XSF Discussion - 2010-09-21

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  7. Florian meeting time?
  8. will.sheward i think so
  9. stpeter yep
  10. Florian so, Nyco can't make it
  11. Florian and Jack is away?
  12. will.sheward i dont know about jack, nyco definately cvannot make it
  13. Florian pinged Jack, but he seems to be away
  14. will.sheward lets give it a few minutes
  15. Florian ok
  16. Florian ok :)
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  18. will.sheward .....
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  20. will.sheward .....
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  22. Florian should we go for it?
  23. will.sheward mind you, given that i completely forgot about the last meeting, i'm the last person to get impatient ;-)
  24. Florian :)
  25. stpeter +1
  26. will.sheward i wonder if we're in the right room?
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  28. Florian ah, there he is! :)
  29. will.sheward peter - where'd you come from?
  30. will.sheward cant even see you online
  31. stpeter hmm
  32. stpeter well, here I am
  33. Florian haha
  34. stpeter will.sheward: I have multiple accounts
  35. will.sheward i suspect you're an imposter
  36. stpeter and I'm logged into only two of them at the moment
  37. stpeter heh
  38. stpeter well I'm a room owner :P
  39. will.sheward ah
  40. stpeter so I'm probably not an imposter
  41. stpeter shall I destroy the room just to show my power? hahaha!
  42. will.sheward evil dictator, we already have a benevolent dictator for life.
  43. stpeter ok, shall we?
  44. will.sheward lets do it
  45. stpeter Nyco set up http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr
  46. stpeter so we can use that
  47. stpeter for taking notes
  48. will.sheward i'm there
  49. stpeter yep, so I see
  50. stpeter who's in charge here? :)
  51. stpeter Agenda: [copy-paste from last meeting] - New Website? - Sponsors? - Roadmap update? - GSoC? - Elections? - Mini Summits? - Summit at FOSDEM 2011
  52. will.sheward I'll giver it a go
  53. will.sheward Website.
  54. Florian yes ...
  55. will.sheward we're almost there... the tables aren't up to date which is largely due to a permissions issue...
  56. stpeter aha
  57. will.sheward kev will sort but he's been on holiday for a week
  58. will.sheward once its done, getting the new ones in will be simple - i have them all in csv format
  59. stpeter excellent
  60. will.sheward then i just need to finish writing up the instructions and make sure everyone has logins
  61. will.sheward ..
  62. will.sheward alex was given one last week so he can do his thing, most others have them
  63. Florian great
  64. stpeter who gets accounts?
  65. stpeter all commteam members?
  66. stpeter all XSF members?
  67. will.sheward we still need to round up volunteers to do maintenance
  68. will.sheward commteam certinaly (to varying degrees) not everyone needs admin rights
  69. will.sheward i'll talk to nyco re commteam involvement
  70. stpeter ok
  71. will.sheward we should officially announce the website i guess
  72. stpeter I'm fine with having lots of editors / writers, we can always fix mistakes :)
  73. will.sheward indeed
  74. stpeter so that's going well, thanks for all your work on it
  75. will.sheward its been fun, but slow
  76. will.sheward sponsors?
  77. will.sheward florian, any news?
  78. Florian the company that you forwarded to me ...
  79. Florian no reply as of now
  80. Florian the guy has been on holidays
  81. will.sheward ah
  82. will.sheward but still, making positive noises
  83. will.sheward which was good
  84. Florian and Nokia, distracted atm due to Nokia World
  85. Florian right
  86. jack collecta wants to sponsor, but the finance people want an invocie or something
  87. stpeter I've dropped the ball with ISOC
  88. jack have we done that in the past?
  89. will.sheward jack!
  90. stpeter jack: yes
  91. jack can you email me a past one and i'll make a new one? :)
  92. Florian stpeter: you should have some from the Dinner?
  93. stpeter Florian: and before, yes
  94. stpeter so we have some action items :)
  95. will.sheward we need a cut-off date at which the existing sponsors go from the site
  96. will.sheward we also need a decision on keeping 'in kind' sponsors
  97. stpeter end of the year for the cut-off date?
  98. Florian sounds good
  99. will.sheward as good a time as any
  100. will.sheward +1
  101. stpeter k
  102. stpeter adds it to his calendar
  103. will.sheward I think we also need it made clear that the 'benefit's we've outlined apply only to new/renewing sponsors, not the ones we have now
  104. Florian right
  105. will.sheward roadmap?
