XMPP Summit - 2024-01-21

  1. pep.

    Is it possible to send stuff to someone / somewhere in Brussels? Flyers/stickers. I just realized my primary punk post option is gone, and I missed a window for the second..

  2. MattJ

    I think a few people wrote on the wiki that they are staying with friends/etc., maybe one of them would be willing to receive stuff ahead of the event

  3. pep.

    It's not possible to send to the hotel ?

  4. emus

    you should be able to sent it to my hotel. I will arrange. is it other than normal xmpp stickers?

  5. pep.

    JJ (french) flyers / stickers, Snikket (french) flyers. I also have A3 posters but I'll see how much it costs first I guess

  6. emus


  7. pep.

    Thanks :)

  8. pep.

    What's the address?

  9. emus

    lets wait they confirm its okay to receive

  10. ralphm

    I've had stickers and other merch sent to Thon before, that's fine.

  11. ralphm

    If you want, use my name, I'll be there from Wednesday.