XMPP Summit - 2020-02-03

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  57. MattJ Ah yes, thanks pep. for all your effort on the minutes :)
  58. MattJ And vanitasvitae for being our fediverse presence - it really helps
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  74. Steven Roose > And vanitasvitae for being our fediverse presence - it really helps 🙏
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  78. Alex Was a great and very productive summit. Also very good conversations and feedback at FOSDEM. Thanks to everyone attending and helping at FOSDEM 👍
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  88. ralphm What Alex said!
  89. jonas’ +1
  90. jonas’ also, I’m now garbage collecting this room to reclaim some space in my tab list
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  93. ralphm waves
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  109. ivucica > <MattJ> Can't tell if joking Very much joking, don't worry. The XEP itself is joking, and so am I
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  112. pep. I'm missing pictures of the lightening talks board at summit, anybody got that?
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  121. Guus Good to hear that lots of people had fun and a productive time in Brussels. My time also had a silver lining: I lost 3kg and am back on track for my diet! 😉
  122. Guus I'd love for someone(s) to generate content from all of this: obviously (proto)XEPs, as discussed in the summit, but maybe also blogposts and the like, and making the various collab notes more permanent (in the wiki?). Are such efforts already under way?
  123. dwd@dave.cridland.net I've a PR open now for Inbox (though I think some of the stuff about clients managing unread wasn't captured and I'm not clear what was decided if anything).
  124. pep. I'm compiling the minutes today
  125. dwd@dave.cridland.net I've also written up my discussions with Matthew@Matrix.
  126. pep. and I'll reach out to people because there are missing pieces
  127. pep. it won't be out today
  128. Guus Thanks guys, that's awesome!
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  140. vanitasvitae BTW I talked to some matrix guys how they do stickers. Basically a sticker set is another room where the user posts stickers to. By sharing the room, a user can share sets around and users that want to fetch stickers join the room and download the stickers which are simple events.
  141. MattJ room == pubsub/PEP!
  142. vanitasvitae More or less yeah
  143. ralphm Given what I saw at their FOSDEM booth, I wouldn't trust Matrix on their skills with stickers.
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  145. vanitasvitae What I find curious is that they use this "block chain" (I don't want to use the term actually) for messages. Like every message is signed and references to its predecessor. However when messages are deleted, they are replaced with a new message. That however breaks the signature chain, so I don't get why they do it in the first place :D
  146. ralphm I.e. they had sticker sets with (confusingly) all identical stickers.
  147. ralphm And then had to use a cutting machine to get individual dies to hand out.
  148. vanitasvitae Badum tzzz
  149. ralphm vanitasvitae, you're welcome. For real though, why didn't they just order die cut stickers like everyone else?
  150. vanitasvitae Who knows :D
  151. pep. Cheaper
  152. pep. And if they have the machine, it's not like it takes a lot of time to do in a context like fosdem
  153. pep. Judging by the number of people they had at the booth
  154. ralphm I don't know, if the whole idea behind octagon-shaped stickers is that they all neatly align into a mosaic, then hand-cutting them seems counter-productive.
  155. ralphm And looks silly.
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  160. pep. I'm listing summit participant in the minutes. Who wants to appear as fullname, who as nickname? :x
  161. pep. I count 18(?) over the two days
  162. pep. Anybody wants to appear a remote participant in the minutes?
  163. pep. Zash, goffi? I'll poke jonas
  164. Guus I suggest that you go with full name, unless explicitly asked to do differently. Maybe look at the wiki page to get an idea who prefers what.
  165. pep. Yeah I was looking
  166. Zash pep.: full name is fine
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  168. Holger Same here.
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  188. goffi pep.: yes you can add me as remote participant, even if I was not there 100% of the time.
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  199. Link Mauve pep., either is fine for me.
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