XMPP Summit - 2023-01-23

  1. egnun

    How about we consider the fact, that the pandemic is over in most countries. So if you want to wear a mask, get tested and whatnot, you can do so. But don't make those general rules for everybody.

  2. goffi

    The pandemic is definetely not over, there are still people dying, but this is not the place to debate about that. I was just asking if there are specific rules at the summit, which seems legitimate as there will be many people in a closed area, also where to find data bout it for Brussels, and I've shared links as I thought that it could be of interest to many. I'm not making rules for anybody, everybody there will be old enough to judge what to do, and the rules above are Belgium law currently applying which are IMHO good to know.

  3. goffi

    I'm not even sure if I'll wear the mask during the whole summit or not, I'll see how it is going, but even if the situation seems not too bad in Belgium at the moment, and if I'm not myself in risk, there may also be person attending the summit which may be more fragile, in which case it would be good to know what to do to avoid any useless risk.

  4. larma

    egnun, I was merely giving a suggestion and citing the current rules in Belgium. Neither me nor anyone else is going to verify if you actually did a test before going to Brussels. Neither me nor anyone else is going to complain if you decide to not wear a mask at Summit.

  5. larma

    Beside that, the cost and effort to do a self-test in comparison to cost and effort to go to Summit is negligable and while there are good reasons to do a self-test for yourself (so you're assured you won't need to quarantine while in Belgium) you should be mostly thinking of it being something you do for others. And as with all things you do for others, the question if you think it's needed barely matters, but what matters is if it will make others happy and if you want to make others happy.

  6. egnun

    Don't you think, that if someone is so ill, that there would be an actual danger for that person to be at a conference, that the person should rather stay home?

  7. egnun

    Again, if you want to get tested etc. do so. But don't expect others to do the same.

  8. goffi

    I don't really like the idea of forcing people who are not in perfect health to stay home just because other don't care about them. Also it's not only about direct participants, it's also about people in contact with them.

  9. goffi

    But again, nobody is forcing, the initial question was just about the policy, and this has been answered already.

  10. Link Mauve

    My dad happens to be immunocompromised atm, for instance.

  11. Link Mauve

    It’s not just covid, anything I would catch and bring home could have disastrous effects on him.

  12. emus

    If anyone cannot participate but wants to place flyer, please reach out to MattJ