XMPP Summit - 2023-01-18

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  60. goffi

    Hi, it seems that I'll attend summit and FOSDEM at the end.

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  62. goffi

    What is the Belgium and summit policy regarding the pandemic? How is the situation in Belgium? Should we wear masks during the whole summit? Should we do test before?

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  67. Link Mauve

    That’s what I’ll do at least, no idea if it is mandatory or not.

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  76. larma

    No legal requirements to wear a mask in Belgium except for hospitals and other health-related institutions.

  77. larma

    I suggest everyone does a test before going to Brussels. If you don't and you're getting sick within the first 48 hours after arriving in Belgium, you'll have to do an official test and quarantine until the test result is available. If the test is positive you'll have to isolate for 7 days.

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  88. goffi

    this website has a bunch of informations, including current situation statistics: https://www.info-coronavirus.be . Mask is mandatory in pharmacies too, and highly recommended in crowded area (like FOSDEM). This site is also interesting to plan a EU trip: https://reopen.europa.eu .

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