XSF Discussion - 2010-11-10

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  29. Nÿco meeting in 12 minutes?
  30. Nÿco lag-test
  31. bear is there a board muc like there is for council?
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  34. Will hi jack
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  36. Florian hi
  37. Florian so ... time for the board meeting?
  38. Will 30 seconds :-)
  39. Will Are we all here?
  40. Florian Peter is missing
  41. jack seems so
  42. jack Welcome everyone to the first meeting of the 2010/2011 board :)
  43. Will !
  44. Will welcome especially Mike
  45. jack Indeed!
  46. Florian indeed
  47. jack Fresh blood is always good.
  48. bear who?
  49. bear oh me!
  50. Will some bloke, i dunno
  51. jack So as with every newly seated board, we have to nominate some officers
  52. Florian yup
  53. jack I believe we need ED, Secretary, and Treasurer
  54. Florian I'd propose Peter to take the position of ED if he's up for it
  55. jack oh, and board chair
  56. jack seconded
  57. Will thirded
  58. jack I'll volunteer for treasurer again
  59. Will especially as he's not here ;-)
  60. Florian seconded
  61. bear devious
  62. Will stpeter now gets all the bad jobs
  63. Florian haha
  64. jack Alexander is our current secretary, and he did a good job as I recall last year. Does anyone know if he's up for doing it again?
  65. Will he's not said as far as i know.
  66. Florian hmm
  67. Florian I'd say ... let's ask him
  68. jack I'd suggest we contact him and ask
  69. Will +1
  70. Florian :)
  71. Will note we're not contacting peter, just assuming
  72. Florian haha
  73. jack I'll email them both right now
  74. Will cool
  75. jack Bear, you seemed to be quite organized :) Want to ttake a crack at Chair?
  76. Florian :)
  77. bear what does that entail?
  78. Will quick, vote him in while he's still typing on typewithme and doesn't notice ;-)
  79. bear :P
  80. Florian +1
  81. jack mostly that you make some agendas
  82. Will you get to have a longer title than the rest of us and bang a gavel
  83. jack although I guess nyco has been doing that :)
  84. bear if it is just herding cats and making thingssmooth for others - sure
  85. Will I second bear for big chairman role
  86. jack There might be a bylaw or two were you break tie votes for other things, but AFAIK none of that has ever been used.
  87. bear k
  88. Will you have no real power, we just get to blame you if things go wrong
  89. bear well damn, since you put it that way, where do I sign up!
  90. Will I'm not hearing anything from nyco - is he here?
  91. Florian Nÿco?
  92. bear he did a "lag test" about 15 minutes before the meeting started
  93. Will latency in france must be a b**ch
  94. Florian lol
  95. Neustradamus :D
  96. Nÿco yep
  97. Will aha!
  98. Florian he's alive!
  99. Nÿco my client is
  100. Nÿco lag-test
  101. Nÿco awful
  102. Nÿco but still I can follow
  103. Florian using OneTeam again? :p
  104. Nÿco no, Psi+
  105. Florian sorry ... just had to crack that joke :p
  106. bear chuckles
  107. Nÿco the lag does not come from the client
  108. jack Alex responded that he is up for secretary again.
  109. Will cool
  110. jack +1 from me
  111. Will dito
  112. jack other votes?
  113. Nÿco as for the chair, I'm comfortably sit, thx ;-)
  114. Will lol
  115. Florian +1
  116. Florian ok .. so the board is sorted?
  117. Will i think so
  118. Nÿco sort... of
  119. Nÿco next item?
  120. Florian yup
  121. Nÿco bumonthly meetings?
  122. Will regular meetings +1
  123. Nÿco s/bu/bi/
  124. Nÿco Wed?
  125. jack I am +1 for the regular meeting slot.
  126. Florian +1
  127. Nÿco the biggest question will be time?
  128. Florian good time at the moment
  129. Will I'm ok for this time
  130. Nÿco we have a timezone overlap, let's choose in this timeframe
  131. Nÿco I'm ok too
  132. Nÿco "17:00 aka 5:00pm GMT/UTC"
  133. bear this time or earlier is good for me
  134. Florian I can't do 16:00
  135. Florian can't do earlier than 17:00
  136. Nÿco no one against this time?
  137. Tobias has joined
  138. jack I think everyone confirmed.
