe they covered trains.

  54. Guus

    ah, maybe those where the ones that I vaguely recall. Thanks

  55. intosi

    I think that the Jump day passes cover NMBS travel within the Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest.

  56. intosi


  57. intosi

    But you'll need to buy a MOBIB card for that.

  58. intosi

    You might need such a card anyway these days.

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  60. Kev

    I haven't got a day pass for years, I think,I've just bought the 10-jump cards when I arrive.

  61. alameyo

    is changing lines like new journey or i.e. once you enter metro, you can change lines as you wish within single journey?

  62. Kev

    I believe you can switch, but I only do this once a year, so my memory may be off.

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  64. intosi

    Ah, Diegem is *just* outside of the Capital Region. Of course it is.

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  88. Guus

    The Summit is going to be busy! Several people are listing a +1

  89. Guus

    I'm counting 29 now

  90. Guus

    (one of which is a 'maybe on the last day only')

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  94. intosi


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  104. Guus

    Zash, you're not joining us at the Summit after all? (I noticed your name was removed from the wiki page)?

  105. Guus

    For those that want to attend the Summit, and have not yet send me their email address: _please do so now_. It's needed to generate a wifi code, as well as building access.

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  120. Zash

    Guus: Sadly no.

  121. Guus

    ah, to bad.

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  130. SouL

    intosi, thank you for the link. I'm checking that.

  131. SouL

    Does someone come from the airport? BRU

  132. SouL

    I've never been there so any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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  134. SouL

    I'm trying to find out how to get from the airport to the hotel and such, how mobility works there...

  135. SouL

    When I arrived to Copenhagen, the difference was a blast for me

  136. SouL

    Compared to what I was used

  137. Zash

    The times I went I usually got myself to the bus terminal and went from there

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  139. SouL

    Zash, thanks, is it near the airport?

  140. Zash

    It's basically one of the exits

  141. Zash


  142. Zash

    I suppose there's the train as well, but I don't remember if I ever figured out how to buy a ticket for that

  143. SouL

    Zash, oh cool! Thank you very much. Did you buy any of these tickets listed here? http://www.stib-mivb.be/article.html?l=en&_guid=d0707200-2683-3410-479e-b21a51d668f0 Or if you were able to buy them right there at the airport.

  144. Guus

    Soul: the airport and the cisco offices are pretty close-by. A taxi (or Uber, don't know if Brussels has those?) is probably cheap enough

  145. SouL

    If I ask too much just say it haha

  146. Guus

    as for going back/forth between Cisco and the Hotel, you should look at trains from Diegem to Brussels-Schuman

  147. Zash

    I've always wondered if it's possible to just take a walk from the airport to cisco diegem

  148. Zash

    being so close, but that highway between is pretty big

  149. Guus

    Zash, I don't know, but I think it's crossing a highway, which might require a significant detour.

  150. Guus

    Google maps suggests 5km / 55 minutes walking.

  151. Zash

    SouL: IIRC, it's roughly up to get to the bus terminal and down to get to the train station.

  152. Zash

    Huge maze of an airport tho

  153. SouL

    Thank you guys! So I guess on Wednesday I should go from the airport to Brussels-Schuman and for what I see, the hotel is just close to that, walking straight

  154. SamWhited

    I really love the big light rail train up to Diegem; I'm looking forward to taking that again.

  155. Holger

    > Or if you were able to buy them right there at the airport. SouL: Yes there's a ticket machine.

  156. Holger

    SouL: I bought one of those "JUMP 24h, 48h, 72h + BUS Airport" in the past.

  157. Holger

    SouL: There's cheaper tickets for travelling all of Brussels *except* the airport area. IIRC you don't get those at the airport automat.

  158. Holger

    E.g. the 24h ticket at the airport is 7.50, the regular Brussels-only one is 4.50 EUR.

  159. Holger

    Oh: > To purchase this ticket, you need to be in possession of a personal MOBIB or MOBIB Basic. This cards cost 5 EUR [...]. Sigh, I think this was different last year. They sold cheaper tickets if you had that card, but I payed 7.50/day without a card.

  160. SamWhited

    I think 7.50 was about what I paid at Brussels Central last year for a 24 hour ticket; I can't remember if you could use that one to get back to the airport though, I don't think you could.

  161. SamWhited

    But you could get that at the station too, not just at the airport.

  162. Guus

    The airport is a distinctly different zone from the rest of Brussels public transportation zone

  163. alameyo

    "If you wish to buy a personal MOBIB card, you will need your electronic identity card (eID) and €5. If you don’t have an eID or if you would like a more recent picture than the one on your eID, please bring an identity picture."

  164. Guus

    Last year I took a train to Brussels, got off early (at the airport), and actually had to pay _extra_ (for travelling less distance)

  165. alameyo

    so to buy this card I have to bring my picture lol

  166. alameyo


  167. Guus

    alameyo: don't bring yourself, bring a picture!

  168. Guus

    if only people would invent like mobile devices that can be used to record a static image of someones face...

  169. Guus

    but, I'm off for today. good night!

  170. alameyo

    sure, but it explicitly states "bring an identity picture"

  171. Holger

    I'll probably fail to get a ticket and just spend my days at the airport.

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  173. alameyo

    yep, better I'll take a tent or smth in case of stucking at the airport

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  178. Guus

    alameyo: please prepare yourself! https://g.co/kgs/kM5BwW

  179. alameyo

    good movie :D

  180. Holger

    > MOBIB is a plastic chip-card which has to be validated at metro stations or on buses/trams by holding it against the white circle on the red machines; JUMP is a paper/card ticket that has to be stamped in orange machines https://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g188644-s303/Brussels:Belgium:Public.Transportation.html

  181. Holger

    This sounds like I need *no* plastic card for JUMP tickets, no? That's how I remembered things to work.

  182. alameyo

    oh I figured out that there is version "basic" of this plastic card which doesn't require picture

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