XSF Discussion - 2010-04-29

  1. koski

    dudes, what's the current url to the JIRA ?

  2. koski

    All the ones i found/bookmarked do not work anymore.

  3. Kev

    Jira's not running at the moment.

  4. Kev

    Bear's going to upgrade and bring it back when he's got a moment.

  5. koski


  6. koski


  7. Neustradamus

    hi all, can you update mediawiki ?

  8. stpeter

    heh, I just noticed this in the council logs: [14:02:24] <bear> wow - the more I do with GSoC the more I see that needs to be done. I have no idea how you managed to do this solo in the past! [14:02:30] *bear hugs stpeter thanks, bear!

  9. zooldk@gmail.com

    the tech review meeting is in 5 min, right?

  10. stpeter


  11. stpeter

    at least, so says my calendar

  12. zooldk@gmail.com

    good... phew.. thought I was late..

  13. stpeter


  14. stpeter heats up some lunch

  15. koski

    beer o'clock here so i have time to get a pint

  16. zooldk@gmail.com

    me too.. mmmm good stout! :-)

  17. koski

    It's time?

  18. zooldk@gmail.com


  19. Florian


  20. koski


  21. Neustradamus

    I am here but I am not in tech review team

  22. stpeter

    ok so who is in charge?

  23. zooldk@gmail.com

    shouldn't it be Fabio Forno, the team lead?.. but I assume he is not here?

  24. koski

    Fabio should but He does not seem to be here.

  25. stpeter

    I put koski in charge for today :)

  26. zooldk@gmail.com


  27. zooldk@gmail.com


  28. zooldk@gmail.com

    BTW: Jira is still down?.. still because of the security flaw?

  29. stpeter

    he said: Now, what should we discuss during the meeting? Should we prepare a list to make it successful? Here are my thoughts: * How to use the created tool Jira better? * How could we help stPeter more? (it seems to me that people still wait actions from stPeter). * Decide witch XEPs we could concentrate and how to follow those "projects" (what was done right with http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html and what was done wrong).

  30. stpeter

    I think the Jira flaw applies only to Apache

  31. stpeter

    and we use lighttpd

  32. koski

    OK, let's start then.

  33. zooldk@gmail.com

    ok.. but it is still down

  34. stpeter

    bear said he would upgrade it

  35. koski

    [19:52:44] <Kev> Jira's not running at the moment. [19:52:52] <Kev> Bear's going to upgrade and bring it back when he's got a moment.

  36. zooldk@gmail.com

    unless someone changed the address

  37. zooldk@gmail.com


  38. koski

    Yes. It's still down. Anybody part of the technical team to who could give bear a hand in this? I think he might be busy with the gSOC

  39. zooldk@gmail.com

    its probably just a tomcat that needs to be turned around, together with lighthttpd

  40. koski

    OK, zooldk@gmail.com you are familiar with this stuff? Could you contact beer later on when you have time to ask if he needs a hand? (i'm afraid i'm useless in those admin stuff)

  41. stpeter

    koski: Kev and I will lean on bear and if he doesn't have time we'll find someone else to help

  42. zooldk@gmail.com

    yeah.. but I have no admin or insight in our infrastructure. But I know jira pretty well from work.. And we are using tomcat as a servlet container.

  43. koski

    stpeter: sounds like a plan!

  44. koski

    ok, next - When the Jira is back, how can we use it better?

  45. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: great

  46. stpeter just poked the iteam list

  47. koski

    Step number one: start using it?

  48. zooldk@gmail.com

    how about sending out mails from jira when someone has filed an issue?..

  49. stpeter

    that already works

  50. zooldk@gmail.com

    to the correct group.. in our case the techreview, when an issue is filed there

  51. bear

    bah - I *knew* I was supposed to do something last night besides go to bed early

  52. stpeter


  53. stpeter

    bear: heh

  54. koski

    bear: hah

  55. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: does it also send out mail to techreview when new one are arriving?.. have not seen one yeat

  56. zooldk@gmail.com


  57. bear

    i'm in a bunch of remote meetings today - i'll multitask on it while I look like i'm listening

  58. stpeter

    bear: zooldk (Steffen Larsen) said he can help if needed

  59. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: sure no problem..