  106. Florian some discussions on the members list
  107. stpeter quite a bit of discussion
  108. stpeter which I haven't kept up with :(
  109. will.sheward encouraging to see so much involvement
  110. stpeter yes
  111. will.sheward .. which i also haven't kept up with
  112. stpeter yeah
  113. stpeter too much to do
  114. Florian me n'either atm
  115. will.sheward is the discussion drawing to a close? what are the next steps?
  116. Florian I would be willing to catch up on it though
  117. stpeter I'm going to put it on my calendar for sometime this week
  118. Florian and prepare a summary
  119. stpeter to read it all
  120. stpeter Florian: that would be most excellent
  121. will.sheward i guess we need a draft roadmap, which will then spark further debate
  122. stpeter but I'll read all the messages too
  123. Florian great
  124. will.sheward florian: cool
  125. stpeter maybe I can squeeze it in after the IRI WG coordination call this evening....
  126. Florian :)
  127. Florian next up ... GSoC?
  128. stpeter aren't we done with that one?
  129. Florian yup
  130. stpeter ok, let's remove it from the agenda then :)
  131. stpeter unless bear has anything to add
  132. will.sheward well, that was easy
  133. will.sheward Elections
  134. stpeter I do need to follow up on org payment
  135. stpeter for GSoC
  136. will.sheward money = important
  137. stpeter regarding elections
  138. will.sheward yeah
  139. stpeter the iteam had to take down the wiki :(
  140. will.sheward why?
  141. stpeter but perhaps we can bring it back
  142. stpeter icky issues on athena machine, we're not sure if the wiki software was causing the problem
  143. Tobias will.sheward: would you mind having the xep list in wordpress being automatically maintained?
  144. will.sheward ah
  145. will.sheward tobias: no, that would be great
  146. Tobias i'm sure there's some python lib that allows gen.py to push some HTML into wordpress via XMP-RPC or something like that
  147. will.sheward wordpress has a plugin for everything :-0
  148. stpeter yeah
  149. stpeter anyway
  150. will.sheward back to elections?
  151. stpeter I take it that we have a number of candidates, but that they didn't link their pages from the main elections page
  152. will.sheward oh we have candidates now? thats good
  153. stpeter at least for Council
  154. will.sheward oh
  155. stpeter we discussed it in the Council meeting yesterday
  156. stpeter so that was the context
  157. will.sheward i see
  158. Florian I wanted to apply, but there was an issue with the Wiki
  159. Kev has joined
  160. stpeter Florian: right
  161. will.sheward good, so not as barren as it seemed.
  162. stpeter Kev reports it was a disk space problem on athena, solved for now
  163. Florian ok
  164. stpeter so we'll bring that back soonish
  165. stpeter and we need to recruit candidates for Board and Council
  166. Kev It is back.
  167. Kev Has been for hours ;)
  168. stpeter it's always fun to have competitive elections
  169. will.sheward kev: link
  170. stpeter Kev: sorry, I misinformed folks
  171. Kev wiki.xmpp.org/web
  172. stpeter http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2010
  173. will.sheward still only seeing 2 applicants at the moment, we should maybe post to members to remind them of the wonderfullness of serving
  174. stpeter phone call
  175. Florian will.sheward: sounds good
  176. Kev I only see one application.
  177. will.sheward you and nyco (looking at recent wiki changes)
  178. Kev Ah, right. Yes, I've just not linked it yet.
  179. will.sheward Ha: "In previous years, I've put blurb here about my free time interests and activities, but I'm guessing no-one really cares - so they're not here this year." ....
  180. will.sheward i didn't think you had any free time this year?
  181. Kev I thought putting "I don't have any free time, so I have no interests anymore" looked bad :p
  182. Florian :p
  183. will.sheward :-)
  184. will.sheward "I now work for slave drivers and have no concept of free time"
  185. Florian sounds a bit like Dave's application :)
  186. will.sheward ok - mini summits? are we discussing that?
  187. Florian yes :)
  188. Florian we've got another 15 mins :)
  189. will.sheward darn
  190. Florian I heard there might be some interest for a London mini summit
  191. Florian the question is ... how much do we want them to be affiliated with the XSF?
  192. Florian i.e. sponsors, money etc.
  193. will.sheward who are "them"?
  194. Florian them being Mini Summits
  195. stpeter meetups?
  196. will.sheward ah, i thought you meant the london organising people (are there london organising people or is it just talk)
  197. Florian nothing getting done yet ... but was a thought
  198. will.sheward i think we need to take absolutely every opportunitiyy to raise profile
  199. Florian so do I
  200. will.sheward if that means members local to meetups going along and showing support, then thats good if they can do that
  201. Florian but I would like to avoid "Product Launch" events
  202. will.sheward if we have money we should sponsor a round of beers
  203. Florian i.e. they should be open to everyone
  204. Florian if there are talks, they shouldn't have to be biased towards a specific vendor etc.
  205. will.sheward florian: we have to draw a distinction between XMPP events and product marketing fluff
  206. Florian right
  207. Florian but I think the events should definitely be supported by the XSF
  208. Florian maybe a wiki page with a list of Mini Summits around the world
  209. will.sheward xmpp events - yes. company X is launching new product Y - no.
