XSF Discussion - 2010-11-24

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  26. Nÿco Board meeting in a little more than 2 hours
  27. Nÿco http://typewith.me/LNzlrsfnkL
  28. Nÿco http://xmpp.org:5290/muc_log/muc.xmpp.org/xsf/101124/
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  34. Steffen Larsen is there a board meeting here on this muc at 17:00 UTC?
  35. Nÿco yep
  36. Steffen Larsen okie..
  37. Steffen Larsen we are having a tech-review meeting at 18:00 UTC. Is that ok?
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  39. Steffen Larsen or should we use another muc?
  40. Nÿco ah ok, we will need to make it short anyway, Will will only be able to attend 30 minutes
  41. Nÿco no, this MUC is ok ;-)
  42. Steffen Larsen ha ha ok
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  44. Steffen Larsen later, cheers
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  46. bear hmm, can't remember if there is a team-infra muc room
  47. Tobias there is, hidden in the woods ;)
  48. bear :)
  49. bear his wp table update didn't wor
  50. petermount techreview@muc.xmpp.org - still got it configured in pidgin...
  51. Tobias iteam@muc.xmpp.org
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  57. bear bangs the gavel to see who is awake
  58. Will :)
  59. bear looks like Florian is not present
  60. jack i'm here
  61. Will just pinged florian
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  63. Florian yhello :)
  64. Florian S2S is a bit slow :)
  65. bear looks like we are all here - and we have 28 minutes till Will has to leave
  66. Will speed-meeting
  67. bear anyone running it or should we just go
  68. Florian let's go :)
  69. Florian FOSDEM :)
  70. bear what items are outstanding for FOSDEM for us?
  71. Will ok, fosdem. we have a room, are we looking for presenters?
  72. jack we have a dev room, so we probably need to get a wiki page set up and start recruiting presentations
  73. Will great minds....
  74. jack last year we did shorter (30m) presentations, and i think that format was great
  75. Florian yup
  76. jack if we can get someone to bring some AV gear this year, that would help a lot. i was only able to record a single session last year
  77. bear who is point person for that? i.e. who do I poke to get wiki and notices out for call-for-presenter?
  78. Will so let's set up the wiki page, blog etc.
  79. Florian what kind of AV gear is required?
  80. Florian Flip Cam?
  81. jack something that can record approximately 4-5 hours of video
  82. Will bear: I can set up the wiki page, do the blog post etc.
  83. jack and has reasonable audio quality
  84. Will als I need to start looking at t-shirts etc
  85. Will also
  86. Florian there's still about 150 shirts left from last year
  87. Will i think last year's shirts are not saleable
  88. Florian hehe
  89. Will or we could do a "buy 1 get 1 free" offer with new (black) shirts
  90. Florian yeh :)
  91. bear agreed
  92. Florian or buy 2 and get 1 free :)
  93. bear simpler to just give them away I think
  94. Will we can decide closer to time
  95. bear Do we have detailed info on the site/location for wiki page?
  96. bear ok, tabling shirt issue
  97. Will same as every other year i think
  98. Florian for the talks, yeh
  99. Florian ULB Campus Solbosch
  100. Will the summit is in cisco's location?
  101. Florian and for the Summit
  102. Florian Cisco in Diegem
  103. Will ah
  104. jack http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Summit#9
  105. jack for example
  106. bear yea, it was the cisco change I was thinking about
  107. jack tere used to be an xmpp.org/xsf/summit9.shtml i think too
  108. Florian yup
  109. jack http://xmpp.org/participate/the-xmpp-summit/xmpp-summit-8/
  110. jack there we go
  111. Florian right
  112. Florian I can maintain that again if that's ok :)
  113. jack so theo nly other big logistical thing is to figure out the dinner and the hack day
  114. Florian Hack-Day ... Friday @ Cisco?
  115. bear we should clear that with peter
  116. Florian and Dinner ... I'm going to try to find another nice restaurant in Brussels when I'm there in December
  117. jack ah that's right. no need to pay for hotel conference room this year
  118. Florian right
  119. jack so sounds like florian will et that page set up and such.
  120. Florian sure
  121. bear ok, let's review these todo items next meeting - should have all wiki pages done by then - ready for next item?
  122. jack ok
  123. Will yup
  124. Florian Wiki and XMPP.org page done by next meeting
  125. bear roadmap update
  126. bear goes to look for last weeks minutes
  127. bear anyone have anything for this?
  128. Will not me
  129. Florian nope
  130. bear ok, sounds like I need to update the agenda *before* the meeting :/ - I'll have that done before next
  131. bear ok, moving on
  132. bear GSoC - isn't this done and over?