  60. stpeter

    Tobias: your client is spamming me with tunes updates :P

  61. Tobias

    stpeter: yeah...you know a person who could take care of that? :) i've been hearing there's someone working on psi over the summer

  62. bear

    stpeter - I will for sure raise the "help!" flag if I cannot do it in the next 3 hours

  63. stpeter

    bear: ok thanks!

  64. zooldk@gmail.com

    bear: cool

  65. koski


  66. bear

    it would be nice to have backup anyways - gsoc may make me rather busy in a couple weeks

  67. stpeter


  68. Tobias

    stpeter: but hey, i can hardly be worse than identi.ca :)

  69. stpeter

    as to using Jira, it would be good to log more tickets, but I think the main problem we face is editing the specs / schemas / etc. based on the tickets

  70. stpeter

    i.e., finding people who are comfortable editing the documents

  71. koski

    stpeter: yes, i was just about to write the same thing.

  72. koski

    How ever the good thing with Jira is that the ticket is always assigned to someone, so we know who is "on it".

  73. zooldk@gmail.com

    jira probably fit the infrastructure guys better, than this..

  74. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: jup..

  75. koski

    We should add posts like this to jira: http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2010-April/023371.html

  76. Tobias

    stpeter: i think with a different versioning system we could make collaboration to the XEPs easier, collaboration of any kind

  77. stpeter

    Tobias: do you think it would really help to use git?

  78. zooldk@gmail.com

    or mercurial.. its nice to have local commits... But I do not think that it will help that much

  79. koski

    Tobias, good point taken. Could you please write a mail about that to mailing list to start discussion about that?

  80. Tobias

    stpeter: it makes collaboration easier; ideally the changes just need to be reviewed shortly and can go online :)

  81. koski

    We are hardly not reaching decicion about that in this meeting. what do you think?

  82. Tobias

    koski: it's already in the works :)

  83. koski

    ok :) great

  84. stpeter

    fixing up Experimental specs is easy, but we have more process for fixing up Draft & Final specs

  85. stpeter

    because the Council needs to approve things

  86. Tobias

    just ask Kev hard enough until he does it :) it's on his todo

  87. bear

    hmm, I need sudo privs on athena to do some of this

  88. stpeter

    bear: please hold

  89. zooldk@gmail.com

    how about making different states then in jira, for a workflow?.. for moving the spec along in exp. , to draft, to final etc.

  90. stpeter

    or ask Kev, isn't he team lead for Infrastructure? ;-)

  91. koski

    stpeter: heh, i was thinking the same.

  92. stpeter

    I think that most of the bug reports we get are for Draft and Final specs

  93. bear

    yea, my plea was more pointed to him than the active folks

  94. stpeter

    ideally, using Jira would enable us to move more quickly, or at least keep better track of things

  95. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: I agree

  96. stpeter

    but that's ideally :)

  97. bear

    oh wait - duh - /me reads his own README

  98. stpeter


  99. bear

    ok, jira up

  100. stpeter


  101. bear

    i'll start working on the upgrades after you guys clear the back log

  102. koski

    Ok, so should we make a "rule of thumb" that every time a mailing thread leads to some short of "consensus" we create a jira ticket out of it?

  103. koski

    Mazel Tov!

  104. bear

    stpeter: do you have the login info for my.atlassian.com for the xsf?

  105. bear

    I will need to generate a new key for 4.* jira

  106. stpeter

    bear: I think that data is in /root/ on athena or somesuch

  107. stpeter looks

  108. stpeter

    bear, it's at /home/atlassian

  109. bear

    ?? /me looks

  110. bear

    wow - am I the master of not seeing the obvious today

  111. bear


  112. stpeter


  113. stpeter

    koski: I think it might work the other way -- people submit tickets, we have list discussion or groupchat or whatever, then update the ticket with the consensus (text, schema fix, etc.)

