XMPP Summit - 2019-01-30

  1. ralphm


  2. ralphm

    Bar @ Thon EU

  3. Intosi


  4. Intosi


  5. Zash

    In Brussels now

  6. Intosi


  7. Tobias

    Zash, I'd call that progress

  8. Alex

    Frankfurt airport right now. Will be there late in the the evening. let me know when you are still around somewhere for a beer.

  9. Alex

    For the guys which are at the Thon hotel, when do we meet in the morning to leave to the summit?

  10. oli

    What kind of user interface is that?

  11. oli

    Looks a little like microsoft bob

  12. oli

    Or apple skeuomorphism

  13. Alex

    Intosi: I am jealous, still boarding

  14. Holger

    > I am jealous Same here, alarm clock is going to ring at 4 a.m.

  15. Holger should've just travelled a day earlier like everyone else.

  16. Intosi

    Gnauck: delays because of snow?

  17. Alex


  18. Guus

    Ugh! 5:45 was early enough for me!

  19. Guus

    So, what will be faster? Get off the train at the airport, and suffer the security check, or at Brussels North, which is further away?

  20. debacle

    I travelled today by train and so I'm already in my hotel. However, I miss the good, old night train Berlin-Bruxelles. Departure used to be around 20:00 IIRC and in the morning arrived in Bruxelles. No super-early flight, no train/bus all day long and extra night in hotel - it was just perfect.

  21. Zash

    debacle: Sounds nice

  22. debacle

    It was nice, but many train companies reduced their night train services, Germans DB reduced it by 100 %. Only parts of the services were taken by Austrian ÖBB, but Berlin-Bruxelles is not in their focus, is seems.

  23. Alex

    finally at Thon

  24. Alex

    still at the bar?

  25. winfried

    In my room...

  26. winfried

    for everybody at the Thon:

  27. winfried

    some of us will have breakfast at 8:00

  28. vanitasvitae

    > Same here, alarm clock is going to ring at 4 a.m. Same here :D

  29. winfried

    there is an hourly direct train from Schuman station to Diegem, by far the fastest connection. If we leave at the reception at 9:15, then we can take the train of 9:31.

  30. Alex


  31. Alex

    winfried: will join you