XMPP Summit - 2020-01-29

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  78. Kev

    Thanks for pre-sorting the wifi accounts Guus.

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  80. Link Mauve


  81. vanitasvitae

    Yay! Internez!

  82. Guus

    Don't thank me until we find that these accounts actually work 🙂

  83. Guus

    To the best of my knowledge, I have now sent everyone that's attending a wifi account - either via email, or via XMPP if you happened to be online in my roster just now.

  84. Guus

    If you didn't get one, please let me know!

  85. Kev

    I'll pick mine up from the wifi once we get there 😂

  86. Guus

    just copied your credentials in an XMPP message too, Kev.

  87. Guus

    You're the only one I did that for.

  88. Kev

    Oh, sorry, I was joking - I already had the email. But thank you.

  89. Guus

    Does that properly reflect the special place in my heart I keep reserved for you? 🙂

  90. Kev

    I feel truly special.

  91. Guus

    you should 🙂

  92. Guus

    already travelling?

  93. Kev

    Yep, on a train to London at the moment.

  94. Guus

    I still need to pack :S

  95. Guus

    my train leaves at 14:50 though.

  96. Guus

    For those interested in joining remote: I just updated the wiki page with a web conference link.

  97. Kev

    I left the house at 9:15. But I'm allowing lots of time for my London connection to grab some lunch. Maybe have a play of the piano at the station if no-one else is on it :D

  98. zash

    I wonder if the promised "high speed overnight train all the way" will be a thing in time for next FOSDEM

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  100. Kev

    Not for me, at least, I suspect :)

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  110. Holger

    Anyone besides me arriving at Brussels Airport _tomorrow_ morning?

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  139. Kev

    Hello, St. Pancras departures.

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  142. Kev

    Also, hello dreadful wifi, it seems.

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  144. Guus

    Hello, 's-Hertogenbosch departures. Slightly less crowded.

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  147. Guus

    Holger: I fear you're on your own

  148. Holger


  149. Holger

    I guess I'll try out the bus to get to Cisco this time, then. New means of transport every year.

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  164. Daniel

    E scooter?

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  168. Zash notes the *huge* road between the airport and cisco

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  171. MattJ

    Just passed Dave in the security line explaining his bunch of scary wires in his bag

  172. Kev

    Because Dave. Also, I see you.

  173. Zash

    geo:50.8925,4.4625 maybe

  174. Kev

    Or the back of your head, at least :)

  175. Zash


  176. MattJ

    Not creepy

  177. Zash


  178. Zash


  179. Kev

    No, never creepy.

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  181. Zash


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  184. moparisthebest

    XEP-0430: Stalking over XMPP

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  186. moparisthebest


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  189. vanitasvitae

    <breathing> <location loc='Neck'/> </breathing>

  190. moparisthebest

    <message><body>{"location":"in your house"}</body></message> -- what REALLY terrifies XMPP developers

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  192. Guus


  193. Holger

    Zash: I did that walk two years ago!

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  196. Holger


  197. Holger


  198. Holger

    Quite a nice walk!

  199. Zash


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  202. Guus

    Took you an hour though, iirc.

  203. Guus

    I'm trying to remember if the train between Diegem and Schuman is covered by those tickets that are valid for the entire day.

  204. Guus

    Wasn't that a 'no'?

  205. Holger

    They're not covered by those normal local transport day tickets.

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  207. Kev

    They're not covered by the Brussels things.

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  209. Guus

    Right, so separate tickets for those.

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  219. Guus

    I think this year marks the first time I've traveled to Brussels without any delay.

  220. Guus

    Jinxing it, but as I've already passed Mechelen...

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  227. Kev

    Why would you say something like that? :p

  228. Guus

    Living on the edge!

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  239. Daniel

    If I'm going to Schuman do I want to go to North or Central

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  242. ralphm

    Edwin and I just checked in at Thon EU.

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  246. Intosi

    Hello Brussels

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  251. Guus

    I just checked in too, and I met Alex in the lobby

  252. Guus

    Daniel: central

  253. Guus

    Then take a metro

  254. Guus

    Daniel: Maybe you can get there from North too, but the Central / Metro combination definitely works.

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  257. ralphm

    We are in the bar.

  258. ralphm


  259. Intosi

    Our future holds a delicious beverage

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  262. Guus


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  265. Guus

    I'll be there in a minute.

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  270. Alex

    join you in the bar in some minutes if you stay there unil we leave for dinner

  271. Alex

    Did not had a Leffe in a while ;-)

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  307. Syndace

    People departing from Schuman tomorrow: do you have coordinated a time for meeting up at the station/buying tickets and stuff?

  308. vanitasvitae

    Syndace, are you also departing from Schuman?

  309. vanitasvitae

    (I'm not, but I'll try to catch the same train)

  310. Syndace


  311. vanitasvitae

    (I think 9:25 is the general Schuman time, but I may be wrong (beer))

  312. Syndace

    hmm that sounds too late for arriving at 10

  313. Syndace

    Okay the 9:27 train arrives at 9:58

  314. Syndace

    Okay the 9:27 train arrives at 9:46 and google says you'll arrive at cisco around 9:58

  315. Syndace

    Sound alright, thanks

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  319. pep.

    Any of last year's gsoc students coming btw? ooi

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  325. Guus

    pep.: I don't think so

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  327. kingu

    Can I have an account? Thinking about coming to the conf

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  329. pep.

    kingu, on the wiki?

  330. pep.

    kingu, you're of course welcome to come but it's not exactly a "conference" :)

  331. pep.

    (dunno if you know the drill)

  332. pep.

    it's protocol discussions! Plenty of fun! :)

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