  114. koski

    stpeter: good point.

  115. stpeter

    e.g., the other someone poked me about a feature that is missing from XEP-0249

  116. koski

    (i just tried to create a ticket. I cannot modify it and it got directly assigned to stpeter.

  117. stpeter

    i.e., XEP-0249 doesn't support <continue/> (as XEP-0045 does)

  118. stpeter

    koski: http://tracker.xmpp.org/browse/SPEC-11 ?

  119. koski


  120. koski

    stpeter: sorry, i did not mean to assign it to you. :)

  121. zooldk@gmail.com

    hey its up and running

  122. stpeter

    koski: it seems that all spec issues are automatically assigned to me

  123. koski

    You want to change this? :)

  124. koski

    Should we took couple of guys who would be the default assignee's and those guys would take care that the created tickets are discussed in the mailing list, chatroom, etc?

  125. zooldk@gmail.com

    could be a good idea..

  126. koski

    And not turned out to be "zombies".

  127. zooldk@gmail.com

    to take the load off

  128. stpeter

    koski: I just made you a project administrator for the SPEC project

  129. stpeter

    so I think we need to assign roles to more people

  130. stpeter

    e.g., everyone on the tech review team should be a developer on the SPEC issues project

  131. koski

    ok, cool. I was just about to write that i have an half an hour per week to give time to take a look at the tickets and give a push to them.

  132. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: really good idea

  133. stpeter

    that means you can edit issues, etc.

  134. koski

    stpeter: good point.

  135. stpeter

    I don't know how to change the default assignee

  136. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: are you registered at the tracker site?

  137. koski

    stpeter: should i be able to edit the ticket?

  138. stpeter

    koski: I thinjk so

  139. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: I am on the jira site

  140. koski

    it seems that i only got "Delete" option more.

  141. zooldk@gmail.com


  142. koski

    Do you guys think it would make sense to have that "assign this ticket to me" option enabled? At least i don't have it.

  143. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: I just have to remember the user/pass.. just got a new laptop! :-)

  144. koski

    I think that's the one of the best part in jira: it's always clear who is or at least should be "working on it"

  145. stpeter

    koski: I think so

  146. stpeter

    but I'm not sure how to do that

  147. koski

    stpeter: i'm no jira admin either. sorry.

  148. stpeter

    maybe bear knows :)

  149. koski

    stpeter: was hoping the same.

  150. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: what are you looking for?

  151. koski

    We could change the "Component/s:" field to XEP . What do you guys think?

  152. stpeter


  153. zooldk@gmail.com


  154. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: that I could assign a ticket to me or modify it.

  155. stpeter

    not sure what the Components field is

  156. koski

    stpeter: when creating a ticket, it asks for a "component".

  157. koski


  158. koski

    if you check that, now the "component/s" "versions" and "fix versions" are empty.

  159. koski

    or "None".

  160. zooldk@gmail.com

    we are using component for defining the piece of area/part of software we are working on..

  161. koski

    The component at least does not serve a purpose for us, right?

  162. zooldk@gmail.com

    so for us it could be: core, xep etc.

  163. stpeter

    also might be schemas, registries, perhaps some others

  164. zooldk@gmail.com

    or we could define each XEP as a component.. its then easier to filter in jira

  165. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: yes

  166. zooldk@gmail.com

    depends of the level of detail

  167. koski

    OK. Maybe we leave that to the future and see first how we start to use the Jira. What do you think guys?

  168. zooldk@gmail.com

    yes.. because now we only have a few issue

  169. koski

    To start working with Jira, i think we need help from Bear or other admins to help us to set the rights correclty. So that others can modify/close and work with the tickets than stpeter. stpeter do you agree?

  170. zooldk@gmail.com


  171. koski

    stpeter: i have understood you are busy busy busy lately with the IETF. Right?

  172. stpeter

    koski: yes, we need to distribute the permissions so that more people can do things

  173. stpeter

    koski: I always have a little time, but not very much right now

  174. stpeter

    however, I want to help the tech review team succeed because otherwise people will depend on me to do things, and if I don't do them our work will stall

  175. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: plus one on that one..

