XMPP Summit - 2019-01-23

  1. ralphm

    Please select your menu for the XSF Dinner here: https://goo.gl/forms/hEtClRjLu7QqFkwS2

  2. ralphm

    No selection => no food for you.

  3. Zash


  4. debacle

    Slightly OT: Does somebody have a list of XMPP related talks at FOSDEM? I found: Sunday 09:25 Goffi: XMPP Beyond Instant Messaging

  5. debacle

    Sunday 14:00 JS: Converse Sunday 16:05 pep.: Make XMPP sprint again

  6. debacle

    Sunday 14:00 JC: Converse Sunday 16:05 pep.: Make XMPP sprint again

  7. pep.


  8. Link Mauve

    Another from goffi in the afternoon.

  9. pep.

    There's even a wiki page :)

  10. Seve/SouL


  11. debacle

    too bad, goffis second talk conflicts with pep.s

  12. pep.

    It's fine you don't have to come to mine :-°

  13. Guus


  14. Guus

    To lazy to type on mobile

  15. ralphm

    Very high tech

  16. Guus

    My dad taught me

  17. Guus

    To counter, I'm currently looking like this:

  18. Guus


  19. ralphm


  20. Zash


  21. Zash

    The cyborgs are among us!

  22. debacle

    There is also a talk about OTR4

  23. Link Mauve


  24. goffi

    debacle: yes I know, and first one is really early when everybody will be partying the night before :-/

  25. debacle

    goffi, very good: people will party til 9, then they go to your talk and then they will sleep

  26. debacle

    and dream of SàT

  27. goffi

    ah ah

  28. debacle

    There are also some M.A.T.R.I.X. related talks: Saturday 14:00 Matrix in the French State Saturday 16:15 Displaying other Application data into a Wiki Sunday 10:40 Breaking the 100 bits per second barrier with Matrix

  29. Link Mauve

    100 bits per second? :|

  30. debacle

    Probably some kind of joke.

  31. oli

    100 bits per second, try that with XMPP ...

  32. debacle

    OT, again: Can somebody please make an XMPP enabled version of ConfClerk? It's nice that I mark the talks I like to see, but it would be much nicer, if I could share my selection with my colleagues, so that we can coordinate ourselves.

  33. oli

    debacle‎: not a joke

  34. oli

    "Matrix has always theoretically supported alternative transports, and we finally got an excuse to build one and push it to a ludicrous extreme - to try to operate usably over links as low as 100bps, as high as 4s latency, and up to 40% jitter"

  35. debacle

    oli, with XMPP it's: <bit role="mostsignificantbit">1</bit> etc.

  36. Zash


  37. Link Mauve

    debacle, ITYM https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0239.html

  38. oli

    "Meet COI (Chat over IMAP) - a powerful contender for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other proprietary messengers."

  39. oli

    > “What about XMPP and Matrix.org?” – glad you asked! We love XMPP and Matrix.org because they provide a great solution – this only solves the problem in theory though. With XMPP and Matrix.org-based services you would still need to convince everyone to join your new network. Easy in theory, very complex in practice!

  40. Zash

    Chat over email also sounds nice in theory. But in practice... good luck.

  41. Link Mauve

    There was already DeltaChat which attempted something similar.

  42. Link Mauve

    A comrade of mine is a proponent of it, but I haven’t heard any sound argument so far.

  43. oli

    Zash: it's chat over imap, might be without the smtp stuff

  44. oli

    i don't know

  45. oli

    if this involves full blown email shit, good look in convincing people to install their own servers.

  46. Zash

    oli: then you're in extension hell. enjoy.

  47. oli

    email is hell

  48. Zash

    can you submit email over imap yet?

  49. oli

    Zash: yes and no, no standard for this

  50. oli

    but workarounds that work

  51. Zash

    Wasn't there an extension?

  52. oli


  53. Zash

    And then there's the crowd trying to kill IMAP and replace it with JSON and HTTP

  54. oli


  55. Zash


  56. oli

    it's quite cool

  57. Zash


  58. oli

    anyway, the speaker's company is developing the dovecot imap server.

  59. oli

    Zash: JMAP has a better design than IMAP in my oppinion

  60. oli

    We should ask the fastmail guys how to do chat over it 😂

  61. pep.

    "debacle> There is also a talk about OTR4", probably similar to the one at CCC?

  62. debacle

    pep. Maybe - I wasn't there

  63. Zash

    debacle: https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3-9596-no_evidence_of_communication_and_morality_in_protocols_off-the-record_protocol_version_4

  64. pep.

    Basically they are now using the double ratchet thing, doing PFS (now?), but still only 1:1 (resource to resource)