XMPP Summit - 2019-01-18

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  27. Kev I thought we were removing the key signing stuff from the wiki page? It still seems to be there, so I'll remove that now while adding show-and-tells.
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  38. Guus You wanted it off the agenda. Doesn't need to stop people from organising something on the side.
  39. Guus But, as theres there's little interest, it doesn't matter anyway.
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  47. Remko Guus: I'm a bit surprised to hear you can still pick up sim cards here in Belgium. AFAIK, it's legally required to have an identity check (I don't know if passports are ok). I know some supermarkets got fined 2 years ago for still allowing it without identity card.
  48. Guus Remko: according to the article that I linked, identity checks are mandatory, but a password suffices.
  49. Guus apart from that: I know nothing. This was forwarded to me by a guy I know in Antwerp.
  50. Remko Then i climb back into my cave in silence
  51. Guus Remko: according to the article that I linked, identity checks are mandatory, but a passport suffices.
  52. Kev No need for silence, it's the cave that's important.
  53. Remko Guus: some quick googling seems to say that a passport should be ok.
  54. Guus Remko so in theory, it's possible. I wonder if any supermarket actually bothered to train people to do an ID-check. Might have been economically more viable to stop selling sims...
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  56. Guus yey for EU roaming.
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  58. Guus I wonder if I can buy them in the Netherlands, and bring them over.
  59. Remko Yeah. But there are plenty of mobile shops from the big providers, so i bet you can get a card there anyway.
  60. Remko Guus: one of the concerns was that you can still get the cards without checks in other countries anyway. Are the netherlands such a country?
  61. Guus Remko: from a quick google: yes.
  62. Seve/SouL Denmark as well
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  66. Remko Guus: with a bit of luck, your data is cheaper with your dutch prepaid card in Belgium than it is with a prepaid one you get here.
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  69. Guus Unsure, I never looked into prepaid cards. https://www.prepaidsimkaart.net/ lists some Dutch prices, but I'm not sure if they're competitive.
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  87. oli in germany you cam buy prepaid sims in every supermarket, but have to show your ID by video chat or go to the next post office (PostIdent)
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