XMPP Summit - 2019-01-15

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  29. Guus Is there anyone that is interested in staying at the Thon EU hotel for the summit/FOSDEM, that has not reserved a room yet, has not received any feedback from me, and is not winfried or @mattj? Please speak up now, as both time, as well as room availability, is running out!
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  31. Guus Also, if you attend the summit, please make sure that your name is listed in https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_23#Summit_Participants (as this is the list that I'll use to arrange for access to the building). Please don't expect me to complete that list from memory!
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  41. Guus If people have thoughts on what to discuss, then list them at https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_23#Agenda please!
  42. Guus I noticed that we're still listing the key signing thingy, which is probably more a result of us using an old template for the wiki page, than anyting else. Is there any real interest in that (only pep. signed up provisionally), or should we drop it/
  43. Guus I noticed that we're still listing the key signing thingy, which is probably more a result of us using an old template for the wiki page, than anything else. Is there any real interest in that (only pep. signed up provisionally), or should we drop it?
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  46. pep. It doesn't have to be anything official
  47. pep. I can have my "I happily sign GPG keys" cap
  48. pep. (wish I had one)
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  51. Guus I don't mind keeping it on - i'm just managing expectations here 🙂
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  53. Kev I'd remove it from the agenda, personally.
  54. Kev Anyone who wants to GPG sign can do so, but when we've really done a signing party it's been hugely disruptive to getting stuff done.
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  71. Guus Let's assume it wasn't on the agenda on the first place. There's a perfectly suitable time for doing this when we're having lunch 😉
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  82. winfried We only had once or twice a real signing party (with less then 10 participants each), but that was literally years ago. We can safely take it of imho. At most mention informal key signing is an option.
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