XMPP Summit - 2023-02-01

  1. Intosi must not forget packing the XMPP bean bag.

  2. emus

    Choo Choo to Brussels 🚄🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃

  3. goffi

    At what time does the summit start tomorrow ?

  4. Daniel

    It starts at 10

  5. Daniel

    Emphasis on the start. Doors open at 9ish

  6. goffi

    Ok thanks

  7. Zash

    How long might it take to navigate out of the ~labyrinth~ airport and to the place?

  8. Intosi

    What are people's plans tonight?

  9. goffi

    Intosi: I'll stay at my room tonight, I have some work to do and I need to rest.

  10. vanitasvitae

    Until what time (roughly) will the summit go tomorrow?

  11. vanitasvitae

    I'll arrive in Midi at 13:35 if all goes to plan. I'll assume its not too late to join then?

  12. Zash

    I would imagine sometime towards 17 or 18, when it's time to leave for Dinner

  13. MattJ

    17:00 local time

  14. pep.

    (Local time of the chatroom!)

  15. vanitasvitae

    Thanks, looks manageable then :)

  16. Intosi

    Oh traffic in the centre of Brussels, how I've not missed you.

  17. emus


  18. emus

    finally I got my belgium tag in Streetcomplete :-)

    🤗️ 1
  19. Alex

    Just made it to the Ibis. Let me know when someone is up for beer and dinner later

  20. emus

    Definitively in for a beer later (but rather after 9)

  21. Alex

    > Oh traffic in the centre of Brussels, how I've not missed you. Same here, took me forever to get a garage

  22. Zash

    Relevant? https://fosstodon.org/@fosdem/109789913254229317

  23. Syndace

    yes, beer :)

  24. Syndace

    we have to make good use of the fact that our travel to summit is "going downstairs"

  25. MattJ

    Just arrived too

  26. Andrzej

    When I got to the Brussels traffic was rather light but it was before 16:00

  27. Andrzej

    But I do recall a few years back when I made a mistake and got to the hotel around 19:00…

  28. Intosi

    Definitely up for a beer tonight. Just finished my dinner, I'm afraid.

  29. Intosi

    I'm heading downstairs to the what they call bar. Anyone else joining me?

  30. Alex

    On my way downstairs

  31. Zash

    On the train! See y'all tomorrow

  32. singpolyma

    > It starts at 10 You are UTC+1 there yes?

  33. Link Mauve

    I might be about two hours late tomorrow, sorry about that.

  34. emus

    others come later too