XMPP Summit - 2019-01-28

  1. Guus

    I've closed the dinner form, but included everyone that sneaked in after the deadline.

  2. Guus

    we'll be a party of 21!

  3. goffi


  4. Guus

    The list of attendees has been provided to the venue. If you're interested in joining us, you're more than welcome, but talk to me directly/first, instead of only adding your name to the wiki.

  5. Guus

    By my count, weĺl have 31 attendees!

  6. Seve/SouL


  7. goffi

    Hey, is there any phone number or meeting point/time to join early birds on Wednesday for breakfast? I can also ping this room of course. Also do we have an estimated end time of the sprint? Just to arrange the checking time. Who is organising the sprint?

  8. Guus

    The spring is organized in xmpp:xmpp-sprint@chat.cluxia.eu?join - not in this MUC. Although I'm sure that there will be overlap, it might be best to keep the Sprint stuff there (where other sprinters will expect it)

  9. goffi

    Guus: right, I forgot it was on an other muc, thanks

  10. Guus

    no worries