  133. Florian GSoC ... how come that's still on the agenda?
  134. Will money?
  135. Florian it's about to start snowing here tomorrow
  136. Florian aah :)
  137. bear ok, GSoC done
  138. Florian Money stuff sorted ?
  139. jack as for elections, peter suggested we do what we did last year and wait until the first 2011 board meeting to appoint/vote on various positions
  140. jack but he also said he's up for another year of ED duty
  141. bear I have to pester peter to see what money has arrived
  142. Will + past sponsors
  143. bear he emailed me that he is working on the sponsor list
  144. Will cool
  145. Florian cool
  146. Nÿco hi, sorry
  147. bear what election items need to be resolved (if any) ?
  148. Will bear: don't know.
  149. Nÿco catching up
  150. bear or rather - who are we nominating for the various positions - to give folks time to chew on it
  151. bear ED = peter
  152. Will wasn't this in the last meeting? we re-nominated everyone existing
  153. Florian yeh
  154. bear that's what I hought also
  155. bear the only real change was for Chair
  156. jack well if that's all settled, then no big deal :)
  157. Florian cool ... next item?
  158. bear mini summits according to the posted agenda
  159. Will is mini summits a leftover item from the last meeting?
  160. bear yep
  161. Florian It seems to pop up again and again ...
  162. bear ok, next agenda item: whack bear until he remembers that he needs to setup agenda
  163. Florian from my end .. look into doing one in spring in the UK
  164. Will florian: you should announce intention on blog and email lists. see who steps forward with interest
  165. Florian yeh, was planning to do that around / just after FOSDEM
  166. Florian I'd say ... delay mini summits until we're done with the Summit #10
  167. Will we might want to consider having a push on mini-summits at fosdem. we still have the tabe/stand to advertise such stuff?
  168. bear add that to the discussion list for FOSDEM
  169. Will ok
  170. bear anything to add to next meetings agenda?
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  172. Florian Summit / FOSDEM progress
  173. Will how about the calendar feed :-)
  174. Florian and yes, Calendar!
  175. bear k
  176. Will I was so disappointed nobody turned up for our meeting on saturday ;-)
  177. Florian lol
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  179. bear preps the gavel
  180. Will quick site update:
  181. Will tables now work, cal plugin still doesn't - later will be fixed by next mtg
  182. Will thats it - i'm done
  183. Florian cool
  184. bear yes, I've processed the backlog of table updates
  185. bear anyone else?
  186. Florian I'm good :)
  187. bear jack, Nyco/
  188. bear ?
  189. Florian ah!
  190. Florian one thing maybe
  191. Florian maybe have a think about awesome demos for the stand at FOSDEM
  192. bear add that to your blog post :)
  193. Will florian: i'll add to relevant pages
  194. Will etc
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  196. Nÿco ok for me
  197. Florian cools
  198. jack nothing from me
  199. bear and with that...
  200. bear bangs the gavel to close the meeting
  201. bear thanks all
  202. Nÿco PLEASE NOTE: next meeting 2010-12-08 17:00 aka 5:00pm GMT/UTC
  203. Nÿco thanks bear, thanks all
  204. Will thanks for accommodating my time pressures - see you in 2 weeks.
  205. bear who will post minutes to blog?
  206. Nÿco to blog?
  207. Nÿco to member list rather?
  208. Florian right
  209. Will yes, we should blog the miinutes
  210. bear doh!
  211. Florian ok :)
  212. Nÿco it may not be that interesting...
  213. Will actually i think bear's onto something there.
  214. bear to memer ist with a blog entry pointing to it
  215. bear wow - swift is dropping characters
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  217. bear k, i'll write up the minutes summary and post to list