  139. Florian ok ... great :)
  140. bear cool, so bi-weekly at 1700 GMT starting today
  141. jack Next topic, new website
  142. Will items on website....
  143. Nÿco every two weeks, bi-weekly being twice a week
  144. Nÿco Roundups:
  145. Nÿco my mistake I don't find time to publish them
  146. Florian shouldn't that be something for the commteam?
  147. Will They were good, I'm happy to take lead in re-starting, with nyco's help
  148. Nÿco ok
  149. Nÿco drafts are in the wiki
  150. Will i'll take a look tomorrow
  151. Nÿco how would like to work? go on with drafting on the wiki?
  152. Will I think we should draft in the wordpress installation
  153. Florian +1 for wordpress
  154. Nÿco -1 for WP
  155. Will I suppose it is less public
  156. Nÿco this wiki lets other people watch and contribute, like for example Neustradamus, who is a great help
  157. Will so i understand where nyco is coming from
  158. Nÿco ?
  159. Florian what about Etherpad?
  160. Nÿco -1 for Etherpad: doesn't fit
  161. jack I think the wiki is fine
  162. Will i withdraw my +1 for WP and convert it to keeping with wiki
  163. Nÿco it is not optimal, I confess, but it works mostly
  164. jack Or rather, I vote for whatever Nyco would prefer, since he is the one drafting most of them :)
  165. Nÿco can we have a better tool someday?
  166. Will lol
  167. Florian lol
  168. jack Nyco, what would you like in a better tool?
  169. Will how about google wave <snigger>
  170. Nÿco I would define the roundups as being more successful, if we have more contribs, so any tool for contribs would do
  171. Florian instead of wave, I'd say etherpad
  172. Will we'll stick with wiki for the moment i think
  173. Florian yeah
  174. Nÿco etherpad ahs no links, no traceability, etc.
  175. Nÿco etherpad is good for one-shots
  176. Nÿco ok
  177. Nÿco "new website" agenda item: anything to add?
  178. Will the tables have stopped working (not editable) again, Kev is looking to see if permissions have changed. If he can't find a reason, we'll try another way of generating them
  179. bear i'm working on getting access to git and going to switch the services, libs and clients table to generated tool like what is used for xeps
  180. Will plus the ics plugin that was causing the performance issues has a new version out which i'll try tomorrow probably....
  181. Will which should enable us to at last fill in this page: http://xmpp.org/participate/future-events/
  182. Will bear: that'd be good
  183. Kev has joined
  184. bear yea, going to use the same input format if possible
  185. Neustradamus I would like an update of the very old mediawiki version.
  186. Nÿco maintaining the tables data needs more contributions as well...
  187. Nÿco can we open the edition to some subsections of the website to special users?
  188. bear the person who maintains a spanish version of the tables has contacted me to help
  189. Will Nÿco: agree but we're short of volunteers at the moment.
  190. Nÿco cool!
  191. Kev Nÿco: I don't know if that's possible in wordpress, is it?
  192. Nÿco I meant, can we do it technically?
  193. Nÿco ah
  194. Kev I thought you had to be a sitewide editor, but I'm no wordpress guru.
  195. Nÿco ok, no fine grained persmissions?
  196. bear if the tables can be generated then we can use git pull-requests :)
  197. Nÿco yes, from where?
  198. Will no fine grained permissions as standard but we can set people up as contributors which means their changes would be held until released by someone with higher permissions?
  199. Will i bet there's a plugin for that though (fine grained)
  200. bear let's let the current wp changes get made and then we could revisit the workflow
  201. Will agreed
  202. Will walk first, run second
  203. Nÿco ok
  204. Nÿco anything else on the website?
  205. Will nothing here
  206. Nÿco I tend to agree on the Mediawiki version, but it's a low priority
  207. Nÿco next item? Sponsors?
  208. Will Sponsors?
  209. jack I will send an invoice to Collecta this week. They agreed to sponsor.
  210. jack Has anyone asked anyone else? Perhaps we should ask Jonas and see if google is interested :)
  211. bear do we have a list of past sponsors? and have they been contacted?
  212. Will I've not yet started asking, but a generic message to members to see if they know of anyone (employyers?) would be a good idea
  213. Nÿco +1
  214. Will I think peter is our best source for list of past sponers...
  215. Will i seem to recall we've talked about this before?
  216. bear is someone working on the past list then?
  217. Will i think "working might be stretching it
  218. bear :)
  219. bear ok, i'll contact peter about the past list and do an email to member list about suggestions
  220. Will I'll draft an email to Members
  221. bear ok
  222. Nÿco web archive machine may help
  223. Nÿco Wayback machine, sorry
  224. Nÿco http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://jabber.org
  225. Nÿco Special Thanks to Our Sponsors: IBM | Hitachi
  226. Nÿco wow
  227. Nÿco http://web.archive.org/web/20020124045738/http://www.jabber.org/
  228. Nÿco in 2002
  229. Will you know that opening statement on that page is better than anything we currently have
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  231. Nÿco next item?
