XSF Discussion - 2010-09-07

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  23. jack meeting is now or in an hour?
  24. Florian it was supposed to be now
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  26. Florian stpeter, you there?
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  28. Florian I guess we're still missing Will?
  29. Nÿco hi
  30. Nÿco lag test
  31. Florian pong
  32. Nÿco sorry
  33. Neustradamus hi
  34. Nÿco jack, stpeter: are you available?
  35. jack I'm here
  36. stpeter aha
  37. Florian :)
  38. stpeter I didn't realize I was here
  39. stpeter just got back from an early lunch
  40. stpeter no meeting in my calendar
  41. stpeter etc. :)
  42. Nÿco so wanna have that meeting or not?
  43. Florian +1 from me
  44. jack I'm game
  45. Nÿco what does that meea
  46. Nÿco mean?
  47. Florian he's up for it :)
  48. jack +1
  49. stpeter +1 here
  50. Florian so I guess just Will is missing...
  51. Nÿco ok
  52. Nÿco http://typewith.me/dU7MWvDIav
  53. Nÿco Agenda: - New Website? - Sponsors? - Roadmap update? - GSoC? - Elections? Sidenote: - Fix Calendar.
  54. Nÿco wanna add/remove an item?
  55. Florian Mini Summits
  56. jack how's the new website being received so far?
  57. Nÿco Will can answer?
  58. stpeter seems good, but I don't have real feedback
  59. Florian yeah, after some first issues, I guess it's working quite well
  60. Florian the next step is just to grow the content
  61. Nÿco maintain would be a priority
  62. stpeter e.g. I noticed that http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/history/ is a bit stale :)
  63. Florian yeah ...
  64. Florian was there any progress with getting the editorial team on board?
  65. jack do we have a page of which pages need the most work?
  66. jack then maybe we can get some people to work on them
  67. Florian I don't think there is one at the moment, but I'm sure we can get a list together
  68. Nÿco the CommTeam is quite asleep
  69. Nÿco maybe mostly because of me
  70. Florian ok, maybe send round a mail on the members list to have a few people give feedback on what content needs updating
  71. stpeter yes
  72. Florian and then let the CommTeam to get cracking on that?
  73. Nÿco sure
  74. Nÿco I don't think 'let' is the right attitude, we may better 'animate' it, r something similar
  75. stpeter I have a short list of issues I've discovered
  76. Florian ok...
  77. Florian maybe a Wiki page?
  78. Nÿco ah, please e-mail them to Will, or to the list?
  79. Nÿco Wiki for tracking?
  80. Florian yeah
  81. Florian list of all pages that are outdated, need fixing
  82. Florian that way we can keep track of what's done and what isn't
  83. Florian easier than thousands of E-mails
  84. Florian with duplicates
  85. stpeter true
  86. Nÿco (we have the JIRA instance)
  87. Nÿco why not
  88. Florian all the members have write acess to the wiki
  89. Florian as they applied through it
  90. stpeter let's update http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/CommTeam while we're at it, too
  91. stpeter selects "edit"
  92. Nÿco ok then
  93. jack on sponsorship front, do we have any new ones? I'm pretty sure Collecta is going to kick in some
  94. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/SiteIssues
  95. stpeter I need to follow up with ISOC
  96. Florian I contacted Voxeo
  97. Florian haven't heard back from them
  98. jack I saw that thread. hopefully something will come of that
  99. stpeter I know a few folks at Voxeo
  100. Florian nor from Nokia
  101. Florian what about setting up an E-mail adress sponsors@xmpp.org ?
  102. Florian afair that was mentioned somewhere
  103. jack for what purpose?
  104. Florian communications to sponsors
  105. jack just an alias to send out updates?
  106. Florian and receive replies
  107. Nÿco what if recepients change?
  108. Florian and that
  109. Florian i.e. sponsors@ can always point to the existing board
  110. jack ok. makes sense
  111. Nÿco why not just use board
  112. Nÿco ?
  113. Florian because it's a mailinglist
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  115. Nÿco and?
  116. stpeter we had a sponsors@xmpp.org list for communication with and among sponsors, but we never really used it
  117. Florian only members of it can post to it
  118. Nÿco we can reconfigure that?
  119. Florian I wouldn't go for a mailinglist
  120. Florian because we also want to send out invoices through that I guess
  121. Nÿco I would, but ok
  122. Florian and payment details
  123. Nÿco they can originate from any e-mail addresse?
  124. stpeter hmm
  125. Florian it's not as easy to keep track for the other company
  126. stpeter we just need better contact information for each sponsoring company
  127. Florian a single contact adress / reply-to address
  128. stpeter e.g., responsible individual, phone number, etc.