  176. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: you need help of course..

  177. koski

    stpeter: noted. That's why i'm ready to help you. But i know that the first steps to start moving stuff to someone else's responsibility usually takes a bit more time.

  178. stpeter

    although sometimes I think it would be good to take a rest for a few years so that developers could catch up with all the specs ;-)

  179. koski

    stpeter: :-D

  180. zooldk@gmail.com

    me hungry... need food

  181. waqas notes that some of the specs are lagging behind ^^

  182. stpeter

    koski: you should have admin privs for the SPEC project now, so hopefully you can make some people Developers

  183. stpeter

    waqas: I can make you a Developer too :P

  184. stpeter

    waqas: which ones?

  185. koski

    stpeter: let me check what i can break after this MUC Meeting

  186. stpeter

    koski: ok

  187. waqas

    stpeter: I have been gathering feedback on a number of specs. MUC included.

  188. stpeter

    waqas: ok good

  189. stpeter

    waqas: I have lots of edits on MUC but I haven't entered them yet :(

  190. stpeter

    maybe I should scan them in :P

  191. zooldk@gmail.com

    i have some stuff about muji (multi-user jingle).. who is up for discussing that at some time?

  192. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: yeah that needs a lot of work

  193. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: yup.. alot.

  194. stpeter

    I poked the Collabora guys about that in January or so, but no progress yet

  195. stpeter

    if I had the time I'd be tempted just to start editing the spec :P

  196. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: but we do not have to wait for them..

  197. zooldk@gmail.com

    BTW: anyone know which GSOC project that was accepted?

  198. stpeter

    bear knows :)

  199. bear

    it's at the bottom of this page: http://socghop.appspot.com/gsoc/org/home/google/gsoc2010/xsf

  200. zooldk@gmail.com

    ha ha.. shh.. don't disturb him :-)

  201. bear


  202. koski

    What do you guys say that if i write to the review-team mailing list descriptions about how the components could be named: XEP, Core, etc... Then we could assign Leaders to all these "components". The leader of the component would take care that there is any ticket that becomes a zombie.

  203. zooldk@gmail.com

    bear: thanks.. interesting

  204. stpeter

    koski: I think most of the tickets will be about XEPs, and a few will be about schemas or registries

  205. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: yes.. my ideas as well.. Maybe we can use some of the stuff we already have as interests on the wiki: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Review_team .. like: jingle, core, s2s, scalability, pubsub, etc.

  206. stpeter


  207. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: good idea.

  208. stpeter

    that might be more useful

  209. stpeter

    so someone to watch over Jingle stuff, someone else for BOSH, and so on

  210. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: si! :-)

  211. stpeter

    see also http://xmpp.org/tech/

  212. koski

    ok, great. zooldk@gmail.com could you write about this to the mailing list? You seem to have good idea about that.

  213. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski... ok. I'll do that later today then.

  214. koski

    i could too ofcourse, but it's stupid for me to write badly a good idea to the mailing list :)

  215. koski

    I'm not lazy! :)

  216. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: no prob.

  217. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: can I do these components in jira as well?.. or will you?

  218. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: let's do couple based on the mail as a example for people and then let's finish them when we agree on the mailing list?

  219. stpeter

    I think we would have MUC, Jingle, PubSub, BOSH, s2s, core, i18n, security, and perhaps a few others

  220. zooldk@gmail.com

    I am still looking for my user/pass.... and waiting for an email

  221. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: :)

  222. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: ok

  223. stpeter

    we also need to make sure that all tech review team members have Jira accounts, then we can set them up with the right permissions

  224. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: yes

  225. stpeter

    is that enough for today?

  226. stpeter

    I'm happy to stay here and keep chatting, of course :)

  227. koski

    stpeter: yes, i think we did 2/3 "points".

  228. stpeter

    I think we need a new "group" in Jira

  229. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: BTW is there some way that we could alter our svn folders?.. because I have made some xsd validation script, but it is hard to map the schemas (xmpp/trunk/schemas) when they are named muc.xsd instead of xep-0045.xsd.

