XSF Discussion - 2010-03-10

  1. Nÿco


  2. stpeter

    hey :)

  3. stpeter

    I'm in the wrong room, I see :)

  4. Nÿco


  5. Nÿco

    board or here?

  6. stpeter

    here is fine with me, unless those Board people think they are too special :)

  7. Nÿco

    we are! ;-)

  8. bear

    is this the meeting room?

  9. stpeter

    Nÿco: :)

  10. Nÿco


  11. stpeter

    Nÿco: great, I love etherpad!

  12. Nÿco

    Calling out loud Jask anf Florian!

  13. Nÿco

    oh some blue edits ;-)

  14. jack

    teach me to get lost in a blog post :)

  15. stpeter

    jack: :)

  16. stpeter

    BTW we have logging now

  17. Nÿco


  18. stpeter


  19. Nÿco set the topic to

    XSF discussion room | Check http://xmpp.org/calendar/ for the next scheduled meeting | logs here:

  20. Nÿco set the topic to

    XSF discussion room | Check http://xmpp.org/calendar/ for the next scheduled meeting | logs here: http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/100310/

  21. Nÿco

    sorry ;-)

  22. stpeter

    we have a Y21xx problem there :)

  23. stpeter set the topic to

    XSF discussion room | Check http://xmpp.org/calendar/ for the next scheduled meeting | logs here: http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/

  24. Florian

    are we meeting here?

  25. Nÿco

    everybody here

  26. stpeter

    Florian: seems so :)

  27. Florian

    I thought it was board@

  28. Nÿco

    1/ XEP-00000001

  29. stpeter

    taking minutes at http://etherpad.com/2010-03-10-XSF-Board

  30. Nÿco


  31. Nÿco

    to stpeter, wer'e not so 'special' enough... ;-)

  32. Nÿco

    let's talk about the mother of all XEPs

  33. jack


  34. stpeter


  35. jack bangs the gavel

  36. stpeter

    so Dave Cridland raised some questions about XEP-0001 and it was a bit out of date

  37. stpeter

    it said we did things one way but in fact we did them another way

  38. stpeter

    small stuff

  39. jack

    +1 on all those changes

  40. Florian


  41. stpeter

    http://xmpp.org/extensions/tmp/xep-0001-1.20.html#appendix-revs has the revision history

  42. Nÿco

    still reading...

  43. stpeter

    no hurry

  44. stpeter

    you can post to the list about it

  45. stpeter

    jack posted the diff, too

  46. Nÿco

    you don't like "Jabber" anymore... :'(

  47. stpeter

    I love Jabber, but others don't :P

  48. stpeter

    however the problem is mostly going away now

  49. Nÿco

    the most important changes are about time periodss

  50. stpeter

    which makes me happy :)

  51. stpeter


  52. stpeter

    some of the time periods were just wrong

  53. stpeter

    e.g., we decided to defer XEPs after 12 months

  54. stpeter

    but we never updated XEP-0001 about that

  55. stpeter

    the most significant one is "Changed the holding period for advancement from Draft to Final from 60 days to 6 months."

  56. stpeter

    but we've never taken less than a few years to push something from Draft to Final :)

  57. Nÿco

    ok, no objection for me, that's a +1

  58. stpeter

    and 60 days really is too short!

  59. stpeter


  60. Nÿco

    except "Attention"?

  61. Nÿco

    Will, do you vote?

  62. stpeter

    http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0224.html ? that is Draft

  63. Will Sheward

    +1 on everything ;)

  64. Will Sheward

    Before conection goes

  65. Nÿco


  66. jack

    Next item, should WIll send us all $1000 each.

  67. bear chuckles

  68. Will Sheward


  69. jack

    ok, patent/copyright policy

  70. Nÿco

    it's in the meeting notes ;-)

  71. jack

    i think the document is fine

  72. jack

    ido think we will need to put NOTE WELL stuff in the official chat rooms and mailing lists e-mails

  73. Will Sheward

    I've read, no objections here

  74. jack

    (ie, when you join list/room or when you get a reminder)

  75. stpeter

    jack: that is the main driver

  76. stpeter

    this issue was raised by Nokia

  77. stpeter

    because the IETF has a similar policy

  78. jack

    and we should have a compulsory slide at hte summits like at IETF meetings

  79. stpeter

    but you could argue that things were ambigous in the XSF

  80. stpeter

    jack: yes

  81. Nÿco

    good ideads

  82. Nÿco

    in ML welcome messages also?

