XSF Discussion - 2010-08-24

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  32. Nicolas


  33. will.sheward


  34. stpeter


  35. stpeter

    no sign of Florian

  36. stpeter

    Jack is "away"

  37. will.sheward

    lets give them a few minutes

  38. stpeter


  39. will.sheward

    so, how are things peter, not heard from you in a while?

  40. stpeter

    busy as always

  41. Nicolas

    everybody seems busy

  42. stpeter

    this IESG gig is a lot of work

  43. will.sheward

    yes, this is good i think?

  44. Nicolas

    btw, do you see like me a slow in the xsf's activity?

  45. will.sheward

    nyco: oh yes

  46. Tobias

    Nicolas: yeah

  47. Nicolas

    what does it mean? can we do something about it?

  48. will.sheward

    iesg: i know, we barely see alexey these days

  49. will.sheward

    well, we are - we're having a meeting ;-)

  50. will.sheward

    this slowness is partly down to us. we've not been the most active board have we?

  51. will.sheward

    busy busy busy - taking up most of our time with work

  52. Nicolas

    yes, absolutely, in the absolute, we have not been very active

  53. will.sheward

    which is a shame - but unavoidable i think

  54. Nicolas

    why not?

  55. will.sheward

    well, i guess we've not been active because we're all very busy elsewhere?

  56. Nicolas

    true for me

  57. Nicolas

    but more generally?

  58. stpeter

    sorry, got a phone call

  59. Nicolas

    too few new members at the last membership election

  60. Nicolas


  61. will.sheward


  62. will.sheward

    too little publicity to attract new applicants

  63. will.sheward

    again, this is our responsibility in part

  64. will.sheward

    i think we got off to a good start but "life" got in the way

  65. will.sheward

    I dont think the others are coming?

  66. will.sheward

    should we/can we start?

  67. Nicolas

    2/4, with peter

  68. Nicolas

    should we?

  69. Nicolas

    see, even the board seems not very concerned

  70. will.sheward


  71. Nicolas

    same feeling for me

  72. stpeter

    almost done with my call

  73. will.sheward

    Lets start, if were wrong we can pretend this is a comm team meeting

  74. Nicolas

    np stpeter

  75. Nicolas


  76. Nicolas


  77. will.sheward

    wait for peter then

  78. Nicolas


  79. will.sheward

    i'm there

  80. stpeter

    I can call Jack

  81. Nicolas

    who are you, unnamed?

  82. stpeter

    I'm done with the phone

  83. Nicolas

    ok, thx

  84. Tobias

    Nicolas: prob. me#

  85. will.sheward

    the masked user?

  86. will.sheward


  87. stpeter


  88. stpeter

    I called Jack but no answer

  89. Nicolas


  90. Nicolas


  91. will.sheward

    then lets start

  92. Nicolas

    do you have Flo's phone number?

  93. stpeter

    I texted him

  94. Nicolas

    I can SMS him

  95. Nicolas


  96. Nicolas


  97. will.sheward

    i think we've all texted him

  98. stpeter

    yep, starting

  99. stpeter


  100. will.sheward

    sponsors: peter, did you get any further with your conversation?

  101. stpeter

    our current list of sponsors is outdated

  102. will.sheward

    very outdated

  103. stpeter

    very outdated

  104. stpeter


  105. Nicolas

    http://stage.xmpp.org/?page_id=258 ?

  106. will.sheward

    great minds...

  107. stpeter

    so we might wan to clear it out

  108. stpeter


  109. stpeter

    I recently contacted ISOC, which supports IETF and recently also W3C

  110. will.sheward

    we can leave a couple in (secure hosting?)

  111. stpeter

    and they use XMPP :)

  112. stpeter

    they are a likely candidate

  113. stpeter

    I also need to hit up Cisco :)

  114. Tobias

    w3c uses XMPP?

  115. stpeter

    but I think the Cisco folks would like to support a particular project / initiative that we propose (e2e encryption or whatever)

  116. will.sheward

    re cisco: we can pass that onto wider membership/council to see if a project is something they want

  117. stpeter


  118. will.sheward

    would be best if a project was technically aligned with council work/direction

  119. will.sheward

    wasnt florian contacting some people? guess we should mail him to find out

  120. stpeter

    at the IETF meeting in Maastricht I also met one of the guys from NLNet

  121. stpeter

    they are interested in XMPP stuff too (Jingle Nodes etc.)

