XMPP Summit - 2020-01-14

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  37. Guus I've not had to many people request the hotel reservation link from me. Note that the link is only valid for a few more days!
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  40. Kev Guus: I'm intending being remote this year, I'm not convinced UK<>RoEU travel is sensible over the end of the month.
  41. Guus Ah, pity, but understandable.
  42. winfried Kev: I expect the biggest problems at the end of this year, not the end of this month... Eurostar for example aims at no changes in procedures after the 31st. But, of course, it has to be your own risk assessment.
  43. Guus Eurostar, of course, is not in charge of border protection. Those that are might have their own thoughts...
  44. Kev If it wasn't that I'd be travelling on the very first day, I'd be more blasé about it, but yeah. I think 1st Feb is the wrong day to be travelling EU->UK.
  45. Guus I can only offer a very comfortable couch as a backup strategy 🙂
  46. Kev Heh, thanks. But I have to be back home Saturday night.
  47. Guus MattJ, dibs?
  48. MattJ I'm travelling back on the 3rd
  49. MattJ I can't see any plausible reason for not being able to travel back to the UK
  50. Kev I wouldn't expect not to be able to travel back. I could see it being delayed to the point of not making my Saturday commitments.
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  52. pep. What's the address for the cisco offices again?
  53. pep. Diegem
  54. winfried Cisco Systems Belgium Pegasus Park De Kleetlaan, 6A 1831 Diegem Belgium
  55. pep. Thanks :)
  56. pep. Also what's up with the sponsoring btw. I only came once to summit, but it was quite awkward. Why is the XSF not paying for food itself? Why do we have to corner participants like that?
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  59. MattJ It's generally vastly simpler if the person sponsoring pays directly, rather than someone having to pay personally and then get reimbursed from the XSF while the XSF then claims money from the sponsor
  60. MattJ I don't know that involves cornering participants, did that happen?
  61. pep. Iirc we've been asked twice in the room if anybody wanted to sponsor.
  62. pep. We already have sponsors paying the XSF, I'm sure we can manage something beforehand
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  67. Guus This might be more of a SCAM topic than for this MUC - but I agree with the awkwardness of asking during the summit, and that it'd be good to find sponsors beforehand. Please feel free to make that happen. Note that for the dinner, a sponsor has stepped up - so that's covered.
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