XMPP Summit - 2019-01-10

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  20. ralphm I'm sure people in here have opinions on Swag. What kind of XMPP branded swag would you people like to pay for to own?
  21. ralphm E.g. I believe Kev mentions something before, about it needing to be something he could also wear in work meetings, but I don't remember the specifics.
  22. jjrh stickers are usually a good go to
  23. ralphm I think we already have stickers, but sure, agreed.
  24. ralphm I was thinking more about clothing.
  25. Kev I don't think *needs* to be, but stuff that's slightly more workish than the usual t-shirts sound appealing.
  26. Kev Maybe I'm the only person who'd wear an XMPP (or XMPP Summit) Polo Shirt.
  27. debacle I've the hoody
  28. jjrh Polo shirts are popular for being work acceptable while casual enough to wear elsewhere. I think all of redhat's stuff is polo
  29. debacle But I like an espresso cup with the full text of 0060 printed on it
  30. jjrh I like zip up hoodys
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  32. jjrh I'll buy a tshirt or hoody and some stickers at the summit :)
  33. Kev T-Shirts are probably more likely to sell at FOSDEM. I wonder if there's any chance of doing what I've suggested before - a set number of summit items (preordered) just for participants in the summit, and then stuff for FOSDEM.
  34. Kev Do T-Shirt for FOSDEM, and Polo for the Summit, or such.
  35. Guus I can confirm that we have (many) stickers of one kind: the die-cut logo.
  36. Guus oh, and we have a bunch of the 'hello my jid is' stickers too
  37. Guus if we do a summit thing, will that be sold, or presented as a gift?
  38. Zash Guus: 👍
  39. Guus I have a slight preference to sell clothing that's somewhat more durable than a shirt at FOSDEM
  40. ralphm Guus: for now I'm assuming we sell stuff
  41. Guus but I'm easily persuaded otherwise.
  42. ralphm And if we go for a t-shirt, I'd like it to indeed be a better material than all previous ones.
  43. Guus I don't think we should aim to sell shirts at the summit, which has at best 30 potential buyers.
  44. Guus not worth the hassle, I think.
  45. Guus I actually quite enjoy the hoodie that I have
  46. Guus maybe we should offer more than one item?
  47. Guus and put whatever is left in storage
  48. ralphm What we did before is have both T-shirts and Hoodies
  49. Guus I'd not mind having something that zips, with a subtle logo - unsure if that'd be a big seller though
  50. ralphm For t-shirts, I'd like e.g. 50/50 or triblend material. They stay better for longer times and are more comfortable.
  51. Kev Guus: I'm not suggesting the Summit sales for profit or anything, I just think it would be very cool for the Summit attendees to have something Physical out of it.
  52. Kev Not a hill for me to die on, but I'd think it cool.
  53. Kev But yes, someone has to put the effort in, and that's a hard sell.
  54. Kev &
  55. Guus Kev sure - I'd either donate that, or pre-sell.
  56. Guus (to order the exact right amount, etc)
  57. Guus (did Kev just put himself in the background? )
  58. Guus ralphm I have no clue what material choice would make for a desirable product - I trust you fully in this 🙂
  59. ralphm Totally pre-sell. For Summit I'd setup a google forms doc requesting size and order based on that.
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  61. goffi hi
  62. Guus right, let's make things concrete then.
  63. Guus Shall we have a summit shirt or hoodie, or nothing?
  64. Seve/SouL Agree on that for Summit
  65. Seve/SouL Super cool to have something for Summit in my opinion :)
  66. Guus I'd actually like the somewhat subtle XMPP logo on a jacket of sorts, or hoodie-with-zipper
  67. Zash Are there any Serious Bussines Shirts?
  68. Zash Something something XMPP is serious bussiness, just look at my suit and tie something
  69. ralphm Guus: like a hoodless jacket? I can see that
  70. Guus Yeah, something like https://www.amazon.com/sandbank-Lightweight-Softshell-Flight-Bomber/dp/B076C5YMQJ/ref=lp_2528780011_1_6?s=apparel&ie=UTF8&qid=1547136164&sr=1-6&nodeID=2528780011&psd=1 perhaps
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  72. Guus or something comparable
  73. Guus shoot, I'm 5 minutes late
  74. Guus gotta run
  75. Guus for FOSDEM, I'd opt to sell both hoodies and shirts again, but I fail to find the time to arrange for them, I'm afraid.
  76. Seve/SouL I made the mistake of not working on this since last February
  77. Guus I'm out / on mobile
  78. Guus tttyl
  79. Guus it's on everyone in SCAM, Seve, not just one person
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  81. ralphm Yeah, I've been looking around at drukwerkdeal.nl for this.
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  91. jjrh did XFS not register for a stand? https://fosdem.org/2019/stands/
  92. pep. jjrh, "The Realtime lounge" points to xmpp.org
  93. pep. But that'd be great to have it more specific :/
  94. jjrh ahh I did a search and was like "oh did someone screw up?"
  95. jjrh Realtime Lounge is kinda weird since just about everything else is under it's project/org name.
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