  230. stpeter

    existing groups are iteam and commteam

  231. koski

    i think we have some ideas how to make the Jira usage better. Good. stpeter, do you think this will help you a bit at least in the future?

  232. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: so we agree that I should write to the tech team about the new jira components?

  233. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: +1

  234. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: okie

  235. stpeter


  236. stpeter

    I created a techreview group

  237. stpeter

    now I'll add some people to it

  238. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: i can help you to set them up. Just contact me when you have time to start for that.

  239. koski

    stpeter: great

  240. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: I need a login firstly

  241. zooldk@gmail.com


  242. stpeter

    I don't know what it means to be part of a group, but we'll find out :)

  243. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: yeah.. I'll think I IM you later.. and then we'll find out what to do

  244. Kev

    stpeter: you can assign groups to ACLs instead of people.

  245. stpeter


  246. stpeter

    just figured that out

  247. stpeter

    so now anyone in the techreview group is automatically a SPEC developer

  248. zooldk@gmail.com


  249. stpeter

    do we want to make issues "Unassigned" by default so that I don't need to re-assign them?

  250. Kev

    Seems sane.

  251. koski


  252. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: good idea

  253. koski


  254. stpeter


  255. stpeter

    so we've made a bit of progress here

  256. zooldk@gmail.com

    ha ha

  257. stpeter

    Jira is back, tech review people can edit SPEC issues, etc.

  258. zooldk@gmail.com

    (thumbs up!)

  259. stpeter

    now we need all tech review team members to register with Jira

  260. koski

    stpeter: a proposal. Do you think you would have time in coming months to write a example how you would see the "spec review" working and we could talk about that in mailing list and in the next meeting? (the review you started with the MUC XEP). I think you had a very good idea there. It was just a shame it did not really catch up fire and support from others.

  261. stpeter

    and we can assign them all to the techreview group

  262. koski

    stpeter: i can write about that in mailing list and kick the sleepy ones.

  263. stpeter

    koski: part of the problem was that XEP-0045 is too big -- it would have been better to start with a smaller spec

  264. stpeter

    koski: ok thanks!

  265. stpeter

    koski: but yet I can do that

  266. stpeter


  267. koski

    stpeter: yes, this is also why i'm kindly asking you to write it since you know the best what "succeed and what not and why". Sorry but you are still the best in this :D

  268. waqas_

    Will we discuss XEP-0045 in this meeting?

  269. zooldk@gmail.com

    sorry guys.. I need some food now. If you are not finished in the next 10 min. then talk to you a bit later..

  270. koski

    waqas_: it was not planned to discuss about the XEP itself. But we can of course.

  271. waqas_

    Is there a meeting planned for it?

  272. koski

    waqas_: as far as I know, no.

  273. stpeter

    koski: the members of the techreview group in Jira are now you, me, Kev, Waqas, Peter Mount, Safa, Steffen (zool), Fabio, Ali, and Luca -- so we need Fritzy, Joe Maissel, and Alex Malgaroli to register at Jira and tell us their usernames so that we can add them to the techreview group

  274. koski

    stpeter: sir, yes sir!

  275. koski

    stpeter: I'll handle that

  276. stpeter

    koski: you and Fabio are admins for the SPEC project but I don't think you can edit the techreview group

  277. stpeter

    not sure

  278. stpeter is just learning Jira

  279. koski

    let me check

  280. stpeter

    waqas_: we can schedule a meeting or two or three about MUC

  281. stpeter

    but I think we've made some progress today and we can consider this meeting to be ended (we've been talking for almost 1.5 hours) :)

  282. koski

    stpeter: you were right. I cannot modify the group

  283. koski

    stpeter: yes. I was just about to write the same.

  284. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: I've ordered my password for JIRA but haven't received an email yet? do the postfix run on the server or?

