XSF Discussion - 2010-03-16

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  19. Nÿco next CommTeam meeting will take place here in about 1 hour from now
  20. stpeter yay!
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  26. Nÿco dng!
  27. Nÿco who's there?
  28. stpeter hi!
  29. Neustradamus hi
  30. jprieur hi folks
  31. Nÿco ok
  32. petermount evening (even though I'm not part of the team, I'll be around for about 15mins more ;-) )
  33. Nÿco any agenda item to add?
  34. stpeter not from here
  35. Nÿco so, we'll have a work meeting? ;-)
  36. stpeter is ultrabusy this week but should have time for commteam tasks again after March 29
  37. Nÿco is suprabusy... :'(
  38. stpeter what is on our agenda?
  39. Nÿco we can review the tasks here: tracker.xmpp.org
  40. Nÿco we have none... except Will's review of the Sponsors page
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  42. stpeter surfs to http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/COMM
  43. Nÿco 1. Sponsors page http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=285
  44. Nÿco Kev won't be able to attend this meeting
  45. stpeter yeah
  46. stpeter that's ok
  47. Nÿco MiGri, bear, otak, petermount, Steven Parkes, waqas?
  48. stpeter takes care of http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/COMM-1
  49. Nÿco thx
  50. bear nyco - don't know if/where these would fall in the agenda... but 1) if Google accepts the XSF application I will be generating lots of info for GSoC :)
  51. Nÿco assaigned ;-)
  52. Nÿco ok, I guess you need help from CommTeam? what for exactly, it's a bit blurry for me
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  54. Will Hi
  55. Nÿco hi Will
  56. stpeter ok COMM-1 resolved :)
  57. stpeter brb
  58. Nÿco thx! ;)
  59. Nÿco http://tracker.xmpp.org/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?sorter/field=issuekey&sorter/order=ASC ?
  60. Nÿco what's the most important page for you guys?
  61. Nÿco I believe the export/import is a ticket for the iTeam, right?
  62. Will blog import/export?
  63. Nÿco yes
  64. Will it's easy - we could do it in 5 minutes
  65. Neustradamus new remark : http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=244 : "Consult rfc3920bisand rfc3921bis for the most accurate" -> rfc3920bisand -> rfc3920bis and
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  68. Nÿco sure
  69. Neustradamus same for 'thexmpp@ietf.org'
  70. bear sorry - computer rebooted
  71. Will Neustradamus: corrected thanks
  72. Neustradamus ;)
  73. stpeter yum, food
  74. Nÿco http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/COMM-7 "XMPP Servers & Clients on stage.xmpp.org" << I believe we will gain maintenance hands if done on the wiki
  75. Neustradamus Will I see other like on http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=188
  76. Will ah, the problems with "copyt and paste" :-)
  77. Nÿco e XMPP RFCsin 2004
  78. Neustradamus yes and "us XMPP extensionsthrough"
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  80. Nÿco we have debated on ML on the clients page
  81. Will wouldn't it bve easier just to give everyone here a login so they can jump in and correct?
  82. Neustradamus Will : Upcoming Events * Wed, Mar 24:XEP-0235: OAuth Over XMPP expires * Fri, Apr 2:XEP-0265: Out-of-Band Stream Data expires * Fri, Apr 9:XEP-0255: Location Query expires * Fri, Apr 23:XEP-0266: Codecs for Jingle RTP Sessions expires * Tue, Apr 27:XEP-0264: File Transfer Thumbnails expires it is possible to add a space after the : ?
  83. stpeter Will: I think so :)
  84. Will i think so, let me look
  85. Neustradamus http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=201 "as RFC 3920and RFC 3921 in 2004"
  86. Steven Parkes (sorry folks; missed the reminder; catching up)
  87. Neustradamus on http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=253 "<http://www.xmpp.org/internet-drafts/>." why the < > ?
  88. stpeter Steven Parkes: no worries
  89. Kev pops his head in
  90. stpeter Will: for the blog import, were you thinking that we would export to Atom and then import, or do this directly in the database?
  91. stpeter hi Kev
  92. Will stpeter: doesn't wordpress have a simple export/import function? we've just gone through a similar excercise for http://isode.com/company/wordpress/
  93. stpeter probably :)
  94. stpeter forgot his password for stage.xmpp.org :)
  95. Nÿco yes, something exists, I believe I have talked about that with... oh I can't remember...
  96. Will me too :-)
  97. stpeter after this "meeting" I can upgrade wordpress to the latest version
  98. Will we'll try the simple way first, when I'm in front of a machine that's auto-stored my password tomorrow I'll give it a test if you like?