  232. Nÿco Roadmap?
  233. jack We typically strive to keep the board meetings short. Shall we adjourn today and continue with the remaining items in 2 weeks?
  234. Nÿco - Roadmap update - GSoC - Elections - Mini Summits
  235. Nÿco agree
  236. bear +1
  237. Will +1 and we need to talk FOSDEM next meeting as well
  238. bear I would put that at the top of the list then
  239. Nÿco ok
  240. Nÿco Next meeting: 2010-11-24 17:00 aka 5:00pm GMT/UTC
  241. jack did someone contact htem?
  242. jack the call for devrooms closed October 16th :(
  243. Will jack: we have a devroom
  244. Nÿco Please, update your agendas
  245. Kev Ralph has arranged a room for the Saturday, I believe.
  246. jack will: ok good :)
  247. jack ok, see everyone in 2 weeks :)
  248. bear waves
  249. jack has left
  250. Will bye bye
  251. Nÿco bye
  252. Nÿco thx to all
  253. Will bear: do i have permission to leave now? ;-)
  254. bear bangs the gavel
  255. bear ok, meeting over
  256. Will thanks
  257. bear :)
  258. bear who normally sends out meeting summary?
  259. Nÿco the one who asks...
  260. bear doh!
  261. Nÿco :-p
  262. Nÿco welcome to the board bear! ;-)
  263. bear ok, i'll work up a brief summary and post it to the members list
  264. Will rofl
  265. bear thanks!
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  267. Nÿco maybe no need for a summary, http://typewith.me/y1i9CHJHLH may be enough
  268. Nÿco with the log
  269. bear that should go to the wiki IMO with a link to the log
  270. bear but yes, my summary was going to be a shortened version of the typewith.me doc
  271. Nÿco why not... you want to archive everything? if we send to lists, it is archived, no?
  272. bear yes
  273. Nÿco mmm... yes to what?
  274. bear in the absence of past experience i was just going with what i've done - but sure, I will do that
  275. bear yes to your question
  276. Nÿco which one?
  277. bear do you have a link to the log
  278. Nÿco ah let me check
  279. bear yes I feel everything shoud b archived - which would be handled by a log link
  280. bear and the mailing list would serve as notice
  281. Kev For what it's worth, I think sending semi-formal minutes is worthwhile. I think a copy of the typewith.me document very nearly covers that, if not completely.
  282. bear ok
  283. Nÿco like this
  284. Nÿco http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/100907/
  285. Nÿco http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/101110/
  286. bear cool
  287. Kev Thanks bear.
  288. bear glad to help
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  298. Nÿco ok, the Mediawiki definitely needs an upgrade
  299. Nÿco Neustradamus? do you wish to upgrade it?
  300. Kev I will do this after the interop event.
  301. Kev It's a big upgrade and I don't want to do it while we need the wiki for arranging stuffs.
  302. Nÿco http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Special:Version Product MediaWiki Version 1.13.2 http://www.mediawiki.org/
  303. Nÿco Current version
  304. Nÿco 1.16.0 – 2010-07-28
  305. Nÿco ah
  306. Nÿco why not
  307. Nÿco do you need help?
  308. Kev No, I can do it - but my experience with upgrading mediawiki is that it tends to be painful.
  309. Kev I guess we've enough time to fix it if it does go wrong and have it back for the interop.
  310. Kev Ok, I'll have a look at it.
  311. Kev But not tonight.
  312. Kev adds to todo.
  313. Neustradamus Kev: ok
  314. Nÿco yes, painful is quite close to what I experienced also
  315. Neustradamus after the update, you must add (a new time) the XMPP URIs -> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_URIs#MediaWiki
  316. Kev Let's get to the upgrade first.
  317. Nÿco yes, it's quite lower priority
  318. Neustradamus yes yes
  319. Nÿco though it would be nice to have XMPP URIs at the XSF ;-)
  320. Neustradamus sure
  321. Kev Nÿco: I wonder if this is something it's worth the XSF pursuing.
  322. Kev A relatively low proportion of clients will deal with system-click xmpp: URIs.
  323. Nÿco nevermind, if we don't have it, then who?
  324. Kev Sorry, I realise you can read what I said either way.
  325. Kev I mean:
  326. Kev Maybe it's worth the XSF pursing this and persuading clients to implement xmpp: handlers.
  327. Neustradamus Kev: yes
  328. Nÿco ah yes, indeed I read the other way round ;-) (which was surprising from you ;-) )
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