XSF Discussion - 2010-05-13

  1. koski

    Hi dudes. Anyone has knowledge when http://tracker.xmpp.org/ will be available again?

  2. petermount

    looking at the url its probably not been restarted after yesterdays issues on the server...

  3. koski

    http://xmpp.org/extensions/diff/api/xep/0047/diff/1.2/vs/1.3rc2 that service is down too. Peter, do you know who to poke to get them up?

  4. Tobias

    koski: the diffing stuff i can bring up in some minutes

  5. Tobias

    should be up within the next hour

  6. koski

    cool. Thanks

  7. Tobias

    koski: should work again

  8. koski

    Verified. Great. Thanks Tobias!

  9. Tobias