  122. stpeter

    again they'd probably be interested in supporting a particular initiative

  123. Tobias

    stpeter: they also had DNSSEC fund which might be interesting for some XMPP server projects too http://nlnet.nl/dnssec/

  124. stpeter

    Tobias: yes

  125. stpeter

    see https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-barnes-xmpp-dna/

  126. stpeter

    so I think we need to have more discussion among the community about priorities

  127. stpeter

    http://xmpp.org/xsf/roadmap.shtml is outdated, too

  128. Nicolas

    I've tried to inventory all the social networks using XMPP: maybe these are good candidates as sponsors?

  129. stpeter

    we'll be done with the RFC revisions soon

  130. stpeter

    perhaps we need a broader conversation about priorities and things that we think are important to work on as a community

  131. Nicolas

    board + coucil + members ?

  132. will.sheward


  133. will.sheward

    i thin

  134. will.sheward


  135. stpeter

    and that will help us ask sponsors if they want to help with those efforts

  136. Nicolas


  137. will.sheward

    should i just put a holding page here: v ?

  138. will.sheward


  139. stpeter


  140. will.sheward


  141. stpeter

    and we need to move stage to real :)

  142. will.sheward

    yes, please

  143. Nicolas


  144. Nicolas

    what do you need?

  145. will.sheward

    i'm currently writing up the documentation on the site (explaining structure etc)

  146. stpeter

    I thought that Kev had what he needed for the switch

  147. will.sheward

    i think we're ready to go

  148. will.sheward

    kev has the info

  149. stpeter


  150. will.sheward

    i'll aks him to push the button tomorrow

  151. Nicolas

    ok, cool!

  152. stpeter


  153. will.sheward

    then i can spend a few hours of panic chasing down errors

  154. stpeter

    if he needs my assistance, we can do this early next week

  155. Nicolas

    and let's call for a review by our members?

  156. Nicolas

    the can report stuff on the tracker?

  157. stpeter

    Nicolas: yes, once we launch

  158. stpeter


  159. stpeter


  160. will.sheward

    nyco: yes. We also need to get comm team members involved and "taking responsibility" for maintaining specific pages

  161. Nicolas


  162. will.sheward

    i'll draft a message for commteam

  163. Nicolas

    cool, thx

  164. stpeter


  165. will.sheward

    so - what do i do about the sponsors page?

  166. Nicolas

    (please review my notes on typewithme)

  167. will.sheward

    put up a blank page - admit we have no sponsors?

  168. stpeter

    one more note about sponsors -- Florian said he had some leads, too -- but I do think that more clearly defining our roadmap will help

  169. stpeter

    roadmap and specific initiatives + activities

  170. will.sheward

    yes - i think sponsors will be more likely to get involved with specific direction

  171. Nicolas

    sponsorship from Microsoft, AOL, Skype, etc. ?

  172. will.sheward


  173. stpeter

    ok, what other topics do we have on our agenda?

  174. will.sheward


  175. Nicolas

    well, MS is doing a Facebook-chat-aware client inside MSn

  176. stpeter


  177. stpeter

    I had some conversations recently with some guys who work on the XMPP gateway from Microsoft OCS

  178. will.sheward


  179. Nicolas

    MS as a sponsor, it's not a joke! ;-)

  180. Nicolas

    so GSoC

  181. stpeter


  182. stpeter


  183. stpeter

    I think bear and Kev can tell us the most about GSoc

  184. Nicolas

    where are we? a blogpost needs to be written?

  185. bear

    I am working on a "ok, all done" blog post

  186. Nicolas

    ah cool

  187. stpeter


  188. bear

    I need to poke 2 of the students to finish their final report

  189. stpeter

    bear: disregard PM :)

  190. bear


  191. will.sheward

    reminds me - need to talk about blog

  192. Nicolas


  193. bear

    so yes, final report will be blogged in probably about a day

  194. will.sheward

    is the blog still blog.xmpp.org <http://blog.xmpp.org> - or is it now the main page of stage.xmpp.org <http://stage.xmpp.org>

  195. will.sheward

    or both?

  196. stpeter

    I'm also hoping that we will get more implementation feedback from the students regarding the specs they implemented -- we might want to make that a condition of participation / part of the final report in future years :)

  197. bear

    the gsoc was uneventful for 3 of the 4 and even the 4th was normal, he just didn't plan properly

  198. stpeter

    will.sheward: it should be the main page

  199. Nicolas

    will.sheward, afaiac, I don't care

  200. stpeter

    and then we deprecate the blog

  201. bear

    two of the students are probably going to be very involved but I think the other 2 will not

  202. stpeter

    I mean, deprecate blog.xmpp.org

  203. will.sheward

    ok - will add this to list of things to talk to kev about

  204. stpeter

    bear: sounds about right

  205. Tobias

    stpeter: i'll post some feedback the next time; i've already marked a couple thinks in my printed 198 version, just need to find it

  206. Nicolas

    stpeter, deprecate yes, but by keepign the link alive for redirection

  207. stpeter

    bear: of all the students we've had over the years, few have really stayed involved -- Tobias is a big exception

  208. Tobias

    s/next time/during the next days

  209. stpeter

    Nicolas: yes

  210. Tobias

    stpeter: however i've been already involved before my first GSoC if i remember correctly

  211. bear


  212. stpeter

    yes, true

  213. bear

    I won't be able to attend the gsoc event coming up - do we want to send someone else?

