XMPP Summit - 2019-01-21

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  3. pep. "[..] leaving a program called Biboumi as the best option. Except … it wasn’t an option for me, because my cheap-ass servers aren’t compatible." biboumi doesn't require that up-to-date stuff does it
  4. pep. or are they talking about resource consumption :/
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  53. Guus How do I properly translate "hand-rolled couscous" in French?
  54. Guus couscous roulé à la main
  55. Guus ?
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  57. pep. "rolled" for couscous sounds weird. I had no idea that's how it's made
  58. pep. reads wikipedia
  59. pep. "Un autre terme qui dérive de la même racine berbère que seksu est le verbe berkukkes, de kukkes « rouler la semoule » et de ber qui signifie « redoubler le travail dans le but d'agrandir les grains5 »."
  60. pep. Interesting
  61. pep. Guus, so yeah I guess that's a thing
  62. pep. You'd "roll" the "semoule" though, "couscous" is the prepared dish right
  63. Guus pep. All I know is that the Dutch menu included this dish (which I translated): "Sea bass with hand-rolled couscous, zucchini, tomato & ras el hanout"
  64. vanitasvitae Oh I just now realized, that this is the summit discussion muc, while I intended to send the blog post to the newsletter muc :D
  65. Guus Best I could come up with was: "Filet de Bar avec couscous roulé à la main, courgettes, tomates & ras el hanout"
  66. Kev Could just translate it as couscous :)
  67. pep. What's "ras el hanout"
  68. Guus Kev, and mess with the French culinary experience? I think not 🙂
  69. pep. haha
  70. Guus https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ras_el-hanout
  71. pep. I see
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  74. goffi Guus: yes
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  80. Guus goffi: yes?
  81. pep. Yes.
  82. goffi Guus: yes your translation is right.
  83. Guus Tx
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  97. ralphm I am pretty proud of one particular translation I did.
  98. Guus 🙄😏
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  103. MattJ someone needs to translate 'zucchini'
  104. ralphm To which language?
  105. ralphm I thought French, English, and Dutch would be sufficient.
  106. ralphm Or is it that you prefer courgette?
  107. pep. ralphm: you mean French, en-US, Dutch
  108. pep. en-GB uses courgette
  109. ralphm I fixed it for Matt
  110. ralphm English is theori{z,s}ed to be a creole anyway.
  111. pep. I was actually surprised the first time I learned that. Talking to an English colleague: "You know the.. *turns to Link Mauve* comment tu dis courgette ?" "Ah courgette! Yes I know courgette" (that colleague replied)
  112. Link Mauve :D
  113. Link Mauve So many French words you can use as-is in English, as long as you use the right accent. ^^
  114. pep. In doubt, use French
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  117. goffi It's often a French thing to try to pronounce French words using a more or less English accent when they don't know the right one, sometimes it works, sometimes it's just… funny
  118. goffi But more often they use right words with a very french accents (and it's just funny too).
  119. Link Mauve goffi, you can s/they/we/ :p
  120. ralphm My favorite is Cherry.
  121. ralphm MattJ: does the correction I did help?
  122. goffi Link Mauve: and I think I have a specially terrible accent, event for French standards ;)
  123. MattJ ralphm, perfect, thanks
  124. MattJ I only learned what zucchini was a few years ago
  125. ralphm but you knew of courgette before?
  126. MattJ Of course, that's what it's called
  127. goffi In Italian too it's Zucchino
  128. MattJ The thing that is like a cucumber but more disappointing
  129. Seve/SouL Didn't know that... We call it Carbassó, not easy to guess
  130. goffi Seve/SouL: which language?
  131. Seve/SouL Catalan
  132. Seve/SouL Calabacín in Spanish
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  134. Guus (if at some point this discussion evolves beyond 'naming of vegetables', kindly ping me again 😉 )
  135. Syndace Sorry for interrupting your language findings ^^ *Syndace* comes crawling, slightly ashamed: I've planned to apply for XSF membership for a while but I've been quite lazy and haven't done so in the Q4 period of last year. Well now I'm all hyped for the summit and I obiously want to attend the XSF dinner, but because I'm not a member the dinner is 75€, which is.. a lot for me. Can I maybe slip in a last-second XSF membership?
