XMPP Summit - 2020-02-04

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  80. jabberjocke You can add me Joachim lindborg as remote as well
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  163. dwd Hey all. I've come down with a bit of a serious illness, and now the Doctor is talking to public health Wales to see if I need isolating. Is anyone else ill after the conference?
  164. MattJ I'm fine
  165. Intosi I'm a bit under the weather, but it feels like nothing more than a cold.
  166. Guus dwd: sorry to hear that. Scary. I'm recovering.
  167. dwd Right. I suspect it's a corona virus, but not the corona virus, add it happens to have hit me hard.
  168. Guus Maybe reach out to FOSDEM too?
  169. Guus dwd: are you being tested for "the" corona?
  170. dwd I don't know yet. Doctor's calling back after she's contacted the authorities.
  171. Guus My symptoms were definitely not respiratory related
  172. winfried The first thing my doctor did, was putting me on antibiotics for my ear... still not there though. guess that isn't corona either...
  173. dwd Mine are a good match, of course. Which scares my wife more than me.
  174. Guus I can imagine.
  175. Guus Maybe a test would be good to rule things out, put minds at ease.
  176. MattJ Thanks for letting us know though, obviously - and hope you feel better soon
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  178. winfried dwd: incubation time of corona is two weeks, if it is related to the summit / fosdem then it isn't corona..
  179. MattJ I'm sure it's in the back of most of our minds the past week or so, but I personally weighed the risk to be pretty small
  180. dwd Up to two weeks. My understanding was it could be three days.
  181. Intosi That was my assessment as well. My symptoms fit with the usual rhinovkrls
  182. Intosi That was my assessment as well. My symptoms fit with the usual rhinovirus.
  183. Guus winfried: not true. Can be anywhere from 1 to 14 days
  184. Guus Commonly 5 to 10, iirc
  185. Guus The put returnees in isolation for 14 days. That's a good indication that the incubation time is not expected to be any longer.
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  187. MattJ Hmm, BBC article from an hour ago lists one reported case in Brussels
  188. MattJ 60sec of web search leads to:
  189. MattJ > Belgian media reported over the weekend that a patient was admitted to Saint-Pierre hospital in central Brussels, showing symptoms of the Coronavirus. However, the health ministry confirmed the man does not have the virus.
  190. MattJ But yeah, it would be a bit soon I think
  191. Guus I think so too. Let's wait for the experts to have made a diagnosis.
  192. Guus In any case, all the best to you and your family, Dave. This must be an unsettling experience.
  193. dwd Probably nothing. But my wife is a little worried.
  194. kingu dwd: Shake a leg!
  195. Guus dwd: when do you expect an update from the authorities?
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  197. MattJ I'd be surprised if the answer was anything other than "soon"
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  200. dwd Amazingly not. Seems that public health Wales are slow.
  201. Daniel I have a very slight cold. Probably unrelated. But I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks for letting us know.
  202. kingu Daniel: You will be the last to go, don't worry.
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  204. dwd Heard back. Seems I'm most likely safe, but the Doctor will come and see me tomorrow to make sure.
  205. Guus Good
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  211. winfried dwd: good to hear, but still get better soon!
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