  285. stpeter

    koski: ok

  286. stpeter

    koski: well, have only three more people to add, that's easy enough for me to do

  287. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: I can reset your password and then you can change it

  288. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: please... :-)

  289. zooldk@gmail.com

    just stranged that I havent received any by email yet

  290. zooldk@gmail.com


  291. stpeter


  292. stpeter

    not sure why

  293. stpeter

    I do receive emails from Jira

  294. stpeter

    so it is set up correctly to send email

  295. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: see PM for password

  296. stpeter

    BTW the logs for this meeting are at http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/100429/

  297. koski

    stpeter: i'll write to the list about the group and ask the missing ones to sign in and notify you?

  298. zooldk@gmail.com

    the email seems correct :-)

  299. stpeter

    koski: they can reply to the list mail with their usernames

  300. zooldk@gmail.com

    and i'll write about the JIRA components..

  301. koski

    stpeter: ok

  302. zooldk@gmail.com

    is it ok if I do it tomorrow?

  303. stpeter


  304. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: sure, of course. we are not in a hurry in this.

  305. zooldk@gmail.com

    ok.. hopefully I'll have the password then.. ;-)

  306. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: I sent you the password via private message

  307. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: me don't see.....

  308. koski

    do we write any meeting minutes about that or just notify the mail thread of "call for a meeting" with the muc_log link? :)

  309. stpeter


  310. stpeter

    koski: an informal report is fine, no official minutes needed I suppose

  311. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: Gmail issues

  312. koski

    stpeter: agree

  313. zooldk@gmail.com

    ha ha.. ok

  314. koski

    stpeter: zooldk@gmail.com: yes, was fighting with those whole day today at work. there is something "weird" happening in google.

  315. koski

    at google even...

  316. zooldk@gmail.com

    ok.. I've had no problems with gmail.com lately..

  317. stpeter

    who receives email for SPEC issues?

  318. zooldk@gmail.com

    maybe I should start using my @jabber.org account instead for these meetings

  319. koski

    stpeter: who will receive or who is receiving?

  320. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: shouldn't it be all of the tech review group?

  321. stpeter

    who is receiving now?

  322. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: I think so

  323. stpeter

    I just created SPEC-13

  324. zooldk@gmail.com

    Then we are notified..

  325. zooldk@gmail.com

    could be nice..

  326. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: yes that's the way it should be

  327. koski

    i did not receive. Yet at least.

  328. zooldk@gmail.com

    me neither

  329. zooldk@gmail.com

    thats what I said earlier

  330. stpeter

    I received it

  331. zooldk@gmail.com


  332. koski

    i only received for the ones i created. Or assigned myself as one.

  333. zooldk@gmail.com

    gmail issues? ;-)

  334. koski

    i got notifications of SPEC-11 and 12 that i created.

  335. zooldk@gmail.com

    when it is only a few issues that we have at the moment, every one in the tech review group should receive it

  336. stpeter


  337. stpeter

    I found the config option for this

  338. koski

    so the "creator" and the assignee receives the messages, but not others. i think

  339. koski

    stpeter: good :)

  340. zooldk@gmail.com

    change please. :-)

  341. bear

    google was down completely for some about an hour ago

  342. zooldk@gmail.com

    bear: wow really?? I did not notice a thing

  343. koski

    bear: in france there were problems during the whole day.

  344. Florian

    I guess someone lost their job :)

  345. koski

    with google that is.

  346. bear

    it seems to be regional - at least according to my twitter/identica social graph

  347. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: wheei my JIRA login worked. thanks

  348. zooldk@gmail.com

    no probs in Denmark

  349. zooldk@gmail.com

    for google that is

  350. stpeter


  351. stpeter


  352. zooldk@gmail.com

    what is the default priority of the issues?

  353. zooldk@gmail.com

    and who can change them

  354. stpeter

    I might have just messed up the config

  355. stpeter fixes

  356. zooldk@gmail.com

    it could also nice to have affects and fix version on the XEPs...

  357. zooldk@gmail.com

    that relates to the versions of the XEP specs

  358. zooldk@gmail.com

    so people can track when the implementation has changed in the spec

  359. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: I think that any Developer should be able to change priority etc.