  99. stpeter I just changed my password so I'm in again
  100. Neustradamus Will: http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=262 "Application periods are announced on the jdev discussion listand completed on the wiki.xmpp.org site at <http://wiki.xmpp.org/index.php/Membership_Applications>." < > and listand http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=264 "JDev@jabber.org email list — for discussion about software development using Jabber/XMPP technologies (subscribe| archives)" a space before | and "BOSH@xmpp.org email list — for discussion about the HTTP binding for XMPP as defined in XEP-0124 and XEP-0206(subscribe | archives)" before the (subscribe
  101. stpeter I wonder why we have so many missing spaces
  102. Kev Empty spaces, what are we living for...
  103. stpeter :)
  104. Will don't know - i seem to recall that most of this was copy/pasted from the old site. Might want to check there as well
  105. stpeter brb again
  106. Will Neustradamus: i'll go through these tomorrow after reading the chat logs, keep up the good work!
  107. Neustradamus ok :)
  108. Neustradamus http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=268 it is ok but not on a lot of pages like http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=285 at right
  109. Neustradamus we allow comments ?
  110. Nÿco not for pages
  111. Neustradamus it is possible today... like http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=192 ...
  112. stpeter aha, yes, we can do the export/import quite easily
  113. stpeter shall I do that?
  114. Kev I think it'd be best to just disable all comments across the site.
  115. stpeter Kev: quite possibly :)
  116. Neustradamus ok
  117. Will the intention was to disable all comments but obviously i missed a few :-)
  118. stpeter data imported
  119. stpeter check out http://stage.xmpp.org/
  120. stpeter so that's COMM-8 :)
  121. stpeter changes to resolved
  122. Will that was easy :-)
  123. stpeter it was :)
  124. Will we'll have to make sure we actually write excerpts rather than let WP auto-generate them in future
  125. Will question: wehre's this meeting going?
  126. Will where's
  127. Nÿco wow, thx
  128. Nÿco don't forget to track that down here: http://etherpad.com/2010-03-16-XSF-CommTeam
  129. Nÿco I need to go, sorry...
  130. stpeter Will: we're just quashing some bugs, I think
  131. Nÿco bye
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  133. stpeter I've resolved 2 issues so I have found this productive :)
  134. Will i think the bug squashing process is going to go on for quite some time (longer than the 'content completing' process). Providing there's a mechanism for people to submit error reports to the site maintainers.
  135. stpeter about http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/COMM-7
  136. stpeter did we agree to move those pages to the wiki?
  137. stpeter that would be fine with me -- easier for people to maintain
  138. Steven Parkes +1
  139. Steven Parkes did i miss the answer to will's question about all getting account? i can at least do typos to start
  140. Steven Parkes (great: account"s")
  141. stpeter Steven Parkes: now that I'm logged in I can start created accounts
  142. Will Steven Parkes: you've passed the editing test, an account will be forthcoming
  143. Will :-)
  144. stpeter Steven Parkes: username?
  145. Steven Parkes smparkes
  146. stpeter ok
  147. stpeter is your email address the same as your JID?
  148. Steven Parkes yup
  149. stpeter ok
  150. stpeter good man :)
  151. bear :)
  152. stpeter Steven Parkes: account created, check your email for the temporary password
  153. Steven Parkes good to go ..
  154. stpeter super
  155. stpeter thanks for helping out
  156. Neustradamus stpeter: it is possible to have an account on stage ?
  157. stpeter Neustradamus: indeed it is
  158. stpeter Neustradamus: do you prefer your hotmail account for email?
  159. Neustradamus yes
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  161. stpeter ok
  162. Neustradamus thanks ;)
  163. Will has joined
  164. stpeter ok
  165. stpeter check your email for account info
  166. Neustradamus ok, I will
  167. Neustradamus it is ok thx
  168. Steven Parkes hmmm ... does wordpress have a way / plugin for providing rss feeds for pages?
  169. Kev Yes.
  170. Kev Oh, you mean pages as opposed to posts.
  171. Kev No idea :)
  172. Steven Parkes yeah
  173. Steven Parkes just thinkng about trying to keep up on content changes ....
  174. Steven Parkes pretty sure the current wiki does ... one of them, anyway ... i know i get an rss feed on something xmpp
  175. Steven Parkes (xsf)
  176. bear IMO if it is something you would put on a WP page then it may be better to put it on the wiki
  177. Neustradamus I have again a little remark. Can you see for update WP ?
  178. Will Steven Parkes: http://ouseful.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/single-item-rss-feeds-on-wordpress-blogs-rss-for-the-content-of-this-page/
  179. Will maybe?
  180. Will ok - i have to go - not sure if we have definitive actions from this meeting other than "carry on editing"
  181. stpeter I updated http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=230
  182. Will the info on the sponors page has also been posted to the Board mailing list - they will also have opinions.
  183. Will i'll post to both commteam and board mailing lists when key milestones (like agreeing sponsor pages, finishing content for a section) are completed.
  184. Will we're close, very close i think
  185. Steven Parkes Will: not sure that works on non-poasting pages; i'll look into it a bit ...
  186. Steven Parkes posting
  187. Neustradamus it is a good plugin : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/jabber-feed/
  188. Steven Parkes sigh
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  192. stpeter ok I more properly updated http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=230
  193. stpeter bbiab
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