  83. stpeter

    as a next step, I would like to put this document in the "inbox" and have some wider discussion

  84. stpeter

    Nÿco: yes!

  85. Will Sheward


  86. jack

    yeah, +1 on wider discussion

  87. Nÿco


  88. Florian

    +1 for discussion

  89. stpeter

    ok I'll send out a message about this on the standards@ list

  90. stpeter

    BTW this policy would not apply to non-XSF venues

  91. Will Sheward

    +1 if it does cost me $1000

  92. Will Sheward

    not cost

  93. stpeter

    e.g., jdev@jabber.org is not an XSF venue because it's hosted at jabber.org, I suppose

  94. Florian


  95. stpeter

    so we'll need to make that clear, or move the list to xmpp.org, or something

  96. stpeter

    or make an "xdev" list ;-)

  97. stpeter

    anyway, I'll post to the standards@ list about this

  98. stpeter


  99. jack

    next topic, summit #9

  100. stpeter

    yep :)

  101. Nÿco

    palce and date?

  102. jack

    i assume we need to contact OSCON to get a room reserved?

  103. stpeter

    two summits a year is a lot to manage :)

  104. stpeter

    jack: yes

  105. Florian


  106. jack

    7/19-7/23 are the OSCON dates

  107. stpeter

    Nÿco: I assume Portland Oregon the week of OSCON

  108. jack

    and it's back in portland

  109. stpeter


  110. Florian

    who of the board will be there?

  111. stpeter

    much better location

  112. Will Sheward


  113. Nÿco

    no sure yet...

  114. jack

    i'll be there unless something weird happens

  115. stpeter

    I need to be in Maastricht the next week for IETF 78

  116. Will Sheward

    wierd? To Portland or you?

  117. stpeter

    but I'll manage

  118. jack

    will: either :)

  119. bear

    not on the board... but i'm trying like heck to be there

  120. jack

    stpeter: no XMPP tutorial session this year? :)

  121. stpeter

    jack: probably not

  122. Nÿco

    oscon 2010

  123. stpeter

    I will reach out to my O'Reilly friends

  124. stpeter

    fritzy said he might be able to assist with local planning because he's not too far from there

  125. jack

    great, that would help a lot

  126. stpeter


  127. Florian


  128. stpeter

    I'll see if our Jive friends can help, too

  129. bear

    I just pinged my new boss to see if Mozilla has a presence - maybe I can wrangle something with them

  130. jack

    something has just come up and i hae to leave. i'll just say that i'm in favor of GSoC this year

  131. stpeter


  132. jack

    i'll catch up on list later today

  133. stpeter

    jack: ok

  134. Florian


  135. Nÿco

    that's it for OSCON?

  136. stpeter

    bear: in past years O'Reilly has been able to give us a room because they book the whole conference center but the first two days are quiet so they have open rooms

  137. stpeter

    yes, that's it

  138. stpeter

    I'll report back about the room

  139. Nÿco

    will we do that summit haskfest from friday to monday?

  140. stpeter


  141. stpeter


  142. stpeter

    at OSCON we've done it differently -- just a two-day meeting

  143. stpeter

    because there is no FOSDEM in between :)

  144. stpeter

    OSCON has a different structure

  145. stpeter

    more "corporate"

  146. Florian

    I hope I find the funds to attend :)

  147. stpeter

    not the same feeling as FOSDEM

  148. Florian

    want to see how it's going across the pond?

  149. Will Sheward

    fosdem with suits my kindof place

  150. stpeter

    Will Sheward: exactly!

  151. stpeter

    Will Sheward: any news on the website? how can we help?

  152. Will Sheward

    outstading tasks are in jive

  153. stpeter

    oh they are?

