XMPP Summit - 2019-01-17

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  97. goffi Will we have a chance do to mini talks (~ 5 min or less) at the summit to present some stuff to the audience ? I'm thinking about tools, or the way we use XMPP (I remember we have already done that in the past). If yes, should we write topics somewhere on the wiki ?
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  99. Guus goffi I'd love to see stuff!
  100. Guus do you have something specific in mind (do you want to show us anything?)
  101. Guus if so, add it to the wiki so we don't forget
  102. goffi well there are 2 things I would like to show: we have a powerfull command line tool that could be really useful to developers, to investigate/manipulate pubsub for instance (I'm thinking about doing a web version someday, something like PHPMyAdmin for XMPP). The second thing I would like to show (quickly, I'll do actually a talk at Fosdem on this topic), is how we use pubsub for features like tickets or merge-requests, and a XMPP based web framework. I can make a quick overview/explain the idea in ~ 5 min I think.
  103. goffi That would be the occasion to explain why I came to Order-By XEP, or why filtering Pubsub (through MAM at the moment) is important.
  104. Guus go for it!
  105. goffi cool
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  116. Kev I'm keen on having a show and tell session, and 5 minutes is the perfect length.
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  118. Kev Shall we set aside some time for that at say 11:00 on the second day for an hour? See how many show and tells we can get?
  119. Kev Guus?
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  122. ralphm Yes
  123. ralphm I'm also happy for you to make choices on the agenda by yourself.
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  125. Guus Unless the show and tell is going to show something that is later to be discussed in another session, scheduling it as a break in a low energy timeslot sounds good.
  126. Guus I have no strong opinion.
  127. Guus Also, what he said.
  128. Guus Kev
  129. pep. Any idea what time the summit finishes on friday? And if there's anything planned afterwards?
  130. Guus pep. On Thursday, we'll have dinner. On Friday, we have nothing officially planned.
  131. pep. What does the agenda says for now, timing-wise?
  132. Guus nothing.
  133. pep. I might go to something before delirium
  134. Guus well, start at 10.
  135. pep. so I was wondering
  136. Guus but no end time. That's typically around five-ish. On Friday, we ask people to help load the van to get stuff to FOSDEM, but that doesn't take to long.
  137. pep. Ok
  138. jjrh Do folks have any recommendations for a data sim card?
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  140. pep. If you are from the EU, roaming should be free? (or is this still a distant dream, even if the law has passed?)
  141. jjrh Nah coming from Canada
  142. jjrh so i'll have to pick up one when I land
  143. pep. Otherwise you might want to look at "Free" in France, or maybe Sosh (branch of Orange or sth), they provide cheap-ish contracts. You might need an EU/FR address, not entirely sure :/. I don't know for belgium itself, they might have similar plans
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  145. jjrh thanks - orange looks reasonably cheap
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  147. alameyo pep.: sometimes telecom companies make it "roaming is free like at home, but only up to 2 GB" so this is still a bit distant dream
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  149. vanitasvitae alameyo: is this allowed? Sounds like they just go "roaming is totally free, except that its not" :D
  150. alameyo that was for me when I last time went abroad
  151. alameyo at home I think I had 50 GB a month and on trip I had to live with my 2 or 3 GB
  152. alameyo later still free roaming but network slows down to some really low numbers
  153. pep. alameyo, Free allows for 50GB on 4G but about significantly less on 3G
  154. pep. Maybe that's related
  155. alameyo reasoning for that when law was introduced was if you pay for your abonament in country 1 and go to country 2 company from country 1 have to pay to company in country 2 for using their telecom infrastructure
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  157. alameyo and appereantly here costs of using teleco infrastructure are lower
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  159. Guus jjrh I quickly pinged a Belgian person. He thinks you can pick up these simcards in most regular supermarkets (but is unsure)
  160. jjrh Thanks Guus good to know I don't need to track down a orange store or suck up the airport markup for a sim there.
  161. Guus jjrh, you are required to identify yourself. Text in Dutch: http://www.agii.be/nieuws/verplichte-identificatie-van-gebruikers-van-prepaid-kaarten-voor-mobiele-communicatie
  162. jjrh ouf that's a pain
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  166. oli because of all the terrorists
  167. oli it's all for our security and safety
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  170. Guus Yeah. I'm thinking of building a wall.
  171. Zash Walls are nice
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