  360. stpeter

    and all members of the techreview group are Developers for the SPEC project

  361. zooldk@gmail.com

    stpeter: ok

  362. stpeter

    if it doesn't work that way, we can fix it in the config

  363. stpeter is discovering that Jira is infinitely configurable

  364. zooldk@gmail.com

    I know!

  365. zooldk@gmail.com

    been there

  366. zooldk@gmail.com

    Guys.. I've out of where.. I'll game a bit before my girlfried gets home. :-)

  367. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: talk to you later about the components.. right?

  368. koski

    zooldk@gmail.com: deal. i might be very busy tomorrow so during the weekend or beginning of the next week, don't hesitate to kick me.

  369. zooldk@gmail.com

    koski: ok, deal.. later

  370. zooldk@gmail.com

    cheers all of you!

  371. bear

    jira can be excellent in implementing the death-by-1000-cuts mode for admins

  372. stpeter

    ok I modified the default notification scheme so that project developers receive notiications

  373. stpeter

    zooldk@gmail.com: thanks!

  374. stpeter

    bear: yea

  375. stpeter

    hi petermount

  376. petermount

    i know i'm late but this is the first chance i've got to get online tonight :-(

  377. petermount

    hi peter

  378. stpeter

    petermount: no worries, we're all doing the best we can :)

  379. petermount blames the local train company :-(

  380. petermount

    so what have I missed? :-)

  381. stpeter

    we made some progress on Jira for issue tracking

  382. petermount

    thats always good

  383. stpeter

    bear got Jira running again, I created a new Jira group for all techreview members, and you'll be receiving more Jira emails soon because I updated the notification scheme

  384. stpeter

    Tuomas and Steffen will be sending email to the techreview@xmpp.org list regarding some further action items

  385. petermount

    have you patched for the security issue from last week?

  386. stpeter

    petermount: I think bear did -- but in any case the security issue was (AFAIK) related to Apache and we run lighttpd

  387. petermount

    iirc it was in jira itself rather than outside - at least when I saw it when kenai did the update (which host my jira instances)

  388. stpeter

    petermount: I think bear took care of this but he'll know for sure

  389. petermount

    will double check

  390. petermount


  391. petermount

    did anything get said about pubsub?

  392. bear

    petermount - the security issue is "fixed" in so far as xsf's implementation isn't directly impacted but i'm also taking the time to upgrade to 4.*

  393. petermount

    bear: ok, at work we use jira and i notified them as soon as i heard from my provider - if we are up to date then no problem - at least we are up to date ;-)

  394. petermount thinks its better to be safe 99% of the time ;-)

  395. bear

    agreed - we use jira at my old work place so I used their support account to call in and review the raw details

  396. bear

    and found that it was a specific apache+jira interaction

  397. stpeter

    petermount: indeed

  398. bear

    but yes, being 99.9% sure is what is driving the 4.* upgrade

  399. petermount

    ah crafty bear - at my work they left their a/c to expire :-S

  400. bear


  401. petermount

    yep ick

  402. bear

    I always build into the quote a full year of support

  403. bear

    so they can't let it lapse

  404. petermount

    we here sould surely get an o/s account shouldnt we? if not why dont we ask them?

  405. stpeter

    we have one

  406. petermount

    thats goos

  407. petermount

    good even :-S

  408. petermount

    what I wanted to find out was what we are planning on reviewing - recently it's been busy for a lot of us but for me it's going to get quieter

  409. stpeter

    I'm hoping we can finish the MUC review :)

  410. petermount

    and i've been holding back on pubsub because I remembered we were planning on pubsub after muc

  411. stpeter


  412. stpeter


  413. stpeter

    first we need to push out version 1.13 of XEP-0060 :)

  414. stpeter

    we'll have a never-ending pubsub review :P

  415. petermount

    peter: yes I think muc needs finishing - at least both of us have been held back for varioes reasons - you more than me ;-\)

  416. petermount


  417. stpeter

    petermount: clearly I need to set aside a bit of time each week to key in the changes I've already marked on my paper copy of XEP-0045

