XSF Discussion - 2010-10-05

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  19. Nÿco CommTeam meeting in... a few minutes
  20. Nÿco http://typewith.me/r5oRspegAB << for collab notes taking
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  22. Guillaume Hi all
  23. Kev Quite the turn-out.
  24. Nÿco so, you wanna have that meeting?
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  26. Kev Nÿco: Entirely up to you. I don't have anything interesting to say :)
  27. Nÿco I just would like to have people contribute
  28. Nÿco everybody has its own opinion on what this CommTeam can/should/must do
  29. Nÿco I think I'm gonna go on alone with the Roundups and that's it until we get a team
  30. Kev I would like to help with stuff, but the number of XSF-related things I do is fairly high already (Not that it isn't for you too), so spare time is something of an issue.
  31. Nÿco I know, don't worry
  32. Nÿco don't feel guilty! ;-)
  33. Nÿco I know how hard you work
  34. Kev Perhaps we should start name-and-shaming members at re-application time who haven't done $STUFF :)
  35. Nÿco yes ;-)
  36. Nÿco beginning by what I've not done, or not in time, or not at all...
  37. Kev Well, what needs doing?
  38. Kev I know the roundups always need work.
  39. Kev Have people stepped up to maintain the new site yet?
  40. Nÿco yep
  41. Nÿco website review
  42. Nÿco maintain website content
  43. Nÿco write white papers (we said it was hard and time consuming, but people keep asking for such)
  44. Nÿco maintain more precisely the list of: services, clients, servers, libraries, etc.
  45. Nÿco do presentations
  46. Nÿco etc.
  47. Kev So there's no shortage of stuff to do.
  48. Kev How do we cajole people into doing it?
  49. Nÿco I just don't know... XSF members are more developpers...
  50. Nÿco I guess starting the wrok, and get people to review it?
  51. Nÿco any better idea?
  52. Guillaume for white papers, could we try involving companies ?
  53. Kev Guillaume: I did briefly consider that a moment ago.
  54. Guillaume They always want to do PR
  55. Kev It's not clear to me if this would work, but I'm happy to give it a go.
  56. Nÿco yes, but companies write white paper to praise their own products
  57. Kev As long as 'companies writing whitepapers' doesn't mean 'company writing how great their software is'
  58. Nÿco that's the point
  59. Kev and if it's not that, it's not clear how motivated companies will be to write them.
  60. Kev Maybe we could persuade people to write two-part whitepapers.
  61. Guillaume exactly
  62. Guillaume why they used XMPP, Y it's cool
  63. Kev One to say how great XMPP feature X is, which the XSF would publish, and then one that says why their implementation is the best, which they can publish themselves.
  64. Guillaume .. Y there product is cool
  65. Guillaume we could ask some company owners from the xsf if they would be interested ?
  66. Guillaume (issuing a joint Press communicate with XSF)
  67. Kev Thing is, I have no wish for the XSF to be associated with the part that says "And our software's the best"
  68. Nÿco with PR and whitepapers, we would hit the business people: is that what we want?
  69. Nÿco Kev: +1
  70. Guillaume PR also worls for developers
  71. Guillaume (works)
  72. Nÿco no, they are PR-proof ;-)
  73. Kev Although possibly not flame-proof :)
  74. Nÿco the message would be "And our protocol is the best"... maybe adding "You haven't fully understood it yet" ;-)
  75. Guillaume does the xsf do PR today ?
  76. Kev Which 'PR'?
  77. Kev Public relations or Press releases?
  78. Kev The XSF did Press releases a looong time ago, and decided to stop in favour of blogging (stpeter will remember this better than me).