  154. Will Sheward

    just need to parcel up and do

  155. stpeter

    I'm not receiving notifications about those :(

  156. Will Sheward

    stpeter: yes except ones I've taken rsponsibility for like sponsor pages

  157. stpeter

    OK I'll check out http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/COMM

  158. Will Sheward

    this is comteam stuff really, board to approve when done

  159. stpeter

    and figure out why I'm not getting poked about these

  160. stpeter

    I don't pay attention to this stuff unless I get an email

  161. stpeter

    Will Sheward: correct

  162. stpeter

    (or an IM)

  163. stpeter

    so, Summer of Code?

  164. Nÿco

    sponsors before ?

  165. Will Sheward

    nyco and I will sort site stuff

  166. stpeter

    yes, sponsors

  167. Will Sheward

    note: train about to arrive at station

  168. Nÿco

    yes, we mogth need to create a version or component

  169. Florian

    I can try to help with sponsors

  170. Will Sheward

    Wil have to stop in minute

  171. stpeter

    Will Sheward: yes, sorry

  172. Nÿco


  173. stpeter

    we can discuss on the list

  174. Will Sheward

    will post sponsor program stuff to board and commteam lists

  175. stpeter


  176. stpeter


  177. Florian


  178. Nÿco


  179. stpeter

    have a safe ride on the train :)

  180. Nÿco

    I had the wifi on my TGV from Paris to Brussels at FOSDEM: pretty stable and fast, amazing

  181. stpeter

    so GSoC?

  182. Nÿco


  183. stpeter


  184. stpeter

    bear and I chatted about this before the meeting

  185. stpeter

    Nÿco: did you see what client Will Sheward was using? ;-)

  186. Nÿco


  187. stpeter


  188. stpeter

    you need your client to show you full information :)

  189. Nÿco


  190. stpeter

    [11:35:01] *** Will Sheward (will.sheward@isode.com/oneteam-iphone) has left the room

  191. stpeter


  192. Nÿco

    ok ;-)

  193. Florian


  194. bear laughs

  195. stpeter

    so we have 2 more days to submit an application to be an organization for GSOC

  196. Nÿco


  197. Nÿco


  198. bear


  199. Nÿco

    isn't that you who wanted to write some stuff about it?

  200. bear

    I was offering to be the primary lead for GSoC if the board agreed

  201. bear

    with mentoring help from stpeter if I got lost :)

  202. Florian

    +1 from me for that :)

  203. stpeter

    oops, on the phone

  204. bear

    i've cleared it with my dayjob and also my wife :)

  205. Nÿco

    +1 for me

  206. Florian

    +2 for that :)

  207. Nÿco

    do you need hep from anybody writing the application?

  208. bear

    just info that I can get from stpeter's previous application

  209. bear

    the hard part will be all the stuff that happens after we are accepted

  210. bear

    i have some experience with gsoc from my work at OSAF - but not as organizer

  211. bear

    so it's not a completely foreign item to me

  212. Nÿco


  213. Nÿco

    maybe you need a team of 2 to 4 people in order to manage that?

  214. bear

    I'm thinking that whoever ends up being mentors will be part of that team

  215. Nÿco


  216. bear

    and i'll lean on board members for advice and proof-reading and all that

  217. Florian

    sounds good

  218. bear

    but I get the impression it's mostly just calender watching and head thumping

  219. stpeter

    bear: mostly yes

  220. bear

    which I'm very good at

  221. stpeter


  222. bear

    if no one objects then I will start by preparing the app and putting it on the list tonight for review

  223. stpeter

    so bear and I will get busy

  224. bear


  225. Florian


  226. stpeter

    (once I'm off the phone)

  227. Nÿco

    so... all agenda items done? any other business?

  228. Florian

    not from my side

  229. Nÿco

    ok then...

  230. stpeter

    thanks guys

  231. bear


  232. Nÿco

    thank you all

  233. stpeter

    Nÿco: I've updated the minutes at etherpad -- could you review them just to be sure?

  234. stpeter

    time to heat up some lunch, brb

  235. stpeter

    seeing no edits, I'll post them to the members list