  210. Florian will.sheward: +1
  211. will.sheward so, decisions on mini summits?
  212. Florian I'm all for them
  213. Kev I'd be in favour of a London-based non marketing fluff XSF event, FWIW.
  214. Florian me too :)
  215. will.sheward this has to be led by one of you technicsl type - so if you want to organise - Just Do It!
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  217. Florian maybe we should write up a definition of the XMPP Mini Summits (what's allowed and what not)
  218. will.sheward florian: that's a good idea
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  220. Florian wow, lag over here ...
  221. stpeter ok, off the phone
  222. Florian so yeah, I think the start would be to write up a definition
  223. Florian and what the XSF does to support these events
  224. will.sheward so - we're going to define what a mini summit is, be clear about how we'd support one, stick it on the site, ....
  225. Florian Blogposts, Wiki listing, ...
  226. Florian right
  227. will.sheward keep an eye out for events that might become mini-summits
  228. Kev What's the incentive for people to turn up?
  229. will.sheward Fosdem would be a good platform to publicise these. Lots of international visitors, might go away positive enough to start something
  230. Florian right
  231. will.sheward kev: contributing to the greater good of mankind through xmpp ...
  232. will.sheward plus beer
  233. Florian :)
  234. Kev Just checking.
  235. stpeter ok, how about the XMPP Summit at FOSDEM 2011??
  236. Florian I'd say +1 :)
  237. will.sheward pls note that both Chuck and Weeds have just finished downloading, so we need to move on
  238. Florian people seem to be used to it
  239. stpeter right
  240. Florian haha ... the Chuck episode is meh :)
  241. will.sheward fosdem is a good thing
  242. Florian I would like to go one further this year
  243. Tobias Florian: i found it quite amusing ;)
  244. Florian we used to have free hotel for members back in the day
  245. will.sheward ah yes
  246. stpeter I talked with someone at the Cisco office in Belgium, they might have a free conference room for us near the airport with real wifi and such
  247. Florian depending on how it goes with sponsors, that would be a +
  248. Florian especially to get more people involved in the XSF
  249. will.sheward it would be good to help members somehow, finances permitting
  250. stpeter it's not the in the center, though
  251. Florian right ... I know where the office is ...
  252. stpeter I can follow up on that if we're interested
  253. Florian might be a bit annoying to get there
  254. stpeter yeah
  255. Kev More annoying to get there than beingstuck in a room with no windows all day, and no Internet?
  256. stpeter there are always annoyances :)
  257. Florian haha
  258. will.sheward we might consider attempting to get an event sponsor (extending the meal sponsoring thing)
  259. Florian yes
  260. will.sheward and using that to subsidise some
  261. Florian yup
  262. will.sheward lets at least float it on the blog as an idea, see if anyone bites
  263. Florian sounds good
  264. Florian I guess, everything would be around 5000€
  265. stpeter it seems that the Cisco office is in Diegem
  266. Florian yup, that's the Airport
  267. Kev Personally, when I was subbed I didn't care, and when I'm not subbed the hotel alone isn't enough to get me there.
  268. Kev If there's that much money flowing around...
  269. stpeter http://www.pegasuspark.be/
  270. stpeter http://www.pegasuspark.be/article/view.web?articleId=9
  271. stpeter not sure exactly how one gets there via public transit, though
  272. stpeter Florian: do you think it is reasonable for me to at least inquire?
  273. Kev Putting on transport seems a good thing for the XSF to do
  274. will.sheward kev: we don't know that your experience is the norm
  275. Florian it's always good to have options
  276. Kev will.sheward: Not at all, that's why I prefaced with 'personally' - but it's one datum.
  277. will.sheward for some working at uncooperative companies, every little might help swing the decision to attend
  278. Florian indeed
  279. stpeter Florian: ok I shall at least ping my contact there
  280. Florian and it would be good to give incentives to become a XSF member
  281. stpeter so we'd be talking about Friday February 4 and Monday February 7, correct?
  282. stpeter if we follow previous schedules
  283. will.sheward ye
  284. will.sheward s
  285. stpeter ok, I'll ping my contact
  286. will.sheward how soon do we need to get in our dev room proposal?