  79. Guillaume ok, and i'm guessing no press relations from what you said
  80. Nÿco we can use the Social Web these days...
  81. Nÿco most of the most influentail techies websites are not traditionnal press these days... and it may last
  82. Nÿco writing long PR and whitepapers is... boring, time-consuming, etc.
  83. Nÿco microblogging is fun
  84. Kev And still time-consuming :)
  85. Nÿco maybe we can setup something on this front ?
  86. Nÿco yes ;-)
  87. Kev The XSF has an identi.ca account, I believe.
  88. Kev I'm sure we could set up XSF-News or something if we want to have another one.
  89. Guillaume how do we communicate today to the influential techies blogs ?
  90. Kev We don't.
  91. Nÿco we do
  92. Kev We do?
  93. Guillaume humm
  94. Nÿco follow them on Twitter, mention them, get caught, say interesting, relevant stuff, and that's it
  95. Guillaume It could maybe be usefull to identify the blog owners and inform them of new XSF blog posts by mail ?
  96. Nÿco yep
  97. Nÿco ignite public discussions on Twitter
  98. Nÿco so, let's get more "Social'?
  99. Nÿco I need to go now...
  100. Nÿco I feel we must open up our gates to the outside world, and get people to join in
  101. Nÿco ok, done?
  102. Kev I don't have anything else.
  103. Nÿco ok
  104. Nÿco thx Kev, thx Guillaume
  105. Nÿco bye
  106. Kev Thanks Nÿco
  107. Guillaume thx !
  108. Guillaume by all
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  117. Florian So, does this OneTeam work?
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  119. Florian Meeting?
  120. will.sheward i thnk so
  121. will.sheward it *is* tuesday right? :-)
  122. Florian I'd say so
  123. Florian But it seems that Tuesday is a really bad day
  124. will.sheward all work days are bad days!
  125. Florian Hehe
  126. will.sheward ok - so it's just you and me then.
  127. Florian So... Anything urgent? I'd say let's fall back to the ML
  128. will.sheward I'm looking at (http://typewith.me/EyJg4G3XSr) - minutes from the last meeting to see if there's anything we need to cover now. Can you do the same?
  129. Florian Eh.... The iPad can't find that pad?
  130. will.sheward really? how odd
  131. will.sheward ha! one of the items was "Peter noted that we could ping members@ list 24 hours before Board and Council meetings"
  132. will.sheward so, clearly doing that would have been a good idea
  133. Florian Heh
  134. Florian Yup
  135. Florian Let's reschedule a meeting for another date?
  136. stpeter oops
  137. will.sheward ok - i can see jack online (idle) but not nyco. So yes, let's ping the Baord list and reschedule
  138. stpeter I was here but I didn't realize it!
  139. stpeter is feeling a bit off today
  140. will.sheward i think this one's a washout stpeter
  141. stpeter hmph ok
  142. will.sheward nyco had a commteam meeting today i think, he might have got the 2 mixed up a bit?
  143. stpeter right
  144. will.sheward stpeter: who maintains jabber.org <http://jabber.org> site content?
  145. Kev Nyco was at the commteam meeting,but had to leave to do other things.
  146. stpeter I do
  147. will.sheward jehan pointed out that a lot of the xmpp.org <http://xmpp.org> links from jabber.org <http://jabber.org> are incorrect. can you sort me out with a login so i can correct?
  148. Kev Are we still in the process of setting up the redirects so the old URLs work?
  149. Kev I'm not opposed to fixing jabber.org as well, but we should probably persist the old links on xmpp.org
  150. will.sheward kev: i need to compile a list i think
  151. will.sheward wwe should correct incoming links that are in our power to correct i think
  152. Kev I don't disagree.
  153. will.sheward I should think not, slacker
  154. will.sheward ok - so lets mail the board list with a request for another date. I think I'll go out for a run
  155. Florian Ok
  156. Florian Have fun doing healthy stuff :p
  157. stpeter brb
  158. will.sheward it's the only way i can justify a beer later
  159. Florian Hehe
  160. will.sheward bye for now
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  162. Neustradamus I am here
  163. Neustradamus too late sorry
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