  418. petermount

    peter: the main reason i'm interested in pubsub in the next month or so is that I need to implement from scratch - which to me is an ideal time to do a review - I can hold it back currently but to me its ideal as it means we have a reference-point from start to finish

  419. stpeter nods

  420. petermount

    stpeter: I need to catch up

  421. stpeter

    and I am also reviewing draft-ietf-xmpp-3920bis these days because we have an August deadline to send that to the IESG for advancement

  422. petermount

    i've been the emails - it's a long weekend here in the uk so I should get a chance to catch up on that

  423. stpeter

    see http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/xmpp/current/msg00705.html for details

  424. koski

    MUC, PubSub and draft-ietf-xmpp-3920bis ... Why did you start from the shortest and the most simplest ones?

  425. petermount

    muc the simplest?

  426. petermount


  427. stpeter

    and I have another 800 pages of Internet-Drafts to review and comment on by next Thursday for my IESG responsibilities

  428. koski

    petermount: it was ment to be a "sarcastic joke" :)

  429. petermount

    grr not even home and about to restart part of work - one mo

  430. stpeter

    I also have a marked-up copy of XEP-0050

  431. koski

    stpeter: i'm sure you looked like a human last time i saw you. But you must be a machine...

  432. stpeter


  433. stpeter

    koski: thanks for the message to the list~!

  434. koski

    no worries, i hope i got the main points to get right people interested.

  435. stpeter


  436. stpeter

    I sent a corrected URL :)

  437. stpeter

    but other than that it looks good

  438. koski


  439. petermount

    koski: recently it seems like i'm a machine :-|(

  440. petermount

    the last couple of months have been wiped out, hence why i've been quiet here - even had some public releases from the begining of march i'm only going to do finally this weekend :-( sob

  441. stpeter


  442. stpeter

    yeah, everyone is so busy

  443. petermount

    and you thought you would be with the ietf?

  444. petermount being sarcastic there ;-)

  445. petermount

    the ITEF must be a real drain - but you havent eased off yet

  446. stpeter

    petermount: it's about an extra 30 hours a week

  447. stpeter

    so now I work 70-80 hours a week

  448. stpeter shrugs

  449. petermount

    stpeter: not good :-(

  450. stpeter

    I'm a workaholic, so it's not that bad

  451. stpeter

    but I'm getting a bit old for this kind of thing ;-)

  452. petermount

    stpeter: same here ;-)

  453. bear

    pfft - your both probably younger than me

  454. petermount

    Occasionally I still the "Post midnight" programming session - but can't so that too often these days

  455. petermount

    bear: do you spend 6hrs a day commuting? & thats when it work ok :-(

  456. bear

    true - one of the reasons I love working from home

  457. petermount

    bear: not supposed to but I try to once a week ;-)

  458. petermount


  459. petermount

    just read the email about what got said during the meeting

  460. petermount

    & unless my mail has got filtered most of it was helping taking work load (quite rightly) from peter?

  461. koski

    yes, and to find a ways to wake up the "team" and start working.

  462. koski

    everybody wanted jira, now let's use it :D

  463. petermount

    yes jira is now there, so lets use it.

  464. petermount

    but jira isnt the only tool there though

  465. petermount remembers the 'tool' threads from a couple of months ago :-S

  466. stpeter

    tools discussions never end....

  467. koski


  468. petermount

    they never doo ;-(

  469. koski

    but now i will end this discussion and will moge the dreamworld to catch some beautiful Fairies.

  470. koski

    moge .... move to even ...

  471. petermount

    koski: hehe

  472. koski

    have a good end of the day guys!

  473. koski

    Cheers! Bye!

  474. petermount

    i'm going to have to go offline - this netbook only has a limited livetime without power - and it's done good tonight

  475. petermount

    koski: catch you lateer

  476. stpeter

    thanks guys

  477. petermount

    stpeter: np, we'll probably catchup when we'll all aroun

  478. petermount

    i need to go offline shortly as my netbook's battery is now in the red - unless i get the mac out :-(

  479. koski


  480. petermount

    catch you all later