XMPP Summit - 2024-01-28

  1. emus

    I think this should be topic at the summit: https://media.ccc.de/v/37c3-12064-rfc_9420_or_how_to_scale_end-to-end_encryption_with_messaging_layer_security#t=0

  2. Daniel

    I think it was last year

  3. Daniel


  4. emus

    Well, I think we should review the situation and how we engage?

  5. Daniel

    People are already working on implementions (and a xep)

  6. emus

    Okay, but I think there were also discussion around xmpp being part of the general solution?

  7. Daniel

    Are you confusing this with MIMI?

  8. emus

    yes, I think so 😀

  9. goffi

    ralphm was at the meeting on this topic last year, I have oh it has evolved then, and indeed it would be nice to have a review and status on the current situation (and also for MLS).

  10. emus