  129. Nÿco ok
  130. Nÿco my point was against the multipicity of contact points
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  132. Nÿco but ok, let's write that in the minutes
  133. stpeter multiplicity at each sponsor, or multiplicity from the XSF side?
  134. Florian XSF side
  135. Nÿco (separated the agenda from the minutes)
  136. stpeter ah
  137. stpeter well
  138. Florian and having an official contact address makes it look a lot less like Spam :)
  139. stpeter different people have different contacts, so it's OK to have multiple contacts, but perhaps we should all cc a common alias like sponsors@
  140. Florian yeah
  141. Florian and I would even say send from that alias
  142. jack +1 on sending from the alias
  143. Florian It just makes us look a lot less like we're trying to scam peopel
  144. Florian *people
  145. stpeter hmm
  146. Florian otherwise, it might look a bit like the "You're great uncle in Zimbabwe died, please send many munies here."
  147. stpeter well, if you have a personal contact at Voxeo or ISOC or whatever, then I say use that contact for communication to establish the relationship -- but we can send "invoices" and reminders from sponsors@xmpp.org -- is that what you're suggesting?
  148. Florian yes
  149. stpeter ok
  150. stpeter +1 then
  151. Florian and on top of that ... for companies like Nokia
  152. Nÿco want to PGP-sign?
  153. Florian where you get redirected to other departments etc.
  154. Florian I mean, personal contacts are personal contacts
  155. Florian but for any other companies
  156. Florian sponsors@xmpp.org just looks a lot more legit.
  157. stpeter yep
  158. stpeter now we'll need to figure out how to make that happen
  159. Florian right
  160. Florian I guess incomming is alias to the board members
  161. Florian and outgoing, we need an SMTP account on the mail server?
  162. Florian or even an IMAP inbox?
  163. stpeter well
  164. stpeter possible
  165. stpeter I'm not a mail guru :)
  166. Nÿco we can write our requirements for the infra department to implement? ;-)
  167. Florian :D
  168. stpeter for editor@xmpp.org, mail is sent by scripts and received via an alias that goes only to me but could go to others, too
  169. Florian they'll be glad :D
  170. Florian but yeah, I guess we will find some way
  171. Nÿco ok
  172. Nÿco next agenda item?
  173. Nÿco or still sponsors?
  174. Florian well, I guess in regards to sponsors ...
  175. Florian let's try to get some :)
  176. Nÿco next item would be: "Roadmap update?"
  177. Nÿco ah, good point! ;-)
  178. Florian so yeah, I'd say next item?
  179. stpeter http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-roadmap/
  180. stpeter ?
  181. Nÿco last meeting notes:
  182. Nÿco - Roadmap update Need to discuss with everyone (Board, Council, members, community) Set broader technical priorities These can be presented to sponsors, too
  183. Florian ok, so maybe once we have some sponsors on board
  184. Nÿco maybe we need to increase the importance/emergency of spam fighting
  185. stpeter it seems that a discussion on the members@ list would be a good place to start
  186. Florian see what they'd like to see?
  187. Florian and then have a joint meeting with the council?
  188. Florian and yes, members of course :)
  189. Nÿco members yes, but also maybe a broader range of users/developpers/admins?
  190. Nÿco a call for comments on the roadmpa update on our blog?
  191. stpeter I'll kick off a discussion on the members list
  192. Nÿco ok, thx
  193. stpeter hmm
  194. Florian I'd say the blog later
  195. stpeter I would hope that we have pretty good representation on the member list
  196. Florian once we have some suggestions to begin with
  197. stpeter we can use that to come up with some priorities
  198. stpeter yeah, what Florian said :)
  199. Nÿco this would have 2 goals: 1/ get feedback 2/ get more people implied in the XSF processes
  200. Nÿco agree with the blog article being posted later, when we have something consistent
  201. Florian sounds good
  202. Florian so who is going to send out a mail to the members@ ?
  203. Nÿco s
  204. Nÿco ...tpeter
  205. stpeter yep, me
  206. stpeter I started writing it already
  207. Nÿco lightning fast...
  208. stpeter sometimes
  209. Nÿco you already have feedback???
  210. stpeter other times, deathly slow
  211. Florian heh :)
  212. Florian ok ... next item then?
  213. stpeter yep
  214. Nÿco yep
  215. MiGri yep
  216. Nÿco g.s.o.c.
  217. stpeter aha
  218. stpeter bear can tell us about that
  219. Nÿco bear?
  220. stpeter I think it went well, but he knows all
  221. bear yes?