  218. bear and then make blog entry
  219. Will awesome
  220. Florian cool :)
  221. bear see you all in 2wks
  222. Nÿco thx
  223. Florian thx
  224. Nÿco what about the call to presenters?
  225. bear will is handling that
  226. Will me
  227. Nÿco ok
  228. Nÿco I have an HD camcorder...
  229. Florian ah cool
  230. Will has left
  231. Florian I can get one too + tripod / mics
  232. Nÿco who would do the editing then?
  233. Nÿco (verytime-consuming)
  234. Florian I could do it ...
  235. Florian post FOSDEM
  236. Florian so get one talk up per week
  237. Florian would get people to come back to xmpp.org from time to time :)
  238. Nÿco ok... what format? video + pres? video + in-picture-pres? sync between video + pres?
  239. Florian hmm ... if we can get the slides in PDF form
  240. Nÿco how would you sync video and PDF?
  241. Florian dunno ... never added slides
  242. bear have a visible clock on the table
  243. bear its a low-tech way of doing timesync
  244. Nÿco ok, a simple solution is to grab the sound and PDF, do the trick on SlideShare...
  245. Florian we'll figure something out by then :)
  246. Nÿco but you need to host the sound files
  247. Steffen Larsen howw about using parleys.com? or is it only for devoxx?.. it's pretty cool for presentations and video
  248. Nÿco bear: you would do that for every website visitor? ;-)
  249. bear nyco - I meant for editing and doing timecode syncing :P
  250. bear to know when the presenter changes slide
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  252. Nÿco I propose two solutions: * SlideShare: upload the slides there, upload somewhere else the sound file, sync both on the SlideShare editor, done. cons: no video * custom-made video: film the presenter, optionnally with two cameras (two different angles), edit, then 1/ add the slides as picture-in-picture, 2/ convert slides to video, use the presenter edited video as picture-in-picture
  253. Steffen Larsen if its less than 500mb we can do it on parleys.com.. but its prob. more when its HD. :-) It costs 149€ for 10Gb
  254. bear to be honest - I don't mind at all when a presentation is 80/20 showing of slides with the presenter off to the side barely visible :)
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  256. Nÿco Parleys seems nice...
  257. Kev Isn't it a pretty bad presentation if the only interesting thing is the slidedeck? :)
  258. koski I had the same thought than Kev
  259. Steffen Larsen anyone up for a tech review meeting?.. anyone for the team present?
  260. Kev If we want videos of presentations, I'd be inclined to video the whole thing, and then just include the slidedeck as a download.
  261. Kev Personally.
  262. Steffen Larsen review team?? hello? echo… :-)
  263. koski echo
  264. Steffen Larsen ack
  265. Kev Is there a meeting scheduled?
  266. Steffen Larsen yes
  267. Steffen Larsen for 18:00 utc here.. but only me and tuomas (koski) here
  268. Kev Hmm, I don't see it in the calendar.
  269. koski Yes, and sadly even I have to go. Unexpected family business.
  270. Steffen Larsen anyone knows about fabio??.. he haven't been present lately when doing the meetings. isn't he the team lead?
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  272. koski Steffen Larsen: yes, fabio should be.
  273. Steffen Larsen Kev: no sorry, I've only updated the wiki and a sent out a mail for about two weeks ago
  274. Kev I'm keeping half an eye out anyway, but it looks like there's no-one here.
  275. koski Yeah.
  276. petermount i'm lurking, but busy :-/
  277. koski Steffen Larsen: It seems that it needs to be re-planned/rethought.
  278. Steffen Larsen We really need to do something about the organizing of the meetings, and have people to meetup. People are so bad in this. I know its a volunteer job, but anyways..
  279. Steffen Larsen koski: si! you'r right! :-)
  280. Steffen Larsen but it really have to be the team lead to step up a bit and do the call etc..
  281. koski Ok, i think it's no need to hang here then. Let's send mail tomorrow about it and let's see if it causes some discussion
  282. koski Gotta go! Cheers!
  283. petermount i've been bad for that the last couple of months... hopefully will get freed up a bit soon
  284. Steffen Larsen koski: ok.. will you call the meeting tomorrow?.. It seems like it either me or you doing it.
  285. Steffen Larsen petermount: thats ok, we all have our duties to do and family business to attend.. but people could at least send a mail that they wont show up and add to the agenda or so..
  286. petermount thats true
  287. Kev I admit that the agenda slipped through my inbox, and I didn't see it on the calendar, so I'd not realised it was on.
  288. Kev What was the agenda thread called?
  289. petermount I was thinking the same thing kev - I've not seen much email recently at all...
  290. petermount only found out about this by accident earlier
  291. Kev Oh, right, that thread.
  292. Kev I'd not processed that as there wasn't anyone agreeing on the meeting time :)
  293. Steffen Larsen Kev: it was called: Call for meeting.. the subject
  294. Kev Yes, I found it - sent on the 6th.
  295. Steffen Larsen Kev: and there was a meeting time within that mail
  296. Steffen Larsen Kev: yes long time ago.. people had time.. but no one really answered.
  297. petermount ah, found it... I should have put it in the calendar :-/
  298. Steffen Larsen petermount: and I should have put in on xmpp.org's calendar..
  299. Steffen Larsen petermount: I'll talk with koski tomorrow and we'll try to organize a new meeting.
  300. petermount ok
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  303. Steffen Larsen well I am out of here as well.
  304. Steffen Larsen cheers guys!
  305. Steffen Larsen :-)
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