XMPP Summit - 2024-02-04

  1. emus

    Sorry, I messed with my alarm, but I can make it by 9 I think

  2. MattJ

    emus: no worries, Andrzej and I are en route

  3. MattJ

    So no rush

  4. emus


  5. Arne

    I need to leave back to Germany today. Anyone likes to join for a lunch in some minutes?

  6. emus

    I can

  7. emus

    sone minutes?

  8. emus

    some minutes?

  9. Arne

    Yes, I'm at the nlnet stand now

  10. Arne


  11. emus

    Can you pick me up?

  12. Arne


  13. mathieui

    About feedback on the summit, should we do that in the pad or on-list?

  14. emus

    mathieui: I'd say yes

  15. emus

    Guus: your stickers are gone, right?

  16. Guus

    emus: I arrived home yesterday. I left all my stickers at the stand.

  17. emus

    Okay, then they are pretty gone I think

  18. Guus

    Good 😊

  19. emus

    I will arrange new prints

  20. goffi

    I'm back to my hotel. This was a nice one. Thanks to everybody for this week. It was nice to see many people from the community.

  21. Arne

    👍 Thanks to everyone too. Indeed it was a nice time in Brussel!

  22. emus

    Im also almost home. Many thanks to all participants and supporters for the Summit and Fosdem 👍 Have a great start into the week

    ♥ 1