XMPP Summit - 2019-02-04

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  23. goffi hey I just returned. Thanks a lot for the organisation, the dinner/lunchs, and the discussions. I'm happy to have met in real life some people I was chatting with for a while, and to have retrieved the ones I already knew. It was worth it to come.
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  56. Guus FOSDEM already put up video recordings from the RTC devroom! You can find them by clicking on the page of the talk at https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/track/real_time_communications_rtc/
  57. Guus JC's is missing, but pep's, goffi's and dele's are available (didn't check the others)
  58. goffi actually we had a link to review them, and as soon as it's validated, they encode and publish a little moment after
  59. goffi it's really well done their system.
  60. goffi my talk in Python dev room is also available BTW.
  61. Guus Yeah, it's impressively fast to publish them that way.
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  63. MattJ Did anyone have a serious discussion with the open source design folk at FOSDEM?
  64. MattJ Doing research into people who could assist us with UX was one of my action items from the sprint iirc, but don't want to duplicate efforts if anyone else is already pursuing that
  65. goffi MattJ: I went to see them, but there was only one guy at the time, really interesting
  66. goffi MattJ: he's on mastodon if you are there
  67. MattJ Sure
  68. goffi https://mastodon.cloud/@elioqoshi
  69. Guus MattJ, Dave and me talked to them for a bit, but didn't discuss anything
  70. Daniel oh him
  71. Guus I took their card, was planning to look into it and maybe post to our member list
  72. Guus https://opensourcedesign.net/
  73. MattJ Yeah, I went to their talk as well
  74. goffi they had a whole devroom I think
  75. MattJ Yes
  76. MattJ I just don't want to spam them from 10 different angles :)
  77. goffi it's a good thing, something missing in FOSS
  78. Guus feel free to do it, instead of me. One less thing I can use to avoid doing my taxes πŸ™‚
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  88. Guus Who paid for a taxi to/from dinner, and has not supplied the tickets with me?
  89. Guus I'm missing two.
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  94. Guus I'm missing one.
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  100. Guus I have now finished processing / reimbursement all costs related to the summit and fosdem. If I didn't reach out to you, but you're still owed money, please make yourself known!
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  103. mathieui Guus: thanks for all the work!
  104. Kev Thanks to everyone who put time into making the Summit happen. I think it was a particularly good one.
  105. Zash Thanks all. I'm almost home. Sweden apparently had a bit of snow while I was gone and was hit completely by surprise
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  107. Guus Snow in Sweden is a surprise?
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  111. Zash Something something southerners! /Grumpy northerner
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  114. jjrh As someone attending for the first time, it was very good and I wanted to thank everyone for making me feel welcome!
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  152. Alex thanks to everyone for making this summit a great success. can't wait for the next one πŸ‘
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