XSF Discussion - 2010-03-18

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  25. bear ok, so much for me having a nice dull quiet summer ;)
  26. bear XSF has been approved for GSoC - woot!
  27. stpeter hehe
  28. stpeter yep
  29. bear I think that would be a great excuse for me to figure out how to post to the blog ;)
  30. stpeter bear: I'm sending an into email to the jdev list
  31. stpeter just to say "contact bear" :)
  32. bear hehehe
  33. stpeter email sent
  34. bear just got a request to help mentor
  35. stpeter heh
  36. stpeter nice
  37. stpeter bear: did we create a blog account for you?
  38. Kev So, do I do my normal job of demanding unreasonable things of the ord admin again this year? :)
  39. stpeter heehee
  40. Kev Should we add TDG to PP and GTD for this year?
  41. Kev Would we do PP and GTD again?
  42. stpeter TMA!!!
  43. Kev Quite
  44. stpeter oh I finally parsed your messages :)
  45. Kev Oh, I hadn't realised you hadn't.
  46. stpeter :)
  47. Kev The Definitive Guide, Pragmatic Programmer, Getting Things Done.
  48. stpeter yep
  49. stpeter took me a minute :)
  50. stpeter hmm, I just figured out that I need to create yet another set of slides for IETF 77
  51. Kev Joys.
  52. stpeter brb
  53. Kev For the record, if there are any projects without a clearly applicable mentor, I'd be game for doing it again.
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  55. Kev Swift won't be putting up any projects.
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  57. Kev Which is a shame, as I enjoy GSoC
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  60. bear pokes his client
  61. bear stpeter - you may have setup a client - i'll look in my logs
  62. bear heck kev - I just want to be able to use Swift - *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*
  63. bear stpeter: can someone with access to the xmpp.org main page add a nice big link to the 2010 GSoC XSF wiki page
  64. bear the link in google's list of accepted orgs points to the main page
  65. bear oh - I should file a bug
  66. bear files a bug
  67. Neustradamus little remark : http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Jabber.org is old
  68. stpeter it's a wiki, feel free to fix it
  69. stpeter heck I'll just delete it
  70. bear :)
  71. stpeter simple redirect
  72. bear another reason to roll stage live - the GSoC org setup is asking for an Atom feed url
  73. stpeter nods
  74. stpeter I could work on that with the relevant folks tomorrow
  75. bear cool
  76. bear sorry for being all frantic - just realized that this is a long project so I need to calm down :)
  77. stpeter it is
  78. stpeter step one, don't panic :)
  79. stpeter however, we do need to get the mentors lined up soon
  80. bear yep
  81. stpeter I would expect all Council members to vote on applications
  82. bear 3 have been flagged already
  83. stpeter in fact it's more important to line up our app voters
  84. stpeter we can always find mentors later
  85. stpeter but we need to have a good idea of who might mentor
  86. bear I also need to work on an application template
  87. stpeter do we need that?
  88. stpeter I suppose it would be helpful
  89. bear it's listed as a required field in the org form
  90. stpeter ah
  91. stpeter hmm
  92. stpeter perhaps life has changed since 2008 :)
  93. stpeter anyway
  94. stpeter I need to run
  95. bear probably can just be basic form stuff
  96. stpeter but I'll be back later
  97. bear ttyl
  98. stpeter yeah
  99. stpeter it would make the voters' lives easier to have a template
  100. stpeter so that we have more consistent answers
  101. bear *nod*
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  103. Kev For gsoc app votes, I suggest council and board.
  104. Kev We've let anyone who's volunteered to be a mentor do it at some points before, and that's ended up very strange.
  105. bear council and board works for me
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