  222. bear it went very well
  223. Florian GSoC?
  224. bear active participation in community by 3 of the 4
  225. bear code has landed and I need to get it bundled to put out onto the gsoc repos
  226. bear so a very good but quiet GSoC
  227. bear no drama or other non-coding issues
  228. stpeter good, I don't like drama
  229. bear and unless one of the euro centered mentors wants to go to the event, I don't think we will be sending anyone
  230. stpeter one piece of feedback: it would be helpful to require implementation reports of some kind from students before their projects are considered complete (this helps us to improve the XEPs)
  231. bear we tried to poke in that direction
  232. bear but that's a feedback for myself - be much more forceful next time
  233. stpeter well, we could tell them that they won't receive the money without an implementation report :)
  234. bear i'll bring that up with Kev this weekend - I need to get with him for end-of-project closeup
  235. Nÿco do you want to write another blogpost?
  236. bear yes - working on the words - they come slower for me than you guys :)
  237. Nÿco ok
  238. Nÿco next item? elections?
  239. Florian next up ... elections?
  240. Nÿco ;-)
  241. Nÿco not much candidates, we must encourage, challenge the candidates
  242. Nÿco in order to have good ones
  243. Florian I guess the date is set to the 30th for applications
  244. Florian and then until the 15th of October for voting?
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  246. Nÿco is there a need?
  247. Nÿco we cant' postpone all elections periods like that
  248. stpeter yeah I will poke some more people
  249. stpeter in years past we had the application period in August but people were on vacation
  250. stpeter so last year candidates wrote their "position papers" in September, that worked better I think
  251. Nÿco ok...
  252. Nÿco http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2010 create/update yours!
  253. Nÿco next item? Mini summits?
  254. Florian yes
  255. Florian I think, looking at the time, and seeing as Will is not here ... table it?
  256. Florian next meeting?
  257. Florian unless everyone wants to talk about it now
  258. stpeter OK I posted to members@ about the roadmap and to commteam@ about the site issues page
  259. jack +1 to tabling for now
  260. Florian +2
  261. stpeter tabling for now is fine with me
  262. Florian ok
  263. Florian then just ... next meeting?/
  264. stpeter ponders standing for the Council again
  265. Nÿco Next meeting: 2010-09-21, same place, same time
  266. Nÿco ?
  267. stpeter WFM
  268. Florian WFM
  269. Florian ah
  270. Nÿco http://typewith.me/dU7MWvDIav <<< please review, edit, add, remove, etc.
  271. Florian actually ..
  272. Florian yeah
  273. Florian will work
  274. jack WFM
  275. Florian note: Please add this to the calendar
  276. jack see you guys online
  277. Florian whoever can :)
  278. Nÿco can we put that item in the XSF cal?
  279. stpeter oh sorry I missed the minutes page
  280. Nÿco thx all
  281. Florian yup, thx guys
  282. stpeter yes I will update the calendar, easy enough
  283. Nÿco thx
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  285. Nÿco you can review it now
  286. Nÿco who's gonna post to the ML?
  287. Florian ah
  288. Florian quick question
  289. Florian as I've just got some replies from voxeo
  290. Florian Sponsorship start date?
  291. Florian asap?
  292. Florian or should we group a few together?
  293. Florian i.e. 1. November?
  294. stpeter hmm
  295. stpeter 1 January (calendar year)?
  296. stpeter that seems perhaps easier to track
  297. Florian ok
  298. Florian but that's quite far away from now
  299. Florian and sometimes, some companies prefer to have the sponsorship at the end of the year (remaining funds in projects)
  300. stpeter true
  301. Florian and I guess we'll be accepting Sponsors throughout the year (at least according to our website)
  302. stpeter right
  303. stpeter we accept at any time
  304. Florian so I guess October might be a bit too short
  305. stpeter but then the question is, when would we ask them to renew?
  306. Florian but by November, we should have a good lineup of all new sponsors
  307. Florian 12 months
  308. stpeter ok
  309. stpeter that's fine
  310. Florian and I guess we'll always tell them to start on the 1st of some month
  311. Florian just for easier management
  312. stpeter yes
  313. stpeter exactly
  314. Florian so yeah, sponsors can join every month
  315. Florian and we'll launch our first batch in November?
  316. will.sheward has joined
  317. stpeter Florian: do we really need to batch them?
  318. stpeter hi will
  319. Florian hey will.sheward
  320. will.sheward shamefaced will has joined the meeting
  321. Florian I guess the site would look a bit strange with just one sponsor
  322. will.sheward must remember to attend meetings that i suggest
  323. will.sheward do we just have one?