  136. pep. I heard non-members have already been able to attend the dinner and not pay anything(?)
  137. pep. Just say you're poor
  138. Syndace pep.: I mean, I don't want to hardcore beg.
  139. Syndace Saying that I'm poor would be a lie, even though 75€ for one eveninh really is a huge amount for me.
  140. Seve/SouL Well, it is indeed an amount
  141. MattJ Syndace, submit your membership application, submit the dinner form, and I'm sure we can deal with this :)
  142. Guus Syndace - I'll talk this over with the sponsor we have, that's paying for the dinner.
  143. Guus I'm pretty sure we can't sneak in an XSF Membership, but I'll ask about the dinner.
  144. Guus We're already hosting quite a few people - more than last year, judging from the summit attendees.
  145. Syndace Guus: Thank you :) I ageee that it might not be a good idea to try and cheat the application progress.
  146. Guus Syndace could you drop me an email please?
  147. Guus I'm _swamped_ and cannot follow up immediately
  148. Guus an email is a good reminder for me.
  149. Guus Mondays...
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  156. goffi MattJ: the dinner form is available already? On the wiki it doesn't seem so.
  157. MattJ goffi, see the summit list and xsf@
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  159. Guus I'll add it to the wiki
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  161. Alex goffi: yes, working on my choices right now. Google translate and image search helps me a lot ;-)
  162. Guus mumbles something about three bloody translations...
  163. pep. :D
  164. Alex is the second main course lamb?
  165. Guus > Couronne de veau avec stoemp de chou vert - Veal crown with green cabbage stoemp (stew) - Kalfskroon met stoemp van groene kool
  166. Guus that one?
  167. Guus Veal
  168. Guus Kalbfleisch
  169. goffi I'm on the summit list, and see nothing about dinner
  170. Guus that sucks
  171. Guus I've sent an invitation email to both summit@ and members@ lists
  172. Guus tl;dr: fill out https://goo.gl/forms/vMZt0enMfFiAdSYM2
  173. pep. The google form right?
  174. Guus yeah
  175. pep. goffi, https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/summit/2019-January/001917.html
  176. Guus are there other people that didn't receive that mail?
  177. pep. I don't think I'm on the list to begin with.
  178. Guus (We've had blacklisting issues before, although I had hoped they'd be resolved by now)
  179. Guus ... that's a good reason for you to not receive that mail...
  180. pep. But I found the form anyway, all good
  181. goffi Guus: thanks, will fill it later today.
  182. pep. Guus, you don't need "Le" btw, in "Le potage de saison" and "Le Poussin Braisé [..]" :)
  183. pep. Also french only takes capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and proper nouns
  184. pep. Hints for next time :P
  185. Guus refresh, and 'le' is gone
  186. Guus yeah, that's how I got it from the restaurant. I removed most capital letters, but forgot a few
  187. Guus some courses were copied from last year's form too
  188. Guus I suck at copy/pasting 🙂
  189. Guus next year, it'll be in Dutch only 😋 😇
  190. pep. haha
  191. ralphm no, next year pep. will edit it. Right? RIGHT?
  192. pep. Sure I can
  193. Guus pep. if you do, please don't cat-call the dame, as _some people_ in here tend to do...
  194. pep. cat-call?
  195. Guus https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=cat%20call
  196. pep. I see
  197. Guus There's one dame on the menu that gets treated with ... much enthusiasm... by someone here 🙂
  198. pep. ugh recaptcha..
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  202. goffi Guus: FYI I've actually received the dinner email, it ended up in the wrong folder that why I've missed it, probably something wrong in the rule used for sorting.
  203. Guus goffi: k, tx
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  213. Seve/SouL It is great that looks like this Summit + FOSDEM is going to rock, but it sucks for me, damn you guys
  214. mathieui 15:03:58 MattJ> someone needs to translate 'zucchini' → I indeed had to search for this because "there's no way 'courgette' is zucchini"
  215. Guus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zucchini
  216. Guus > The zucchini (/zuːˈkiːni/, American English) or courgette (/kʊərˈʒɛt/, British English) is a summer squash (...)
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