XMPP Summit - 2024-01-11

  1. goffi

    Would anybody be interested in a short demo of the CLI frontend of Libervia during the show & tell session?

  2. MattJ


  3. goffi

    Alright, I add it to the wiki then.

  4. emus

    goffi: thanks

  5. emus

    there are two summit & conference rooms. should be remove one?

  6. MattJ


  7. emus

    xmpp:scam@muc.xmpp.org?join yeah its scam

  8. MattJ

    scam@ is for the team that manages events to collaborate on organization stuff, summit@ is for summit participants

  9. emus

    But should we just join it all together?

  10. emus

    both are public anyway?

  11. MattJ

    They are for different purposes, I don't think we need to join them together

  12. Kev


  13. ralphm

    Also, SCAM is more than just the summit.

  14. emus

    Yes, still, why it should be joined together?

  15. ralphm

    They shouldn't.

  16. emus

    Good argument 😉

  17. ralphm

    The arguments were stated above 😉

  18. MattJ

    We should just have one big channel for everything? :)

  19. emus

    My point is to have less rooms around with all this. I'd rather have one XMPP events chat

  20. emus

    well, not yet soo much big going on every month

  21. ralphm

    I'd like to keep things separate, though. People interested in the Summit can hang here (for years). They'll get the updates before and during the event. I wouldn't necessarily be interested in an event in South-Africa in the same way.

  22. ralphm

    And stuff about *organization* should probably not be here.

  23. emus

    I think we may rather need reorganisation on general than on the mucs

  24. mathieui

    (if anyone still needs an hotel, I have a 300€ reservation for 31/01 to 04/02 that I am about to cancel because I can probably stay elsewhere)