XMPP Summit - 2018-11-11

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  16. Seve/SouL Holger, there will be more chances of me going if you go
  17. Seve/SouL :D
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  20. Holger Hah 😘
  21. Holger Yes I'll try to convince my employer of both Summit and FOSDEM again, but I need to wait until the Wiki page (or some sort of 'official' announcement) is created for that.
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  24. Seve/SouL ralphm or Guus, is it too early to create the Wiki page?
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  26. ralphm No, go ahead
  27. Seve/SouL Great
  28. Guus Seve/SouL: no it is not
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  30. Guus I'll see what I can do today
  31. Seve/SouL Guus, I was just going to find next year's and create a new one, but if you can do that, it would be better, I'm not really experienced on it :D
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  38. Guus Seve/SouL: go for it!
  39. Guus Seve/SouL: I'd be happy for you to do it!
  40. Guus Seve/SouL: it's a wiki for a reason. 😁
  41. Seve/SouL Guus: ok then! I will send a link here during the day
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  55. Seve/SouL I created the page, with some missing info still, but just to have it there. I'm guessing FOSDEM will need a page as well for this year, right? How do I put this page in the "Upcoming Events" section? https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_23
  56. Seve/SouL I will also need to add https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2019 to the upcoming events section, Guus do you know how?
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  62. Guus Just edit the home page
  63. Guus It's somewhere near the bottom
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  67. Seve/SouL Done, thank you Guus ! I didn't think about being able to edit that as a regular page :D
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