XSF Discussion - 2010-08-12

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  19. SteffenL Hola!
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  37. Ludovic hi
  38. Tobias hi
  39. SteffenL Hola hola
  40. jack hi
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  45. Alex hi all
  46. zanchin hello
  47. Kev Hi Alex.
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  50. Alex busy here today
  51. Neustradamus hi all
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  53. Alex ok guys, lets start
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  55. Alex bangs the gavel
  56. Alex 1) Call for Quorum
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  58. Alex 41 members voted via memberbot. so we have already a quorum
  59. Alex 2) Items Subject to a Vote
  60. Alex new and returning members, you can see the applicants here: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_July_2010
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  62. Alex 3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting
  63. SteffenL no one?
  64. Kev SteffenL: No-one ever votes in meetings. If they're not organised enough to vote by memberbot, they won't be organised enough to turn up to the meetings.
  65. Alex lets wait, maybe somebody wakes up
  66. Kev I'm always the former, and rarely the latter.
  67. Alex i think Peter didn't vote, but he's away right now
  68. SteffenL Kev: ha ha.. your prop. right
  69. eero memberbot is offline for us
  70. Alex ok, if nobody wants to vote then I proceed
  71. drich memberbot is offline for me.
  72. Alex eero: yes, if you have not voted yet you can vote here in the meeting
  73. Alex either public or in private
  74. eero yes to all..
  75. eero dave was also unable to vote.. and my messages do not show up in the room..
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  78. Alex eero: I see your messages
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  80. Alex and counted your votes
  81. Alex anybody else?
  82. Kev I suspect not.
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  85. Alex ok, let me count the votes then
  86. Alex ok, uploading the page then you can see the results
  87. Alex ok, here you can see the voting results: http://xmpp.org/xsf/members/meetings/2010-08-12.shtml
  88. Alex all new and returning members are accepted
  89. Alex congrats to the new members if any of them is here ;-)
  90. Alex 5) Any Other Business?
  91. Tobias nice..unicode fail :)
  92. Alex Tobias: yes, I have to fix this
  93. Neustradamus nice, congratulations for new members !
  94. Alex 6) Formal Adjournment
  95. Alex I motion that we adjourn
  96. intosi +1
  97. Steven Parkes second
  98. Kev second
  99. Alex bangs the gavel
  100. Alex thanks guys
  101. intosi Thank you Alex!
  102. davidczech thanks!
  103. SteffenL welcome to the new members!
  104. mailsforabhinav Thanks Steffen
  105. mailsforabhinav just chked the results page :)
  106. Ludovic SteffenL : thanks !
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  120. stpeter doh, I missed the members meeting
  121. stpeter sorry about that :/
  122. MattJ stpeter, it's ok - only the members unanimously voted for HAL as the new editor
  123. stpeter haha
  124. stpeter go HAL!
  125. MattJ He has lots of spare cycles
  126. stpeter yeah
  127. stpeter unlike the rest of us :)
  128. MattJ To be honest I nearly missed the meeting too
  129. MattJ Time to finish that reminder bot...
  130. stpeter I'm allowing too many things to fall through the cracks
  131. Kev That's why you have lovely assistants.
  132. stpeter :)
  133. Kev I churned out the best part of two protoxeps today, as well as editin ganother \o/
  134. MattJ Kev, stpeter reads that and sees "I spent all day making some more work for you"
  135. stpeter nah
  136. stpeter I appreciate it quite a bit
  137. Kev I just want my name on more XEPs :)
  138. stpeter fame and fortune!
  139. Kev This is going to get me rich, right?
  140. stpeter yeah, just like that book you wrote :P
  141. Kev It bought a pizza or two
  142. Kev and not much else :)
  143. stpeter heh
  144. stpeter but think of all those happy times collaborating with your co-authors!
  145. Kev Indeed.
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  154. stpeter BTW I won't be working tomorrow, just so you know :)
  155. Tobias :)
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