  324. Florian so I'd like to have at least a few (3?) to launch it
  325. Florian we just had :)
  326. will.sheward what about the people hosting the site who would be payment in kind sponsors?
  327. Florian ah right
  328. stpeter brb
  329. Florian USSHC is staying on I guess
  330. Florian we just need to write them an official "invoice" for 12 months I guess?
  331. Florian i.e. a sponsorship for 12 months, that gets renewed every 12 months, until the service isn't used anymore
  332. Florian but basically to have an official agreement for a certain time
  333. will.sheward yes, treasurer/secretary issue i think
  334. Florian to not have sponsors back out in the middle of a term
  335. Florian right
  336. will.sheward as long as we have their money, i think that's unlikely
  337. Florian well, it's different for in-kind :)
  338. will.sheward unless we do something appalling and nobody wants to be associated with us any more :-)
  339. Florian I guess someone needs to look into the legal stuff then?
  340. Florian i.e. sponsorship invoices and papers we send out for in-kind stuff
  341. will.sheward invoices = treasurer
  342. Florian stpeter, I guess you know most about this?
  343. will.sheward and peter's sfk
  344. will.sheward afk
  345. will.sheward i think at the moment
  346. Florian that's the beauty of XMPP ... it's real-time, yet still allows for asynchronous conversations :D
  347. will.sheward you sound like a salesman
  348. Florian :p
  349. Florian but about the sponsorships ... I guess we should at least have them start always at the 1st of the month
  350. Florian just to keep it maintainable
  351. Florian seeing as having 100s of sponsors with completely random due dates ...
  352. will.sheward or we could pro-rata until the end of a defined period
  353. Florian that's complicated :D
  354. Florian that's also possible
  355. Florian but might be a bit messier
  356. Florian and depending on companies budgets, not as good
  357. Florian as I was saying before, some companies prefer to start sponsoring in December, as they see that they have got some money left
  358. will.sheward true
  359. Florian so always starting at the 1st of a month is quite useful
  360. Florian and very maintainable
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  365. Florian_Homer will.sheward: do we actually have a sponsor detail page example somewhere?
  366. will.sheward no - we didn't have such pages on the old site
  367. will.sheward i'll put something togehter tomorrow for usshc - we cna use that as an example for the voxeo people
  368. stpeter correct
  369. Florian_Homer great
  370. Florian_Homer and I guess we should delete the other sponsors from the pages
  371. will.sheward do we consider google a sponsor still?
  372. stpeter I'm not sure who to consider a sponsor anymore
  373. will.sheward strictly speaking only our hosts and voxeo.
  374. stpeter yep
  375. Florian_Homer here's a question ... <biased>Flosoft.biz for ds0039?</biased>
  376. Florian_Homer don't remember what happened to that in the end?
  377. will.sheward ds0039?
  378. Florian_Homer the server that serves as proxy
  379. Florian_Homer and stun
  380. Florian_Homer and some other stuff afair
  381. stpeter will.sheward: that's one of the machines we use,currently used only for the file transfer proxy I think
  382. will.sheward we should discuss at the next meeting (I'll be there this time promise). then we can wipe existing sponsors at the end of the month and put the new ones up.
  383. Florian_Homer sounds good
  384. Florian_Homer does anyone have the HP / Dell sponsorship deals?
  385. will.sheward this wil give florian a couple weeks to find some more
  386. will.sheward :)
  387. Florian_Homer :D
  388. Florian_Homer time to kick in some doors :)
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  390. bear florian shoud start in on Mozilla Europe
  391. Florian_Homer bear: how do you mean?
  392. bear and push the open source angle
  393. Florian_Homer oh, for sponsorship?
  394. bear just saying you could contact mozilla euro.... yes
  395. Florian_Homer why not US?
  396. Florian_Homer I'm more often awake in the US timezone :)
  397. bear i'll be contacting hem
  398. bear but sure - hit up both
  399. Florian_Homer ah right :)
  400. Florian_Homer any contacts I should hit up in Europe?
  401. bear let me get them
  402. Florian_Homer and stpeter wanted to check with Cisco :)
  403. bear Barbara Hueppe bhueppe@mozilla.com EU Communications Manager
  404. bear she is in Berlin
  405. Florian cheers
  406. Florian I'll drop her a line (maybe once we get the sponsors@ E-mail?
  407. bear k
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  409. Florian_Homer I'm wondering who of the ITeam can set that up?
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  412. stpeter I'll send an email to the iteam list about it
  413. Florian great
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  416. stpeter done
  417. Neustradamus Tristan Nitot : http://www.nitot.com/ Mozilla Europe
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