XSF Discussion - 2010-03-25

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  16. bear

    kev - can you reset my blog account? I tried to log in as "bear" but it says invalid username

  17. Kev

    Which blog?

  18. bear

    the xmpp blog - or am I looking at the wrong one?

  19. Kev

    Which URL?

  20. Kev

    I have had accounts on a number of blogs on our infrastructure over the years.

  21. Kev

    http://blog.xmpp.org/ - that one?

  22. bear


  23. bear

    well, not knowing that there were multiple blog possibles I just said "blog"

  24. Kev

    I'm not entirely sure I have an account on that blog, I'll look now.

  25. bear

    I figured you would 1) have an acct or 2) be able to get one being infra master dude ;)

  26. Kev

    What would you like to post, anyway? (Would it be best to let Nyco know first?)

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  28. Kev


  29. Kev

    Ok, I've now created an account for myself, and massaged the DB to give me admin rights.

  30. Kev

    What did you need done, bear?

  31. Kev

    bear: the reason you can't login with your blog.xmpp.org account is that you don't have one.

  32. bear

    I need to post to it about the GSoC and start working on some future blog posts

  33. Kev

    can you liase with Nÿco on those?

  34. bear

    when needed sure

  35. Kev

    Made yourself an account?

  36. bear

    no, I had thought there was already one - i'll do that in a minute

  37. Kev

    [14:55:04] <Kev> bear: the reason you can't login with your blog.xmpp.org account is that you don't have one.

  38. Kev

    At least, not under any search terms I'd think of looking.

  39. bear

    it would be either "bear" or "MikeTaylor"

  40. Kev

    Yes, it's neither of those.

  41. bear

    k - thanks

  42. bear

    ok, registered

  43. Kev

    Ok, I've upgraded your account to a contributor state, see if that's enough, else I'll bump you up again.

  44. Kev

    Unless Nÿco happens to know offhand what the required level to write an article is?

  45. Neustradamus

    but after the blog will change (with the new website)

  46. Neustradamus


  47. Neustradamus

    I see that comments are not disabled on stage :( example : http://stage.xmpp.org/?p=650#comments

  48. bear

    I'll start crafting the first post and see what road blocks I hit

  49. bear

    thanks kev

  50. Kev


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