XMPP Summit - 2023-01-16

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  36. goffi

    Hi. I'm considering coming to summit/FOSDEM (not sure yet), in which hostel is the XSF is arranging a group reservation, and how much does a room cost?

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  40. larma

    goffi, I don't think there's going to be a group reservation this year with most people already having booked independently.

  41. goffi

    alright, thanks larma. I'll probably attend remotely at the end.

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  80. videsnelson

    Oh, I joined just to ask a bunch of questions, among them about the reservation, cool to see already an answer :)

  81. videsnelson

    Also joined the mailing list but that isn’t working yet btw

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  84. videsnelson

    I got a look at the website, https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Conferences/Summit_25, there’s lots of todos I’m afraid. Any news on a more detailed scheduled? I’m attending FOSDEM in person, I’ve decided to attend the XMPP summit in person as well, asking for a friend on where to get started :)

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