  287. Kev Ralph's doing that.
  288. will.sheward cool
  289. Florian great
  290. Kev Ralph always does that, I think.
  291. Florian yeh
  292. will.sheward ok, so, next?
  293. Florian I think that's it
  294. will.sheward minutes writing?
  295. Kev I have an AOB
  296. will.sheward oh, ok
  297. Kev In common with the Council meeting yesterday.
  298. stpeter email sent to my Cisco contact
  299. Florian stpeter: great
  300. Kev The issue was raised of people remembering there are meetings (Peter reminded me today, for example) - do Board have some opinion of having something like a bot that reminds members when Council/Board meetings are?
  301. Florian +1!
  302. Tobias don't you guys use calendars? :)
  303. Florian +1!!!
  304. will.sheward i've been guilty of forgetting in the very recent past
  305. Florian they are often not synced
  306. stpeter heh
  307. stpeter yes, they are not synced automatically as I thought they were, but we can add a cron job for that
  308. will.sheward bot couldn't hurt but if i forget about a meeting it usually means i'm nowhere near a computer to be reminded
  309. Tobias right
  310. Kev I use calendars badly.
  311. Kev will.sheward: Point.
  312. will.sheward this is a 'personal responsibility' item
  313. Kev Anyway, it was just a talking point.
  314. stpeter will.sheward: heh
  315. stpeter we did talk about having more bots and other real-time interactions
  316. stpeter we do work on a real-time technology, after all ;-)
  317. will.sheward but if you're doing the bot thing for council, can't hurt for baord as well and everything else
  318. Florian :p
  319. Florian will.sheward: +1
  320. Kev Matt was going to work on posting Council meetings to identi.ca automatically.
  321. stpeter so let's poke the iteam about that -- I recall that a few folks volunteered to work on bots and such
  322. Kev Righ,t that was going to be my suggestion.
  323. stpeter not folks who are doing anything right now, mind you :)
  324. will.sheward lol
  325. Kev If Board have ideas on getting membership active, please share.
  326. Kev It seems to some people (me) that there are a core of the XSF who do rather a lot of work, and significant number of members who are only ever heard from at application time.
  327. stpeter I think it would help to poke the members@ list 24 hours in advance about Board and Council meetings
  328. will.sheward i think its just a case of driving the teams a bit more. getitng people to step into teams after election was a good thing. step 2 - energising teams
  329. stpeter or have general member sessions once a month or whatever
  330. Florian is there anything else? (need to run to Tescos) ....
  331. will.sheward nothing here.
  332. Kev Not from me.
  333. stpeter ok
  334. will.sheward minutes?
  335. stpeter we have notes at http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr
  336. stpeter feel free to make corrections
  337. stpeter and then we can post them to the members@ list
  338. will.sheward ok
  339. Florian ok ... great
  340. Florian I've got to dash then
  341. will.sheward happy shopping
  342. Florian cheers :p
  343. will.sheward stpeter: you want me to do minutes?
  344. Florian gotta hunt down my dinner :)
  345. stpeter will.sheward: sure, I think we have most of what we need at http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr
  346. will.sheward you dont have to hunt these days, the microwave meals are in aisle 3
  347. stpeter perhaps list action items
  348. stpeter next meeting on October 5?
  349. will.sheward ok - i'm going to be pushed for time tomorrow but will do on thursday
  350. will.sheward oct 5 is ok for me
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  352. will.sheward ok - we done? Cos I need to eat
  353. stpeter yes
  354. stpeter me too
  355. stpeter I've added action items at http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr
  356. will.sheward ok - bye all, see you next time
  357. stpeter feel free to correct or supplement
  358. will.sheward thanks peter
  359. stpeter so I have: Action Items: - Peter to send sponsorship proposal to Internet Society - Peter to follow up with Google about GSoC org payment - Peter to contact Cisco representative about meeting room for XMPP Summit - Peter to send invoice template to Jack - Florian to follow up with Nokia and other company regarding sponsorship - Matthew Wild to pursue bot integration for calendars (iteam) - Will and Florian to define mini-summits support - Will to post to members@ list about Board and Council elections - Will to ping Communications Team about website maintenance
  360. stpeter wanders off to heat up some lunch
  361. will.sheward those look good to me. Will heads for the kitchen.
  362. stpeter :)
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  365. stpeter Kev: when is the next Council meeting?
  366. Kev Monday, 1800
  367. stpeter ok, I'll update that calendar while I'm at it
  368. Kev Ta.
  369. stpeter runs calgen.py this time!
  370. Tobias yay :)
  371. stpeter ok, I'm going to finish my lunch and take a brief walk to clear me head, bbiab
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