  214. stpeter

    I've never attended one of those

  215. stpeter

    I've heard they are fun, but I've never had time

  216. bear

    then let's not break the pattern

  217. will.sheward

    bear: i've upgraded you to 'author' on stage.xmpp - for the gsoc post

  218. stpeter


  219. stpeter


  220. bear


  221. bear

    thanks will

  222. Nicolas

    anything else about gsoc?

  223. stpeter

    not that I can see

  224. bear

    nothing eventful if you mean

  225. stpeter

    at some point they'll send us some money, I suppose

  226. will.sheward

    money money money

  227. Nicolas

    last item: mini summits

  228. will.sheward


  229. Nicolas


  230. bear

    yea, was going to ask you about that - if any money had been received yet

  231. will.sheward

    ok - who suggested mini-summits?

  232. stpeter

    usually it's delayed a while

  233. Nicolas

    I don't know

  234. bear


  235. stpeter

    bear: I'm sure there will be a post about it to the org / mentor list at some point

  236. bear


  237. will.sheward

    yeah bear: just don't run off with the money :-)

  238. stpeter

    probably Florian added the item about mini-summits, given that London is mentioned

  239. bear

    mini summits - like east coast, west coast, different EU spots?

  240. Nicolas

    so we're touching the end of the meeting? please review the notes, and report action items

  241. bear

    will - don't look at me - it's being mailed to psa's desk IIRC ;)

  242. stpeter

    yes, they'll send it to my work address, I think

  243. stpeter

    I'm all in favor of formal and informal meetings

  244. will.sheward

    ah ha - peter's extravagant lifestyle explained

  245. bear laughs

  246. Nicolas


  247. will.sheward

    informal local meetings are good - seem to have been a lull in them recently?

  248. stpeter

    yes indeed :)

  249. stpeter

    lots of lulls recently

  250. will.sheward

    yeah :-(

  251. bear

    it's been that kind of year - everything has slowed down

  252. Nicolas

    please review, fix, enhance, beautify http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ

  253. will.sheward

    bad us

  254. will.sheward


  255. stpeter laughs at http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ regarding Florian

  256. bear

    yea, he probably his given he is on holiday

  257. Nicolas

    next meeting: tuesday, 7th of September?

  258. stpeter

    bear: indeed

  259. stpeter

    Nicolas: that works for me

  260. will.sheward

    works for me

  261. bear

    i'm planning with a local philly person a xmpp meetup for october

  262. stpeter

    another item is that Alex and I need to talk about timing for Board and Council elections

  263. will.sheward

    same bat time, same bat place?

  264. bear

    we can make that intoa mini-summit if that is ok

  265. stpeter

    bear: sure!

  266. Nicolas

    ok then

  267. Nicolas

    I need to go

  268. Nicolas

    thx everybody

  269. stpeter


  270. will.sheward


  271. stpeter updates http://typewith.me/wMQa8S0yEJ

  272. Nicolas


  273. will.sheward


  274. bear


  275. bear

    I placed a note about a sponsor possible in the doc - feel free to remove my parenthetical comment after reading it

  276. will.sheward

    ah - that's you

  277. bear stops hacking the minutes page :)

  278. will.sheward

    ok - i'm done for tonight. i have a few tasks from this so i'll get on with those tomorrow.

  279. stpeter


  280. will.sheward

    'see' you all later

  281. bear also flees

  282. stpeter


  283. stpeter

    so I can send the chatroom log and the minutes text to the board list

  284. will.sheward

    stper: i've just added an action item for you

  285. stpeter


  286. stpeter


  287. stpeter

    I'll ping Alex about that but won't take action until Monday, since I'm supposed to be on vacation this week :)

  288. will.sheward

    staycayion or going away?

  289. will.sheward


  290. stpeter

    going away tomorrow for a few days

  291. stpeter

    but mostly staycation

  292. will.sheward

    well, hope you have fun. bye for now

  293. will.sheward has left

  294. stpeter


  295. stpeter

    I'm done

  296. stpeter

    info sent to board list

  297. stpeter

    I'll send to members list as well

  298. stpeter

    now back to staycation mode :)

  299. stpeter

    thanks, all!

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