XSF Discussion - 2010-04-06

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  30. koski

    Anybody knows if TechReview -teams is going to organize next meeting when?

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  40. stpeter

    koski: good question, let's poke that list :)

  41. stpeter

    koski: I still have edits to discuss about XEP-0045 but I got lost in IETF stuff because of the recent meeting -- I am working to get back to my edits

  42. stpeter

    perhaps it would help for me to scan them :)

  43. stpeter

    (Kev said that Fabio is ultra-busy so probably he doesn't have a lot of time for the tech review team)

  44. koski

    I'll poke the mailing list tomorrow anyway. I think it's good to keep it going.

  45. stpeter

    koski: agreed

  46. koski

    now i gotta run. I'll write the mail tomorrow. Till tomorrow!

  47. stpeter

    I might have time on Friday to work on MUC again, or early next week (this week is crazy)

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  50. koski

    ok, I send you all the extra seconds i have in this week :)

  51. stpeter


  52. stpeter

    bye :)

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